Westerns – Hard Backs and Paperbacks

I know it’s a genre that has not been in fashion for a long time, and I admit not one that I ever got into in any big way, but it should not be ignored.


This list is some of the titles I have in stock (and for the most part, I know where they are), only some as I have only recently been adding tags to my stock list, I have about 6,500 still to stock check and about the same number to add to my stock records. So a few weeks work there. (given that it has taken me about 10 years to list this many the time estimate may be a bit optimistic)
Allison Sam WELLS FARGO – Danger Station TV Fav Lib HB 0 dj £5.00
Appell George Shadow on the Border Ballantine 185 1st 1957 vg £2.50
Ballard Tod The Circle C Feud HB 0 dj £5.00
Ballard Todhunter West of Quarantine Arrow 501 1st Hank f £2.50
Barton Jack The Mustangers Popular Library 826 1st 1957 vg+ £5.00
Billings Buck The Unbranded Thirty Ward Lock 95 £4.00
Blackburn Thomas W Range War HB 0 dj £5.00
Blackburn Thomas W Raton Pass HB 0 dj £10.00
Brand Max The Gun Tamer Pan 434 1st 1957 Tayler vg- £3.50
Brand Max The Bandit of the Black Hills Corgi T 98 £5.00
Breihan Carl W Outlaws of the Old West Arrow 589 1st vg- £2.00
Castle Frank Vengeance Under Law Gold Medal UK 235 vg £3.00
Chadwick Joseph Devil’s Legacy Gold Medal US 261 1st 1952 g £5.00
Chamberlain Elinor The Far Command Ballantine 32 vg £2.50
Chase Borden Lone Star Gold Medal US 236 1st 1952 vg £5.00
Clark Walter Van Tilburg The Track of the Cat Signet 801 1st 1950 vg £2.50
Codey Al Domrock Range HB 0 dj £5.00
Codey Al Forlorn Valley HB 0 dj £5.00
Coombs Charles I MAVERICK – Boss of Rocking H Ranch TV Fav Lib HB 0 dj £5.00
Gooden Arthur Henry Wayne of the Flying W Pocket Book 873 £2.00
Grant Landon Marshal of Mustang HB 0 dj £5.00
Grey Zane Western Union Pan 93 1st Pares vg £5.00
Grey Zane Forlorn River Pan 175 2nd f £4.50
Grey Zane Knights of the Range Pan 351 1st Mortilmans vg £4.00
Grey Zane The Last Plainsman Pan 352 1st Mortilmans vg £3.00
Grey Zane The Last Trail HB 0 dj £5.00
Grey Zane Heritage of the Desert Pan 227 1st Wilton vg £3.50
Grey Zane The Drift Fence Hamish Hamilton 0 g+ £2.50
Hall Oakley Warlock Pan X 95 1st Phillips vg £2.50
Halleran E E Blazing Border Ballantine 153 1st vg £5.00
Halleran E E The Hostile Hills Ballantine 205 1st 1957 vg £2.50
Hanson W J Lannigan’s West Action Novels 0 Pollack g £2.50
Henry Will Jesse James Corgi 458 vg+ £2.50
Henry Will No Survivors Corgi 946 1st 1952 vg £4.00
Howard Vechel Sundown at Crazy Horse Gold Medal UK 295 1st anon vg- £2.50
Howard Vechel Tall in the West Gold Medal UK 382 vg+ £4.00
Jefferson Ben The Damned Cleveland 1390 vg- £2.50
Kantor MacKinlay Wicked Water Corgi 809 1st 1953 vg £4.00
L’amour Louis Hondo Gold Medal US 347 1st 1953 vg- £2.50
Lawrence Steven C Saddle Justice Gold Medal US 667 1st 1956 vg £10.00
McLowery Frank Missouri Man HB 0 dj £5.00
Mulford Clarence E Hopalong Cassidy Serves a Writ H&S C 218 1st vg £5.00
Myers John Myer Dead Warrior Arrow 475 1st 1957 anon vg £2.50
Newton DB Range Feud HB 0 dj £10.00
Newton DB Stagecoach Guard HB 0 dj £5.00
Nordyke Lewis Wes Hardin Texas Gunman Arrow 555 1st 1960 o’connel vg £3.50
Nye Nelson C Blood Sky Digit UK 0 Osborn vg £5.00
O’Rourke Frank Hard Men Ballantine 149 1st 1956 vg £5.00
Patten Lewis B White Warrior Gold Medal UK 203 1st anon vg £3.00
Raine William MacLeod Boldley the Rode Hodder 397 1st anon vg+ £3.00
Raine William Macleod Border Breed Pocket Book 721 £3.00
Raine William MacLeod The Sheriff’s Son Pocket Book 815 £2.50
Raine William Macleod Guns of the Frontier Signet 1140 1st 1954 vg+ £5.00
Raine William MacLeod Range Beyond the Law Popular Library 471 £2.50
Richardson Gladwell Trigger Fingers Wagon Wheel 136 £3.00
Shelton Cole Satan’s Outpost Bison 363 vg £5.00
Shirreffs Gordon Rio Bravo Gold Medal UK 493 1st 1961 anon vg £5.00
Shirreffs Gordon D The Brave Rifles Gold Medal US 876 1st 1959 anon vg £2.50
Snow Charles H Sheriff of Yavisa Armed Sevices 784 vg £5.00
Stanley Chuck Showdown Guns Wells Gardner 0 Mills g £2.50
Street James Oh Promised Land Pan X 30 1st Tayler vg £3.00
Wayne Joseph The Long Wind Signet 1128 vg £2.50
Wayne Joseph The Snake Stomper Signet 1028 £3.00may be a little optimistic)




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