The Hardy Boys & other children’s stuff including Space

Given recent history it is a pity that Alfred E Neuman didn’t run for President.


The MAD Reader£2.50, was MAD magazine really written for children, I know I was an addict in the early 60’s but the humour was very wide.

The Hardy Boys by Franklin W Dixon #65 The Outlaws Silver #34 The Mystery of the Chinese Junk, #25 Hunting for Hidden Gold  £2.00 each #3 The Haunted Fort £2.50.

Star Trek by James BlishSpock Must Die £2.50

SPACE:1999 – Breakaway by EC Tubb £3.00

TUESDAY Adventure by John Pudney a Scottie Book “Fred and I Hunt Down a gang of Sinister Traitors” What else would you do in your school hols? £7.50

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