The Saint – Leslie Charteris

I discovered Leslie Charteris and the Saint before TV added him to the list of characters ruined by either the wrong actors, poor script writers or the sanitisation squad. Not that I have anything against Roger Moore, that series was ruined by the script writers and TV Policy. As happened to Lovejoy and one of the worse crimes of all Pascoe and Dalziel (I did think Hale and Pace did it better). Wrong actors ruined the early Rebus and for me one of the worse, Banks. The later Rebus was better and Rowan Atkinson as Margret was a touch of genius, not that at the time I had anything against Rupert Davies or Michael Gambon. Branagh isn’t a patch on Henrickson, but I suppose that is a fault of the script writers, we should leave Nordic Noir alone and just show the sub-titled versions.



The featured today are available are all available at £2.50 except the best cover the Avon “follow the SAINT” at £5.00Title. I have other Leslie Charteris titles in stock by a variety of publishes and a variety of ages.

These include; Alias the Saint, Call for the Saint, Enter the Saint, Featuring the Saint, Follow the Saint, Return of the Saint, Saint Errant, Saint Overboard, Senor Saint, Thanks to the Saint, The Ace of Knaves, The avenging Saint, The Brighter Buccaneer, The Happy Highwayman, The Saint Ace of Knaves, The Saint and Mr Teal, The Saint Around the World, The Saint Bids Diamonds, The Saint Closes the Case, The Saint Goes On, The Saint Goes West, The saint in Europe, The Saint in London, The Saint in Miami, The Saint in New York, The Saint in the Sun, The Saint Intervenes, The Saint Meets His Match, The Saint on Guard, The Saint on the Spanish Main, The Saint on TV, The Saint Plays with Fire, The Saint Sees it Through, The Saint Steps In, The Saint to the Rescue, The Saint V Scotland Yard, The Saints Getaway, Trust The Saint and Vendetta for the Saint.



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