Dr. Goldsmith’s Natural History 1824

A Natural History of all the most remarkable Quadrupeds. Birds, Fishes, Serpents, Reptiles and Insects in the known World.

Abridged by J Macloc, esq. with 400 engravings by J Thompson published by Dean and Munday in 1824. The Lion is not exactly lying down with the lamb on the frontispiece, standing up and no lamb, but you get the picture.

Natural History 148

The spine is split but the book is tight though half of page 19 is missing, I haven’t done a thorough count but I think all the illustrations are complete. approx.. 7″ by 4 1/2″ 338 pages.

Just a few of the illustrations;

The flying fish seems to be looping the loop.

I am offering this (just short of 200 years old) book for £7.50.


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