Guides to places. Save yoursen brass when you visit.

If you inclined to visit old houses, or wonder over moors, why buy a new guide when the old ones do the job just as well and in many instance much better. So if you are planning trips out pop into your local second hand book shop and pick up a guide for a lot less than you would pay to the National Trust who have much too much money anyway.

Harewood House edited by Edgar Osborn, undated but must have been before 1971 as it was sold for 3/6. A 32 page very well illustrated booklet. £1.00

A Descriptive Account of the Palace of Westminster with Illustrations and a Coloured Plan – One Shilling & Threepence Not much more to say other than there are 90 pages and it is undated. £1.00

Rievaulx Abbey and the Helmsley District Price 2/-. A 32 page illustrated booklet. £1.00

Motoring on the North York Moors by Alan Falconer – A “Dalesman2 Paperback. Just one of the 974 “Dalesman” publications I have in stock – This one is available for £4.00

On the trail of the LUDDITES by Lesley Kipling & Nick Hall illustrated by Eric Richardson. Published in 1982 by the Pennine Heritage Network. a 56 page well illustrated booklet about a vert important time for our area. £4.00

Oakwell Hall by Geoffrey Woledge. A 32 page Kirklees Libraries publication £1.00

So to save yourselves a fortune in guide books next year, browse your local bookshop.


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