REBUS – Ian Rankin

Ian Rankin – In a House of Lies

It is not unusual and only a very little disconcerting to only realise after 100 pages that you have read the book before. In this case it was a little disconcerting in that it was only published in paperback in 2019, however; I am fortunate, I believe in that I have no problem re-reading books, or watching films I have seen before.

However much I enjoyed the book, which I did, I still can’t see why a serious incident team would have been set up when a 20 odd year old went missing with no evidence of foul play.

I do have many Rankin paperbacks in the shop (free delivery in the Spen Valley) for sale at £1.00 each. I also have a hard back first edition of Set in Darkness for £2.50.

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