DALESMAN – 1939 The first year

I have 974 “Dalesman” titles in stock and have ambitions to get round to listing them all. I have decided to use calendar years rather than the volume years (that the “Dalesman” use). They do make excellent birthday or anniversary presents for Yorkshire folk (or even non Yorkshire folks come to that, we can’t all have been born in Yorkshire). I am asking £50 for the first issue (Though I do have a copy with a partial front cover that has been repaired for £10) I am asking £15 for all other 1939 issues. 

APRIL Dales Folk by Ella Pontefract, Historian wanted for Kettleswelldale by C J Cutcliffe-Hyne, A Yorkshire Climbing Nursery by Godfrey Wilson, The Man of the Dales by W Riley, Past and Present in the Dales by M’Duke Miller, Do you know the Hill Brunillo? by Lettice Cooper, Adult Education in Craven, What Town Planning Means by F R Birkhead, It was still raining by Leonard Cooper, The Vacant Wine-Red Moor by Donald Boyd, The “Three Peaks”, Stories of Craven‘s Grand Old Man by Norman Thorner and Public Access to Mountains by A Creech Jones MP.

MAY I work in the Dales by Phyllis Bentley, Over the Green by Joan Ingilby, Coverdale to Colsterdale by A J Brown. The Ilkly Swastika By Leslie Barringer, The Red Squirrel by Phyllis Kelway, An Old Dales Account book By Ella Pontefract, Lord Ribblesdale: “The Ancester” By Norman Thorner, The Legacy of the Monks By TC Calvert, Fishing in Airdale By Winifred Birkbeck and The Revival of the Village by HSE Snelson.

JUNE Mr James R Gregson Makes a Sad Confession. Silence in the Fells by Florence Bone. The Three Peak Walk by Frank S Smythe, Wild Garlic in Wharfdale by Phyllis Kelway, A Kyrielle of the Dales by Stanley Umpleby. Evolution of Yorkshire Dalesfolk by J Fairfax Blakeborough, In Never Rains by Leonard Cooper, Where Swale is Born by W Riley. Open Pastures by Ella Pontefract, Adam Sedgwick: A man of Dent by Norman Thorner, Home to the Dales by Kathleen Binns, A Farmers Hymn by EBA Somerset, Refugees in the Dales, Young Farmers Clubs in Craven by J Robb

JULY The Ship Model by Dorothy Una Ratcliffe. The Common Whitethroat by Phullis Kelway, Epitaph for a Dalesman, Where Yore is born by W Eiley, John Hartley the Yorkshire Dialect Poet by W J Halliday, Journeys into other Dales by Ella Pontefract, A Motor Run through the Dales By Ben Wade, Canoes in the Dales by Ernest Roylance, Haliwell Sutcliffe; A man of the Moors by Norman Thornber, A dales Farmer Keeps up with the Times by Norman Thornber

AUGUST Dalesfolk by Florence Bone. The Musical Owl by Phullis Kelway, Barns and Laithes of Craven by James Walton, In Praise of Yorkshire by William Harebutt Dawson, Memories of Auld Swaledale by E Greenwood, Norway and the Dales by Ella Pontefract, A Hack from Dale to Dale By Alfred Vowles,Tom Twisleton: The Craven Poet By Norman Thornber, Crafts in the Dales by L M Douglas

SEPTEMBER Dale Life and Myths by Fairfax-Blakeborough, Doremouse in the Dales by Phyllis Kelway,Evening in Dentdale by Charles Bragg, Recording Yorkshire Dialects by Bruff, Another Dales Motor Run by Ewbank, Norwegian and Dale Farming By Ponefract, Some Mythical Yorkshire Characters by CL Wood, Harriet Byles a Yorkshire Preacher, An Unconventional Fisherman by Birbeck, Kettlewell Holds its Show,

OCTOBER Newcomers to the Dales, The Harvester by John Earl, Owd John the Cobbler by Thos. Thirkill, The Hedgehog, More “Daft” Villages, Henry Harrison: Cave Guide, Through the Gateway of Northumbria, Yorkshire’s part in Poultry Industry

NOVEMBER Churches and Chapels, Two Yorkshir Novels, Nidderdale in November (verse), The Water Shrew, Children and Neighbours, Susan Peacock, Lighter side of Dales Life, Dances of the Dales

DECEMBER Garsdale and Dentdale by W Riley – Poem by Q Nicholas – Guilty or Not Guiltu By D U Ratcliffe – Christmas in the dales by Pontefract & Hartley – The Yellow -Knecked Mouse By Phyllis Kelway – An Unchanged Dale by Percy Robinson

4 thoughts on “DALESMAN – 1939 The first year

  1. Hello from Vancouver,

    Do you happen to have a copy of the April 1954 Dalesman for sale? My mother is pictured on the cover (to the left) along with two other women. Her 86th birthday is approaching and I thought it would be a perfectly sentimental gift.

    Tim Wilde


    1. Not being an expert at WordPress, I have only just found this comment. I know it is much too late and apologise but I have two copies of April ’54. I recently gave an interview for the Dalesman and cited that copy as one of my favourite covers.


  2. Hello there,
    I wonder if you might help? I am looking to purchase a couple of Dalesman copies from 1939 to help with research on All Creatures Great and Small for Ch5.
    I designed the first series and am about to start on the second. Would you be able to advise on which editions would be best for visual reference of the dales. Particularly interested in images of village life, shop fronts, signage and farming equipment.
    Thanks very much


    1. Hi Jackie
      I have now got every single copy and have scanned the covers of them all. The style of covers has changed over the years for instance for the first 9 years a single line drawing was used for twelve months at a time, after that there have been photographic covers, line drawings, paintings and cartoons so if you let me know in more detail what you are looking for, I may be able to help.


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