Frank Richards – Billy Bunter Sportsman and Billy Bunter and the School Rebellion both Merlin paperbacks £5.00 each.

Mervyn Skipper – The Meeting Pool – Puffin 1st £5.00

The Mad Frontier and Mad’s Don Martin Comes on Strong both published by Signet at £2.50 each. I remember one issue of the magazine gave away a full sheet of “Alfred E Neuman 4 President stamps” at the time that postage (I don’t thing we had classes then) was 4d. I used them on my Christmas cards and the PO delivered them all. Funny that the idea of Alfred E. Neuman for president seems so main stream today.

Thames Williamson (is that really his name?) North After Seals – Puffin 1st £2.50. I am presuming in this book they don’t club the babies to death.

Biggles Air Commodore – Capt. W E Johns Armada 1st £5.00

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