DIGIT (UK) SF, Crime, and ?


Charles Chilton – The Red Planet – The Story of the record-breaking radio serial “Journey Into Space. £8.50

Constance Cornish – Dead of Winter – A Haunting Novel of Terror and Suspense. £5.00

Pat Bunyan – The Big Blues – From the moaning wail of a blues to impulse beat of a solo drum – his was a frenzied world of Passion and excitement. £3.50

Eric Lambert – Watermen – A Magnificent story of human passions of men who braved the loneliness and savagery of the ocean and of the women who awaited their return. £2.50

Vivian Connell – The Dream and the flesh –Into the sin pits of Paris she lured him – Into the nameless dark places of reckless thrills. £4.50 SOLD

Paul Charkin – The Living Gem = The terrifying novel of a future age. £3.00


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