Science Fiction, Fantasy ; and a little bit of Voodoo.

It is difficult to classify sf or fantasy and supernatural and one of these books falls into neither camp.

I can post books, assuming that I have remembered where I have put them. With 6647 paperbacks catalogued with about 15,000 to go it is not that easy to keep them in order.

SC 14112018
Anthology  – Asleep in Armageddon
Anthology  – Atoms and Evil
Bradbury Ray  – The Golden Apples of the Sun
Brunner John –  Black is the Colour
Fanthorpe RL  – Hyper Space
Hodgson WH – The House on the Border Land
Kline Otis Adelbert – The Swordman of Mars
Long Frank Belknap – Journey Into Darkness
McIntosh JT  – Worlds Apart
Merak AJ  – Barrier Unknown
Moorcock Michael  – Elric of Melnibone
Muller John E  – Space Void
Powers JL  – Black Abyss
Reynolds Mack  – Space Pioneer
Van Vogt A E  – Two Hundred Million AD/The Book of Ptath

Van Vogt AE – Destination:Universe


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