Science Fiction – again

My first serious reading was Science Fiction in the 50’s so a lot of these authors are familiar to me, names I searched for on the second hand book stall in Heckmondwike Market.

Ace Double – Michael Moorcock – The Wrecks of Time / Emil Petaja – Tramontane £3.50

Edgar Rice Burroughs – Escape on Venus – Four Square (do you think that dress is suitable attire for an escape?) £4.50

A E Van Vogt – Destination Universe Signet £5.00. I met Van Vogt at a paperback fair in London (where I sold my copy of Creature from the Black Lagoon that I bought for 50p in Dundee). He was always one of my favourite authors, so I am glad I only discovered how right wing he was many years later. Funny how prejudice works, I can’t listen to any Clapton any more without thinking of his detestable politics.

Michael Moorcock – The Rituals of Infinity £2.50. It is hard to believe he is only one person, the feet of shelve space he fills. I do have one of his earliest works in Sexton Blake Library.

Clifford C Reed – Martian Enterprise Digit £5.00. Not an author I an familiar with.

Philip K Dick – The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch – Macfadden £5.00. By all accounts a strange character, but what an inventive mind.

Murray Leinster – S.O.S. from Three Worlds – Ace £2.00

Brian W Aldiss – Equator = Digit – £3.50

I do have about 80 foot of uncatalogued Science Fiction / Fantasy, that are in approximate alphabetical order, so ask me if you are looking for something. (that doesn’t count digests I have about 20 foot of them).


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