Science Fiction

Not a particularly helpful category, covering as it does such a wide range. I have obviously read Derleth and Frank Belknap Long but had not heard of the other two authors.


Selected Science Fiction – The OUTER REACHES – August Derleth – A new selection of Science Fiction with fantastic scope and variety. Consul £4.00

The Stealer of lives is driven to a flight from death – Leo P Kelley – MYTHMASTER – Coronet Science Fiction £2.50

I thought this was titled The Grayspace Beast but just to prove that overcapitalisation on book covers can mislead it is actually The Gray Space Beast. By Gordon Eklund – A desperate mission to the second universe to destroy its one terrible inhabitant! Pocket Book £2.50

Frank Belknap Long;

Lest Earth be Conquered A small town,  husband and wife living a life like any other…only they weren’t human….     Belmont £4.00

Woman From Another Planet (I was tempted to say, what is unusual about that, all women are from another planet, but realising that today we are not allowed ironic humour I decided not to say it) however – ..An unbelievable but possible story of passions aflame when the sex of two worlds collided – from the cover A Chariot Book £10.00.

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