TVB Boardman


Howie EdithCrime and ConfusionBoardman£10.00
Curtiss EMDead Dogs BiteBoardman£5.00
Barrett MonteMurder at Belle CamilleBoardman£5.00
Howie EdithMurder at Stone HouseBoardman£10.00
Howie EdithNo Face to MurderBoardman£10.00
Du Bois TheodoraThe Case of the Perfumed MouseBoardman£15.00
McDougald RomanThe Woman Under the MountainBoardman£2.50
Acre StephenThe Yellow OvercoatBoardman£5.00
Fitzsimmons CortlandTied For MurderBoardman£5.00
AshtonWrong Side of the MoonBoardman£5.00
Ashton Francis & StephenWrong Side of the MoonBoardman£5.00

Would have loved it to have been a fantastic Denis McLaughlin cover.

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