Sexton Blake – more

Baker W Howard Battle Song £5.00
Baker W Howard Dark Mambo £5.00
Baker W Howard Walk in Fear £5.00
Ballinger WA The witches of Notting Hill £2.50
Burke Jonathan Corpse to Copenhagen £5.00
Hunter John Silent Witness £5.00
Hunter John Silent Witness £5.00
Kent Arthur Inclining to Crime £5.00
Kent Arthur Stairway to Murder £5.00
Maclean Arthur Broken Toy £0.00
Maclean Arthur Mask of Fury £5.00
Maclean Arthur Slaying on the 16th Floor £2.50
McNeilly Wilfred The Break Out £2.50
McNeilly Wilfred The Case of the Stag at Bay £2.50
McNeilly Wilfred Wanted for Questioning £2.50
Parsons Anthony The Trail of the Missing Scientist £5.00
Reid Desmond Beat on an Orange Drum £2.50
Reid Desmond Frenzy in the Flesh £2.50
Reid Desmond Roadhouse Girl £5.00
Reid Desmond The abductors £2.50
Reid Desmond Victim Unknown £5.00
Richards Ross Murder on the Monte £2.50
Saxon Peter The Last Days of Berlin £10.00
Saxon Peter The Violent Hours £5.00
Saxon Peter Vengeance is Ours £2.50
Stagg James Assignment in Beirut £5.00
Stagg James Crime of Violence £10.00
Stagg James Murder Down Below £5.00
Stagg James Nightmare in Naples £5.00
Thomas Martin Lady in Distress £5.00
Thomas Martin Laird of Evil £2.50
Thomas Martin The Mind Killers £2.50
Williams Richard The Man With the Iron Chest £2.50

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