Witchcraft Today – Gerald B Gardner / Modern Witchcraft – Frank Smyth / Witchcraft – Geoffrey Parrinder /Witness to Witchcraft

The “Today” refers to 1954, so you have to read ” The truth about “modern” rites and Cults” with that in mind.

 The first Wicca book, by the father of the Pagan renaissance. Written shortly after the repeal of the English Witch laws in 1954, WITCHCRAFT TODAY offered the world a new religion, Wicca, and captured the imaginations of spiritual seekers everywhere. The author, Gerald Gardner, was writing about a small, secret coven of hereditary Witches, brave people who had hidden their faith for centuries to avoid persecution. His descriptions of their practices and history, their working tools and festivals, impelled a rediscovery of indigenous British religion and, globally, fueled a movement now boasting between 3 and 5 million members, making Wicca one of the fastest growing religions in the United States.

A rare book in this format, hard to find at a reasonable price in any format. This copy has been read, is scuffed but complete and tight, please ask if you need more information. I am offering this book for £10.00.

What would be endpapers in a hardback are foxed, otherwise this is a near fine book.

The fascinating story of the rebirth of paganism and magic. One of an exciting series of specially commissioned works forming a popular guide to the world of the supernatural. £10.00

Would be near fine but spine discoloured.

 A critical study of the belief in witchcraft from the records of witch hunting in Europe yesterday and Africa today. £10.00


Gardner Gerald BWitchcraft TodayPedagree£10.00
Maple EricThe Dark World of WitchesPan£3.00
Neill RobertMist over PendleArrow£2.50
Parrinder GeoffreyWitchcraftPelican£5.00
Smyth FrankModern WitchcraftMacdonald£10.00
Wright Harry BWirness to WitchcraftCorgi£2.50

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