Westerns – Hard Backs and Paperbacks – Update

I know it’s a genre that has not been in fashion for a long time, and I admit not one that I ever got into in any big way, but it should not be ignored.


Adams ChuckBadlands FeudBadger£10.00
Adams ChuckDay of ViolenceBadger£7.50
Adams ChuckHired GunBadger£7.50
Adams ChuckRiverboat RevengeBadger£10.00
Adams ChuckThe TexanBadger£5.00
Adams ChuckThunder at AbileneBadger£5.00
Adams ChuckWho Rides with VengeanceBadger£10.00
Allison SamWELLS FARGO – Danger StationTV Fav Lib£5.00
Appell GeorgeShadow on the BorderBallantine£2.50
Ballard TodThe Circle C Feud£5.00
Ballard TodhunterWest of QuarantineArrow£2.50
Barton JackThe MustangersPopular Library£5.00
Billings BuckThe Unbranded ThirtyWard Lock£4.00
Blackburn Thomas WRange War£5.00
Blackburn Thomas WRaton Pass£10.00
Borg JackKid With a ColtPan£3.00
Bradley TexThunderfireBadger£10.00
Brand MaxThe Bandit of the Black HillsCorgi£5.00
Brand MaxThe Gun TamerPan£3.50
Breihan Carl WOutlaws of the Old WestArrow£2.00
Cantrell Wane BBrand of CainPanther£2.50
Castle FrankVengeance Under LawGold Medal UK£3.00
Chadwick JosephDevil’s LegacyGold Medal US£5.00
Chamberlain ElinorThe Far CommandBallantine£2.50
Chase BordenLone StarGold Medal US£5.00
Chisholm MattFury at TombstonePanther£2.50
Clark Walter Van TilburgThe Track of the CatSignet£2.50
Codey AlDomrock Range£5.00
Codey AlForlorn Valley£5.00
Coombs Charles IMAVERICK – Boss of Rocking H RanchTV Fav Lib£5.00
Gooden Arthur HenryWayne of the Flying WPocket Book£2.00
Grant LandonMarshal of Mustang£5.00
Grey ZaneForlorn RiverPan£4.50
Grey ZaneHeritage of the DesertPan£3.50
Grey ZaneKnights of the RangePan£4.00
Grey ZaneThe Drift FenceHamish Hamilton£2.50
Grey ZaneThe Last PlainsmanPan£3.00
Grey ZaneThe Last Trail£5.00
Grey ZaneWestern UnionPan£5.00
Gruber FrankTown TamerPanther£2.50
Hall OakleyWarlockPan£2.50
Halleran E EBlazing BorderBallantine£5.00
Halleran E EThe Hostile HillsBallantine£2.50
Hanson W JLannigan’s WestAction Novels£2.50
Henry WillJesse JamesCorgi£2.50
Henry WillNo SurvivorsCorgi£4.00
Howard VechelSundown at Crazy HorseGold Medal UK£2.50
Howard VechelTall in the WestGold Medal UK£4.00
James CyThe Brasada GunsPanther£2.50
Jefferson BenThe DamnedCleveland£2.50
Kantor MacKinlayWicked WaterCorgi£4.00
Krepps Robert WGamble My Last GamePanther£2.50
L’amour LouisHondoGold Medal US£2.50
Lander DaneThe Yellow HorseSuperior£2.50
Lawrence Steven CSaddle JusticeGold Medal US£10.00
Lawrence Steven CThe Iron MarshalPanther£2.50
Martin ScottThe Claws of the CougarNelson£2.50
McLowery FrankMissouri Man£5.00
Mulford Clarence EHopalong Cassidy Serves a WritH&S£5.00
Myers John MyerDead WarriorArrow£2.50
Newton DBRange Feud£10.00
Newton DBStagecoach Guard£5.00
Nordyke LewisWes Hardin Texas GunmanArrow£3.50
Nye Nelson CBlood SkyDigit UK£5.00
O’Rourke FrankHard MenBallantine£5.00
Paine LauranBuckskin BuccaneerPanther£5.00
Patten Lewis BWhite WarriorGold Medal UK£3.00
Raine William MacLeodBoldley the RodeHodder£3.00
Raine William MacleodBorder BreedPocket Book£3.00
Raine William MacleodGuns of the FrontierSignet£5.00
Raine William MacLeodRange Beyond the LawPopular Library£2.50
Raine William MacLeodThe Sheriff’s SonPocket Book£2.50
Richardson GladwellTrigger FingersWagon Wheel£3.00
Schaefer JackThe Kean LandPanther£2.50
Shelton ColeSatan’s OutpostBison£5.00
Shirreffs GordonRio BravoGold Medal UK£5.00
Shirreffs Gordon DThe Brave RiflesGold Medal US£2.50
Snow Charles HSheriff of YavisaArmed Sevices£5.00
Stanley ChuckShowdown GunsWells Gardner£2.50
Street JamesOh Promised LandPan£3.00
Sutter LarabieThe White SquawGold Medal UK£6.50
Telfair RichardDay of the GunGold Medal US£2.50
Ward BradFrontier StreetPanther£2.50
Wayne JosephThe Long WindSignet£2.50
Wayne JosephThe Snake StomperSignet£3.00


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