Another Mixture

I had good intentions to try to make my lists less erratic, but only good intentions. But there are a few “interesting” titles today;

Hans Ruesch, The Racer an Arrow 1st £3.00

The Leather Boys by Gillian Freeman (originally published under the Pen name Eliot George). This is the Four Square 2nd edition rare but I can understand why the first cover with I think Rita Tushingham on the cover is more coveted. Still a rare JD book.

The Hound of the Baskervilles, no need to say anything about this book apart from it is the Murray edition and is on offer at £2.50

George MacDonald, Phantastes £2.50. The fact that it has an intro by Lin Carter indicates the genre.

Willard Price, South Sea Adventure the Scottie edition £2.50

Bicycle Thieves by Luigi Bartolini (Panther £5.00) “The brilliant novel that became an award winning film – a story of Rome’s seething underworld” “is a story of Rom’s naked streets – a tale of criminals and prostitutes, vice, poverty and suffering”. Not that I have seen it.

..and finally (for today) Margery Allingham, The Gyrth Challice Mystery.

other Margery Allingham in stock;
Cargo of Eagles Penguin £2.50
Coroner’s Pidgin Penguin £2.50
Death of a Ghost Penguin £2.50
Flowers for the Judge Penguin £2.50
Hide My Eyes Penguin £2.50
Look to the Lady Penguin £2.50
More Work for the Undertaker Penguin £2.50
Mystery Mile Penguin £1.00
Police at the Funeral Penguin £2.50
Sweet Danger Penguin £2.50
Take Two at Bedtime Penguin £2.50
tcot Late Pig Penguin £2.50
The Coroner’s Pigin Penguin £2.00
The Crime at Black Dudley Penguin £2.50
The Gyrth Chalice Mystery Macfadden £2.50
The Tiger in the Smoke Penguin £2.50
Traitor’s Purse Penguin £2.50

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