Badger Supernatural

collage Badger SN 5

collage Badger SN 6
Fanthorpe RL Whirlwind of Death Badger SN 38 vg £5.00
Roberts Lionel The Last Valkyrie Badger SN 40 vg £4.00
Muller John E The Unpossessed Badger SN 42 vg £7.50
Brett Leo Black Infinity Badger SN 44 vg £4.00
Roberts Lionel Flame Goddess Badger SN 46 vg £7.50
Fanthorpe RL Centuion’s Revenge Badger SN 49 vg- £2.50
Fanthorpe RL The Grip of Fear Badger SN 51 vg+ £6.00
Fanthorpe RL Chariot of Apollo Badger SN 53 vg £5.00
Fane Bron Storm God’s Fury Badger SN 55 g £1.50
Fanthorpe RL Hell Has Wings Badger SN 57 vg+ £5.00
Brett Leo Face in the Night Badger SN 58 vg £5.00
Fanthorpe RL Graveyard of the Damned Badger SN 59 vg £4.50
Fanthorpe RL The Darker Drink Badger SN 61 vg £5.00
Brett Leo The Immortals Badger SN 62 vg £4.50
Fanthorpe RL Curse of the Totem Badger SN 65 vg £2.50
Torro Pel Legion of the Lost Badger SN 66 Fox vg+ £10.00
Brett Leo The Frozen Tomb Badger SN 67 anon vg+ £5.00
Brett Leo They Never Come Back Badger SN 68 vg £7.50
Fanthorpe RL Goddess of Night Badger SN 69 vg £5.00
Torro Pel The Strange Ones Badger SN 70 vg £7.50
Brett Leo The Forbidden Badger SN 72 vg £5.00
Brett Leo From Realms Beyond Badger SN 74 vg £7.50
Torro Pel The Timeless Ones Badger SN 76 vg £7.50
Merak AJ Howl at the Moon Badger SN 79 vg £3.50
Fane Bron Softly by Moonlight Badger SN 80 vg £7.50
Fane Bron The thing from Sheol Badger SN 81 vg £5.00
Trent Olaf Roman Twilight Badger SN 83 vg £5.00
Fane Bron Unknown Destiny Badger SN 84 vg £10.00
Fanthorpe RL Avenging Goddess Badger SN 85 vg £5.00
Fane Bron The Macarbre Ones Badger SN 90 Fox vg+ £10.00
Bell Thornton Chaos Badger SN 92 vg £10.00
Fane Bron The Walking Shadow Badger SN 93 vg £4.00
Muller John E The Exorcists Badger SN 94 vg £10.00
Muller John E Spectre of Darkness Badger SN 98 Fox vg £10.00
Muller John E Out of the Night Badger SN 100 vg £10.00
Fanthorpe RL The Sealed Sarcophagus Badger SN 101 anon vg- £2.50
Chatair Max The Thing in the Mist – Supernatural 109 Badger SN 109 Fox vg £5.00

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