DICKS – Public & Private

I have 6747 (99% pre 1972) books catalogued and am happy to do a search if you are looking for something.

Jack Webb – The Broken Doll – a Signet 1st £5.00

Charlie Wells The Last Kill – a Signet 1st £6.00

John Creasey – a poor copy but I have listed it because the cover is rare- The Toff Takes Shares under JJ Marric Gideon’s Week and Gideon’s March both vg+ at £2.50

Bill S Ballinger – The Tooth and the Nail – a Signet 1st at £5.00

Peter Malloch – Tread Softly, Death Jay Suspense £4.00

Rex Stout – Out She Goes – Collins Crime Club or A White Circle Crime Club £5.00

Baynard Kendrick – Murder Made in Moscow (who would have thought it) – 122 in the Saint Mystery Library £5.00

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