VIKING Paperbacks Stock Update

I didn’t have six Viking covers so the one Superior slipped in. The Story of the 1st Parachute division seems hard to find.


Weyers EdwardJungle QuestViking£1.00vg
Skrede WilfredAcross the Roof of the WorldViking£2.50vg
Ketchum PhilipThe Saddle BumViking£2.50vg
Dale CeliaTrial of StrengthViking£2.50vg
Stainforth PeterWings of WindViking£4.00vg
Bader DouglasWhere Eagles GatherViking£2.50vg
Spenser JamesThe Awkward MarineViking£2.50vg
Roy JulesThe Happy valleyViking£2.50vg
Skidmore Hobert DValley of the SkyViking£2.50vg

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