FILM TIE – INS — Update


As I previously mentioned, it is only on my later stock-check that I have added tabs so I can pull out categories. So this list is by no means comprehensive.

collage Film Ti-ins

This list is in alphabetical order of titles (in case you were wondering)
Secondari John H 3 Coins in the Fountain Digit UK R 321 1st Film photo vg £10.00
Trevor Elleston 80’000 Suspects Pan X 222 1st g+ £2.50
Mankowitz Wolf A Kid for Two Farthings Pan 394 1st Stowe f £8.50
Wilson Sloan A Summer Place Pan X 48 1st Helweg vg £3.50
Roth Arthur A Terrible Beauty Pan X 47 1st vg £3.00
Finney Jack Assault on a Queen Pan X 329 2nd 1966 vg £2.50
Wallace Lew Ben Hur Pan X 32 5th vg £3.00
Bartolini Luigi Bicycle Thieves Panther 1668 £5.00
Innes Michael Candleshoe Penguin ISBN 0 £2.50
Ferba Edna Cimeron Pan X 57 1st vg £3.00
Franzero Carlo Maria Cleopatra Panther 1402 rep £2.50
Shulman Irving College Confidential Gold Medal UK 517 1st f £5.00
Sillitoe Alan Counterpoint Pan X 727 2nd vg £2.50
Steinbeck John East of Eden WDL VS 503 5th 1960 anon vg £10.00
Burdich & Wheeler Fail Safe Pan X 388 1st vg £3.00
Fleming Ian From Russia With Love Pan X 236 12th 1963 Film vg £3.50
Fuller Roger Fugative – Fear in a Desert Town Pocket Book 501 Photo g £2.50
Bassing Eileen Home Before Dark Pan X 31 1st vg- £2.00
Humphrey william Home from the Hill Pan X 49 1st film vg+ £4.00
Brown Joe Davies Kings go Forth Pan G 120 1st Owen vg £2.50
Nabokov Vladimir Laughter in the Dark Penguin ISBN 0 rep 1969 vg £2.00
Motley Willard Let no Man Write my Epitaph Pan X 65 1st Peff vg £3.50
Chase Borden Lone Star Gold Medal US 236 1st 1952 vg £5.00
Sands Martin Maroc 7 Pan X 595 1st vg £2.50
O’Donnel Peter Modesty Blaise Pan X 474 1st anon vg £3.00
O’Donnell Peter Modesty Blaise Pan X 474 rep £2.50
Defoe Daniel Moll Flanders Pan X 433 2nd vg £2.50
Defoe Daniel Moll Flanders Pan X 438 1st vg £2.50
Flynn Errol My Wicked, Wicked Ways Pan X 94 g £1.50
Fienburgh Wilfred No Love for Johnnie Arrow 606 1st 1960 Dion f £3.00
Street James Oh Promised Land Pan X 30 1st Tayler vg £3.00
Cunningham EV Penelope Pan X 643 1st GS vg- £3.00
Metalious Grace Peyton Place Pan X 35 1st vg- £2.50
Dunn Nell Poor Cow Pan X 714 1st 1968 Photo vg+ £5.00
Burke John Priveledge Pan X 631 1st vg £3.00
Lockridge Rock Raintree Country Pan X 17 3rd Tayler vg £2.50
Metalous Grace Return to Payton Place Pan X 93 1st vg £2.00
Scott J M Sea-Wyf and Biscuit Pan 404 £3.50
Burke John Smashing Time Pan X 744 1st photo vg+ £4.00
Blish James Startrek – Spock Must Die Corgi 0 £2.00
Taradash & Moll Storm Centre Panther 597 1st Vernon vg £40.00
Albert Marvin H That Jane from Maine Gold Medal UK 431 1st film vg- £2.50
Godden Rumer The Battle of the Villa Fiorita Pan X 347 2nd vg £3.00
Krepps Robert W The Big Gamble Gold Medal UK 532 1st 1961 vg £3.00
Jessup Richard The Cincinnati Kid Pan X 485 1st GS vg £4.00
Trevor Elleston The Flight of the Phoenix Pan X 466 4th 1966 vg+ £2.00
Hardy Lindsey The Grand Duke and Mr Pimm Pan X 160 1st vg+ £2.50
Sands Martin The Jokers Pan X 627 1st vg £3.00
Kipling Rudyard The Jungle Book Pan X 718 1st vg £4.00
Hartog Jan de The Key Corgi S 491 1st 1958 vg £5.00
Turnbull Patrick The Long and the Short and the Tall Consul W 858 3rd 1961 Film vg £5.00
O’Conner Edwin The Lst Hurrah Pan X 34 1st 1959 vg £2.50
White Theodore H The Mountain Road Pan X 53 1st 1960 anon vg £4.00
Various The Penguin Film Review Penguin fr 8 1st 1949 vg £2.50
Swiggett Howard The Power and the Prize Ballantine F 150 vg £7.50
Mannon Warwick The Rak’s Progress WFP 0 £5.00
Brown Fredric The Screaming Mimi Sabre 979 vg £5.00
Kipling Rudyard The Second Jungle Book Pan X 719 1st 1967 Disney vg+ £4.00
Betteridge Don The Spies of Peenemunde Corgi SB 745 1st 1959 Photo vg+ £4.00
Sneider VJ The Tea House of the August Moon Panther 527 4th 1957 Webb vg £2.50
Sneider Vern The Teahouse of the August Moon Signet 1348 £3.00
Burke John The Trap Pan X 519 1st g £2.50
Stevenson Robert L The Wrong Box Pan X 509 1st Steward vg+ £2.50
Storey David This Sporting Life Penguin ISBN 0 £2.00
Mankiewicz Don M Trial Digit UK G 287 1st Film vg- £3.00
Portis Charles True Grit Penguin ISBN 0 rep 1971 Photo vg- £1.00
Brophy John Turn the Key Softly Pan 267 1st Photo vg £4.00
Dunn Nell Up the Junction Pan X 743 8th vg £2.50
Canning Victor Venitian Bird Pan GP 79 1st Keay vg+ £3.50
Westerheimer David Von Ryans Express Pan X 395 1st vg £2.50
Brophy John Waterfront Pan 131 1st anon vg £3.50
Leasor James Where the Spies Are Pan X 396 6th vg £1.50


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