Badger Stock Check

If no price is shown it means that I should have a copy but can’t find it. It may have been sold (and I have not recorded the sale), or I may have misplaced it.

collage Badger 03
Liversedge Douglas White Horizon Badger Advent 1 vg £5.00
Vassiliev M Sputnik in Space Badger Science 1 1958 vg £10.00
Robertson Manning K The secret Enemy Badger SP 2 Fox vg £3.00
Jennings D K Emergency Call Badger RS 4 £2.50
Robertson Manning K Night Passage to Kano Badger SP 4 Fox vg £3.00 SOLD
Von Braun & Ley Project Mars Badger SS 4 vg £10.00
Robertson Manning K Pattern for Survival Badger SP 5 Fox vg+ £3.00 SOLD
Robertson Manning K Twelve Hours to Destiny Badger SP 6 Fox vg- £3.50
Barton JC The Corrupt Ones Badger CS 12 vg £4.00
Fanthorpe RL Alian from the Stars Badger SF 15 anon vg
Fanthorpe RL Hyper Space Badger SF 17 anon vg- £5.00
Sherwood John R The Searching Light Badger RS 19 Fox f £2.00
Sherwood John R The Constant Image Badger RS 26 Fox vg £2.50
Adams Chuck Hired Gun Badger LW 27 Anon vg SOLD
Merak AJ Barrier Unknown Badger SF 30 anon vg- £6.00
Easton LP Target Rome Badger WW 31 vg £3.00
Adams Chuck The Texan Badger LW 32 anon vg- £5.00
Powers JL Black Abyss Badger SF 32 anon vg- £5.00
Jennings D K The Long Days Badger RS 33 vg £2.50
Muller John E Space Void Badger SF 34 anon vg- £5.00
Fanthorpe RL Out of the Darkness Badger SN 35 Fox vg- £15.00
Fanthorpe RL Face of Evil Badger SN 36 Barton? vg £5.00
Merak AJ Hydroshere Badger SF 36 Bril vg- £5.00
Fanthorpe RL Werewolf at Large Badger SN 37 vg- £3.00
Roberts Lional The In-World Badger SF 37 Anon vg+ £5.00
Roberts Lional The In-World Badger SF 37 Anon vg-
Fanthorpe RL Whirlwind of Death Badger SN 38 vg £5.00
Thorpe Trebor Lightning World Badger SF 38 Emsh vg+ £5.00
Brett Leo Exit Humanity Badger SF 40 Anon vg+ £5.00
Roberts Lionel The Last Valkyrie Badger SN 40 vg £4.00
Fane Bron Juggernaut Badger SF 41 Anon vg- £3.00
Muller John E The Unpossessed Badger SN 42 vg £7.50
Brett Leo The Microscopic Ones Badger SF 43 Anon vg+
Brett Leo Black Infinity Badger SN 44 vg £4.00
Fanthorpe RL Hand of Doom Badger SF 44 Anon vg £5.00
Torro Pel World of Gods Badger SF 45 Anon vg- £3.50
Roberts Lionel Flame Goddess Badger SN 46 vg £7.50
Brett Leo Faceless Planet Badger SF 47 Anon vg- £4.00
Muus Flemming B The Spark and the Flame Badger WW 47 Fox vg £3.00
Adams Chuck Thunder at Abilene Badger BW 48 Fox vg+ £5.00
Muller John E Search the Dark Stars Badger SF 48 Anon vg £4.00
Adams Chuck Riverboat Revenge Badger LW 49 Dimmock vg+ £10.00
Fanthorpe RL Flame Mass Badger SF 49 Anon vg £7.50
Fanthorpe RL Centurion’s Revenge Badger SN 49 vg- £2.50
Fanthorpe RL The Grip of Fear Badger SN 51 vg+ £6.00
Muller John E Day of the Beasts Badger SF 51 Anon vg £10.00
Muller John E Day of the Beasts Badger SF 51 Anon vg
Roberts Lional The Synthetic Ones Badger SF 52 Anon vg £3.50
Fanthorpe RL Chariot of Apollo Badger SN 53 vg £5.00
Fane Bron Rodent Mutation Badger SF 55 Anon vg
Fane Bron Storm God’s Fury Badger SN 55 g £1.50
Adams Chuck Day of Violence Badger LW 57 Fox f £7.50
Fanthorpe RL Hell Has Wings Badger SN 57 vg+ £5.00
Muller John E The Uninvited Badger SF 57 Anon vg £5.00
Brett Leo Face in the Night Badger SN 58 vg £5.00
Muller John E The Mind Makers Badger SF 58 Anon vg £5.00
Fanthorpe RL Graveyard of the Damned Badger SN 59 vg £4.50
Wise Robert A 12 to the Moon Badger SF 59 Anon vg+ £8.00
Bradley Tex Thunderfire Badger LW 61 anon f £10.00
Fanthorpe RL The Darker Drink Badger SN 61 vg £5.00
Muller John E Alien Badger SF 61 Anon vg £5.00
Brett Leo The Immortals Badger SN 62 vg £4.50
Muller John E The Venus Venture Badger SF 62 Anon vg- £1.50
Adams Chuck Badlands Feud Badger LW 63 anon f £10.00
Fanthorpe RL Curse of the Totem Badger SN 65 vg £2.50
Muller John E Edge of Eternity Badger SF 65 Anon vg- £4.00
Muller John E Perilous Galaxy Badger SF 66 Anon vg £4.00
Torro Pel Legion of the Lost Badger SN 66 Fox vg+ £10.00
Brett Leo The Frozen Tomb Badger SN 67 anon vg+ £5.00
Muller John E Uranium 235 Badger SF 67 Anon vg £5.00
Muller John E Uranium 235 Badger SF 67 Anon vg-
Adams Chuck Who Rides with Vengeance Badger LW 68 Fox f £10.00
Brett Leo They Never Come Back Badger SN 68 vg £7.50
Muller John E The Man Who Conquered Time Badger SF 68 Anon vg £5.00
Fanthorpe RL Goddess of Night Badger SN 69 vg £5.00
Muller John E Orbit One Badger SF 69 Fox vg £4.00
Muller John E Micro Infinity Badger SF 70 Fox vg £5.00
Torro Pel The Strange Ones Badger SN 70 vg £7.50
Muller John E Beyond Time Badger SF 71 Fox vg £5.00
Brett Leo The Forbidden Badger SN 72 vg £5.00
Brett Leo From Realms Beyond Badger SN 74 vg £7.50
Muller John E The X-Machine Badger SF 74 Fox vg £5.00
Muller John E Night of the Big Fire Badger SF 75 Anon vg £4.00
Muller John E In the Beginning Badger SF 76 Anon vg+ £8.00
Torro Pel The Timeless Ones Badger SN 76 vg £7.50
Fanthorpe RL Space Fury Badger SF 77 Fox vg £8.00
Moss W Stanley Gold is Where You Hide It Badger WW 77 1st 1959 anon vg £3.00
Zeigfried Karl Walk Through To-morrow Badger SF 78 Fox vg- £3.50
Merak AJ Howl at the Moon Badger SN 79 vg £3.50
Zeigfried Karl Android Badger SF 79 Anon vg £6.00
Fane Bron Softly by Moonlight Badger SN 80 vg £7.50
Fane Bron The thing from Sheol Badger SN 81 vg £5.00
Zeigfried Karl Zero Minus X Badger SF 81 Anon vg £5.00
Zeigfreid Karl Escape to Infinity Badger SF 82 Fox f £6.00
Trent Olaf Roman Twilight Badger SN 83 vg £5.00
Zeigfried Karl Radar Alert Badger SF 83 Fox vg £5.00
Fane Bron Unknown Destiny Badger SN 84 vg £10.00
Zeigfried Karl World of Tomorrow Badger SF 84 Anon vg £5.00
Zeigfried Karl World of Tomorrow Badger SF 84 Anon vg- £3.50
Fanthorpe RL Avenging Goddess Badger SN 85 vg £5.00
Zeigfried Karl The World that Never Was Badger SF 85 Anon vg £3.50
Drayton LS For Their Tomorrow Badger WW 86 Foster vg+ £4.00
Fane Bron The Intruders Badger SF 89 Fox f £6.00
Richler Anton Sky Command Badger WW 89 vg- £2.50
Fane Bron The Macabre Ones Badger SN 90 Fox vg+ £10.00
Torro Pel Through the Barrier Badger SF 91 Anon vg £5.00
Bell Thornton Chaos Badger SN 92 vg £10.00
Fane Bron Somewhere Out There Badger SF 92 Fox vg £7.50
Fane Bron The Walking Shadow Badger SN 93 vg £4.00
Torro Pel The Last Astronought Badger SF 93 Fox vg £4.00
Brett Leo The Alien Ones Badger SF 94 Fox vg £5.00
Martin LF Hell Command Badger WW 94 Fox vg £2.50
Muller John E The Exorcists Badger SN 94 vg £10.00
Brett Leo Power Sphere Badger SF 95 Fox vg £4.00
Fanthorpe RL The Triple Man Badger SN 96 Fox vg £5.00
Muller John E Reactor SK9 Badger SF 96 Fox vg £5.00
Bell Thornton Space Trap Badger SF 98 Fox vg £5.00
Muller John E Spectre of Darkness Badger SN 98 Fox vg £10.00
Barton Erle The Planet Seekers Badger SF 99 Fox vg £3.00
Fane Bron Nemasis Badger SF 100 Fox vg £5.00
Muller John E Out of the Night Badger SN 100 vg £10.00
Raymond DJ Prelude to Glory Badger WW 100 vg £5.00
Fanthorpe RL The Sealed Sarcophagus Badger SN 101 anon vg- £2.50
Torro Pel The Return Badger SF 101 Fox vg £4.00
Fane Bron Suspension Badger SF 102 Fox vg+ £7.50
Fanthorpe RL The Unconfined Badger SN 102 vg+ £5.00
Fanthorpe RL Stranger in the Shadow Badger SN 103 vg £5.00
Zeigfreid Karl Projection Infinity Badger SF 103 Anon vg £5.00
Barton Lee The Shadow Man Badger SN 104 vg £5.00
Muller John E Dark Continuum Badger SF 104 Anon vg £5.00
Fanthorpe RL Curse of the Khan Badger SN 105 Fox vg £5.00
Crawford John Dark Legion Badger SN 106 Fox vg £5.00
Fuller Robert L Passport for the Damned Badger WW 106 vg £2.50
Torro Pel Space No Barrier Badger SF 106 Anon vg £5.00
Conway Randall Body and Soul – Supernatural Stories 107 Badger SN 107 Fox vg £5.00
Zeigfried Karl No Way Back Badger SF 107 Anon vg £8.00
Fanthorpe RL Neuron Word Badger SF 108 Anon vg £3.00
Johnson RK Desert Break-Through Badger WW 108 Rainey vg £2.50
Chatair Max The Thing in the Mist – Supernatural 109 Badger SN 109 Fox vg £5.00
Torro Pel Force 97X Badger SF 110 Fox vg £3.50
Martin Frank In Action this Day Badger WW 111 vg £2.50
Muller John E The Man From Behind Badger SF 111 Anon vg £5.00
Carson BR Storm Over Korea Badger WW 112 Gross vg £2.50
Muller John E Beyond the Void Badger SF 112 Anon vg £10.00
Zeigfried Karl Barrier 346 Badger SF 113 Anon vg £4.00
Fane Bron U.F.O. 517 Badger SF 115 Anon vg- £2.50
Muller John E Phenomena X Badger SF 116 Anon vg+ £5.00
Muller John E Survival Project Badger SF 117 Anon vg £4.00
Dexter John K The Patriots Badger WW 118 vg £3.00
Fanthorpe RL The Watching World Badger SF 118 vg £5.00
Roland John Dawn Decent Badger WW 119 £2.50
Richler Anton Prelude to the Storm Badger WW 122 vg
Richler Anton The Wondering Years Badger WW 123 Dimmock f £5.00
Baxter LD Testament to Fury Badger WW 129 vg £2.50
Bradley James L Sky Devils Badger WW 130 vg SOLD
Enfield RL Unseen Enemy Badger WW 136 vg+ £3.00
Bradley James L No Man Divided Badger WW 142 Dimmock vg £3.00
Jackson LK Operation Singapore Badger WW 144 Michel? vg £2.56
Johnson FK Escape Badger WW 145 Fox vg £3.00
Martin Frank For Such as We Badger WW 147 vg- £2.00
Fuller John Final Epitaph Badger WW 151 Fox vg £4.00
Andrews John C Such are the Valiant Badger WW 152 vg £2.50
Andrews John C Strike Silent Badger WW 159 vg £2.50
Partridge JD Objective Burma Badger WW 163 Fox vg £2.50

1 thought on “Badger Stock Check

  1. Hi, Peter from Sydney, Australia. I am interested in buying 10-15 of your Badger Books. Do you send overseas and would you send by combined standard postage? Looking forward to your reply. Thanks, Peter Raack.


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