Big Game Hunting


Big Game Hunting by a Master of Gun and Pen”

Africa 396

The celebrated author of this absorbing book, Mr. C T Stoneham, will need no introduction to the large majority of its readers. He is world-famous for his many books, articles and short stories dealing with wild animals”

There are 193 listings for C T Stoneham in ABE but not this book. Most UK Digits seem hard to find, the print runs must have been very short.

Thanks to Dr S S Nagi (Nyrobe) for this review;

This book was first published in 1957, has 286 pages, 8 chapter, 8 B/W photos but no maps. In this book C T Stoneham explains his safari through Africa, that do not cost a lot of money and was not for the wealthy. CHARLES THURLEY STONEHAM was born in India in 1895 and attended Brighton College in England. After death of his father in 1912, he ran away, aged 17, to Canada and USA. He did many small jobs and in 1915 returned to England and signed up for military service. He was shipped to British East Africa (BEA – Kenya). After 1st World War, he settled in BEA. He resided in Laikipia and had a butcher’s shop in Nanyuki. In 1920, he managed a safari outfit business. In 1930, he and his wife moved to Cape Town. During 2nd World war, he returned to England. In 1947, he moved to Nakuru, Kenya. He wrote many novels and books. In 1963, he moved to South Africa and in 1965, he died in Transvaal.
Stoneham re-lives his experiences during the 1st World War in East Africa, where there was more danger from enemy than from wild animals. They all suffered from malaria, dysentery and from flies. Over 3 years Stoneham lost fear of wild animals and walked about the bush at night. In 1917, after 40 attacks of malaria and dysentery and shell shock, Stoneham was invalided to South Africa. When better, he returned to British East Africa (BEA – Kenya).

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