A mixture of fiction and non-fiction (not that there is any difference in the days of the Donald) all with links to War or Water. A toss up between the Australian nurses or Sophia Loren, but the format favoured the nurses. The fact that the Panther cover is the work of Cu Webb – previously known as Reginald Head one of the most sought after cover artists who changed his name to avoid prosecution in the dark age of censorship, an age we are drifting back into if we do not fight it.


WHITE COOLIES by Betty Jeffrey 65 Australian Army Nursing sisters, on board the Vyner Brooke when it was bombed and sunk in 1942. 53 sisters reached the shore where 22 were murdered by the Japanese and the rest were taken prisoner. This is their story £5.00

Two books in one The Cruise of the Breadwinner and Dear Life A story of war..and a story of violence by a great novelist H E Bates £2.50

The KeyJan de HartogAt sea they faced unending danger… and on shore Stella waited, beautiful and strange, sometimes tender, sometimes evil….  Filmed by Columbia starring William Holden, Sophia Loren and Trevor Howard. £5.00

Not this film but I was looking for an excuse to use this pic.


Sailing to Freedom – Voldemar Veedam and Carl B Wall – “The heroic story of sixteen desperate people. £5.00

Third Time Down by Dan Brennan – “The Enemy Waits for You, My Love” £3.00

SPYCATCHER by Lt.Col. Oreste Pinto – “The Traitor of Arnhem by the Man Who Trapped Him” £5.00

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