Local History – Local to somebody

In true Einsteinian logic, all things are relative, thus allowing a book shop in the heart of the West Riding to classify a book about an obscure church in Egypt as Local History.


INGS with HUGILL A Westmorland Village. Published in 1993 in aid of the St. Anne’s Church Restoration Fund the title page does not credit any author but I have seen it credited to Elizabeth Crookenden. A 74 page soft covered book well illustrated £5.00

Monks & Shepherds in the Yorkshire Dales (nearly local to me) by Arthur Raistrick. A 22 page booklet published by the Yorkshire Dales National Park Committee in1976 reprinted (as this is) in 1980 £3.00

Short Note on the History of St. Sargius Church, The Oldest Church in Egypt where the Holy Family lived during the flight to Egypt. The title is nearly as long as the 8 pages of this booklet. £ 2.50

The COTSWOLD COUNTRY Brief Guide & Gazetteer – Third Enlarged Edition 40 pages 30 Pictures and 4 Maps – £2.50

LONDON – A sketch Book in Pen and Pencil with descriptions of the Chief Places of interest to Visitors. I cant find a date on this 24 page booklet other than 1951 inscribed by a previous owner on the front page, that feels about right. Published by the RA Publishing Co. Ltd. London. £2.50

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