Readers Digest – Classics

There is a real snobbery in the second hand book trade against Readers Digest, it may have some foundation in their “aggressive” sales technique for the digest, or it could be founded in the bias against “condensed books” but where would doctors and dentist waiting rooms have been in the past without Readers Digests (or National Geographic)?

I could also be pat of the second hand book dealers general unloving view of “Coffee Table” publications. All of the above are probably unfair and unjustified, but in the case of the “Classic” series the bias id definitely unjustified. The books are well bound, well presented with good clear printing, the only criticism  I could make (being churlish) is the definition of what are classics has a definite American flavour. But in the light of the very strange inclusions in the “Oxford World Classics” the criticism is definitely churlish.

I have about 10 foot of these titles in my shop all at the bargain price of £4.50.


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