Unfortunately Boardmen seem to have decided to contest with Penguin for the most boring cover art title, that was before they discovered Denis. Typical the boring covers are in great condition and the only good cover looks to have been used by someone to clean their boots, even worse in that it is a very rare book.



The 3rd Twin by Clay Henry. Like most Boardman Hard Backs this has served a sentence as a Library Book. The cover and boards though are in near vg condition, the same can not be said of the book, it looks like someone has taken a bite out of some pages, the text is 99.9% complete, but not complete. £2.50 (worth it for the jacket)

The Woman under the Mountain by Roman McDougald. I am presuming it is a Denis McLaughlin cover, his style but not signed. A very rare book in very poor condition.

Tied for Murder – Cortland Fitzsimmons – £5.00 (the label is on the bag not the book)

Murder at Belle Camille – Monte Barrett – £5.00 (Same Comment about Label)

No Face to Murder – Edith Howie – £10.00

The Yellow Overcoat – Stephen Acre –  £5.00

Dead Dogs Bite – E M Curtis – £5.00 (Not illustrated but plain Orange, penguin orange, cover)

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