I know it’s a bit of a cliché, but as a book shop owner I do read a lot (68 books so far this year) so it is a great week when I discover a new author. This week I have excelled that and discovered two, not only that, by chance in both cases it was the first book in a series.

Two new authors, two new detectives and two new towns.

Louise Penny introduces Chief Inspector Gamache from the Surete  du Quebec (sorry I don’t know how to put accents on Surete), I don’t know if Three Pines exists but hope it does. Good interesting characters, cops and public, good pace and interesting sub plots, I did, sort of, guess the killer but not the reasoning. Very well worth a read.

Alison Bruce brings us back to the UK, this time Cambridge with DC Garry Goodhew. There are parallels with Morse and there is a suspicion that they are deliberate (watch out for the TV series, Oxford and Cambridge each would hate for the other to have something they don’t, even murder). My only criticism is that I find some of Garry’s clandestine activities not to be credible but the characters all seem interesting and credible. Another good read.

I only have these two titles in the shop (£2.00 each) but I now hunt others in the series.

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