“Joe Willie’s” and “Throng as Thropp’s Wife” Annual 1957

Published by J W Roberts and Son in Slaithwaite in 1957 this is a 96 page booklet of Yorkshire dialect stories. Though about half the pages are adverts for local businesses, giving a snapshot of business in the valley in the mid-fifties. Well read but complete. It helps to read it out loud but it is nowhere as difficult as the Clock Annuals, in fact it can probably be read and understood by non-Yorkshire folk.

For example;

“Tha should ha’ towld t’company that,” she said, “asteed o’ leeavin’ em all strung up in t’middle on it!”

or in a poem about John Henry;

His wahfe sed he wor musical :

He bowt a big trambooane

He blew it all shapes ivvery neet

  • Until he lived alooane !Joe Willie089.jpg


Book including P&P (in UK)


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