ANALOG – Science Fact & Science Fiction

Digests, but not as we know them Jim, this is from the period when from some reason the publishers sought to supersize, bigger than A4.


Vol 72 #1 Sept ’63 – ; Winston P Sanders, Rick Raphael, William J Smith, Frank A Javor. James R Hall

Vol 72 #4 Dec ’63 Frank Herbert, Walter Bupp, Poul Anderson, Jonathan Blake MacKenzie SOLD

Vol 72 #5 Jan ’64 ; Randell Garrett, Walt & Leigh Richmond, Norman Spinrad, John Brunner, Frank Herbert SOLD

Vol 72 #6 Feb ’64 ; Dean McLaughlin, Richard L Davis, Christopher Anvil. Frank Herbert SOLD

Vol 73 #1 March ’64 ; Murray Leinster, Norman Spinrad, Robin Scott, Walt and Leigh Richmond

Vol 74 #1 Dec ’64 ; Murray Leinster, Walt and Leigh Richmond, Christopher Anvil, Harry Harrison, Mack Reynolds



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