Science Fiction – Rare – Very Rare & Not so rare.

A bit of a mixture, there is a copy of Argentis on offer on the net, at a very very high price, but I can’t find a copy of Global Blackout. The Bloch is probably not SF.


Ray BradburyThe Day it Rained Forever £2.50 – Obviously Ray has spent a family holiday on the Isle of Wight.

The Star of LifeEdmond Hamilton – 1st 1959 £5.00

Robert BlochBogey Men – 1st 1973 £7.50 – The label is on the bag not the book.

Sphero NovaBerl Cameron 1952 a Curtis Book – £7.50

Global Blackout by Karl Vallance – published by the Gannett Press in 1954 all I can find out about the author is that it is the pseudonym of an unidentified UK Author. £15.00

ARGENTISE C Tubb published by Cosmos Books. There is a copy on ABE for £95 and it does say it is a signed copy, but as this is signed in the same place it probably is not a “live” autograph. I think I bought this book off the publisher, Phil Harbottle, when I visited him it Gateshead, many years ago. My copy is on offer at £20 I can’t remember how much I paid Phil, but I do remember his room full of Vargo Statten original art work.

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