I am pretty confident that I know where I have put all these titles, I also know I have further titles that are scattered round the shop and store, as well as a long run of New Worlds and the Sexton Blake he wrote.


A Cure for CancerBAG 20£2.50
An Alien HeatMayflower£2.00vg1974Dancers
Barbarians of MarsAce£2.50vg+1991Kane
Behold the ManBag 19£2.50
Behold the ManFontana£2.50vg+1980
Behold the ManMayflower£2.00vg1976
Best SF from New WorldsPanther£3.50vg1967
City of the BeastNEL£2.00vg1979
Corum #1 – The Knight of the SwordsMayflower£2.50vgCorum
Count BrassGranada£2.00vgBrass
Count BrassMayflower£2.00vg1980Brass
Elric at the End of TimeGrafton£2.50vg+Elric
Elric of MelniboneGrafton£2.50vg+Elric
England InvadedStar£2.00vg1980
Masters f the PitNEL£2.50F1971
Mother LondonPenguin£2.50vg1989
My Experiences in the Third Worl WarSavoy£2.50vg
New WorldsCompact£2.50vg-
New WorldsCompact£2.50vg-
Phoenix in ObsidianMayflower£2.00vg
Sword of the DawnLancer£2.00vg1968
The Bane of the Black SwordGranada£2.00vg1984Elric
The Best of New WorldsCompact£2.50
The Best of New WorldsCompact£5.00vgH
The Black CorridorMayflower£2.50vg+1970
The Black CorridorAce US£2.50vg
The Bull and the SpearQuartet£2.00vg1975
The Champion of the GarathormGranada£2.00vgBrass
The Chinese AgentAce£5.00
The City in the Autumn StarsGrafton£2.50vg1987
The Condition of Muzak – Cornelius #4Fontana£2.50vg+1978
The Cornelius ChroniclesFontana£2.50vg1988
The Distant SunsNEL£2.50vg1989
The Dragon in the SwordGrafton£2.50vg1988
The End of All SongsMayflower£2.00vg1977Dancers
The English AssassinFontana£2.50vg-1975
The Entropy TangoNEL£2.50vg1987
The Final ProgrammeFontana£2.50vg1979
The Final ProgrammeMayflower£2.00vg
The FireclownCompact£2.00vg-
The Golden BargeNEL£2.50vg+1984
The History of the RunestaffGranada£2.50vg1984Runestaff
The Hollow LandsMayflower£2.00vg1975Dancers
The Jewel in the SkullMayflower£2.00vg1977Runestaff
The King of the SwordsGrafton£2.00vg1986Corum
The Knight of the SwordsMayflower£2.00vg1976Corum
The Land LeviathanQuartet£2.00vg1976
The Laughter of CarthageFlamingo£2.50vg1985
The Mad God’s AmuletMayflower£2.00vg1975Runestaff
The Nomad of TimeGrafton£2.50vg1984
The Oak and the RamQuartet£2.00vg1974Corum
The Queen of the SwordsGrafton£2.00vg1986Corum
The Revenge of the RoseGrafton£2.50vg+1992
The Rituals of InfinityArrow£2.50vg1971
The RunestaffMayflower£2.001975Runestaff
The Russian IntelligenceSavoy£2.50vg+1980
The Sailor on the Seas of FateQuartet£2.00
The Sailor on the Seas of FateGrafton£2.50vg+Elric
The Sailor on the Seas of FateMayflower£2.00vg-1981Elric
The Shores of DeathSphere£2.00vg1970
The Singing CitadelMayflower£2.00vg1974
The Sleeping SorceressNEL£2.00vgElric
The Sleeping SorceressQuartet£2.00vg1975Elric
The Stealer of SoulsMayflower£2.50
The Steel TsarGrafton£2.00vg1990Bastable
The Sword of the DawnMayflower£2.00vg1981Runestaff
The Swors and the StallionGrafton£2.50vg+1989
The Time DwellerMayflower£2.00vg1979
The Transformation of Miss Mavis MingStar£2.00vg1980
The Twilight ManCompact£2.50F
The Vanishing TowerGrafton£2.50vg+Elric
The Warlord of the AirNEL£2.00vg
The Warlord of the AirAce£2.50vg
The Weird of the White WolfGrafton£2.50vg+Elric
The Winds of LimboGranada£2.50vg+1980
The Winds of LimboMayflower£2.00vg
The Wrecks of Time / TramontaneAce Double£3.50vg+1967H
The Wrecks of Time/TramontaneAce£2.50vg1967
Traontane / The Wrecks of TimeAce£2.50vg1967

The Fortress of the Pearl – an Elric Novel by Michael Moorcock

1989 first edition Hardback published by Gollancz near fine book in a fine (but clipped) dj Through post to any UK Address £12.50


Michael Moorcock – The War Amongst the Angels

Orion Hardback a fine book in fine dj To any UK location £10.00


The Revenge of the Rose – Michael Moorcock

Grafton 1st edition very near fine book in a fine dj £10 includes postage to any UK address


The Deep Fix James Colvin

A more unusual Moorcock, unfortunately a poor attempt to remove a label (not by me) detracts from what otherwise is a very good copy. I need to get round to rectifying the fault.


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