Daughter in the House – people at home by Graham

1969 hard back 64 pages Book f Dj vg Through post to UK address


Seagulls on my Roof – by Ray Squires – A Do-it-Yourself Manual For the Gull Nobbler

Published in 1984 by Juras Publications, Whitby, Yorkshire 80 pages of humour illustrated throughout by the author. By the post to any UK address, especially locations suffering from Gulls £12.50


Good Humour Compiled by S Evelyn Thomas Printed & Published by OH Bateman Liverpool

Undated but from the subject matter of cartoons and Jokes I would guess near end of WWII. A 32 page booklet. Through the post £5.00 (UK)


The Perfect Debutante by Adrian Porter – Illustrated by Eileen McGrath

Published by Collins in 1937 this is a card bound edition, even this edition is very pricy in ABE and Amazon though I have tried to find out more about it I don’t know why. I suspect it was very expensive when originally published as it has high quality paper, that is starting to fox at the edges. Through the post to any UK address £7.50 (much cheaper that ABE or AMAZON


You’ve Had It

You’ve Had it

Printed in Rossendale for Jasmit Publications 26 to 34 pages an issue Jokes cartoons and short stories around 7 X 5, undated but I would guess early 50’s. Issues 12 13 15 16 17 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 27 28 30 31 32 33 35 36 37 55 £1.50 each (£2.50) through the post to UK. For multiple copies £1.50 each plus £2.00 P&P – please specify the issues you are interested in.


Low’s War Cartoons

Low’s War Cartoons – The Cresset Press

Published in 1941 9 X 6 with an introduction be Low it does bring home what the reality was in the early days of the war with the pact between Stalin and Hitler. A neat copy. Shipped to any UK address for £12.50


Jon and Serre

Two Types by Jon

Published by British Army Newspaper Unit, 1944. Price includes UK postage


D.I.Y. by Serre

A 1967 revised edition. Price includes Postage for all UK locations


Laughs along the Lines No. 2 Compiled by S Evelyn Thomas cover by Roland Davies

Undated but late 40’s 64 pages. Pages show a bit of age but all round a decent copy. Cartoons and stories and jokes. Published by Good Humour Publications. Through the post to any UK address £7.50


Nuff Sed – The New Magazine of fun and fiction Number 2

Printed by Express printing (Rossendale) ltd. 32 pages cartoons jokes and stories featuring (one photograph) “Lovely Joyce Jackson, 18 year-old Birmingham born Windmill girl. Through the post (in plain brown paper wrappers) to any address in the UK for £5.00


Nuff Sed Number 16

34 pages Jokes Cartoons and Pin-Ups this copy features Jill White – June Ramsay – Jean Sporle -Marie Devereux – and Janet Neil none of them seem dressed for Lancashire weather as I suspect this was published in Rossendale even though it doesn’t say so. Through the post to any address in Lancashire (or the rest of the UK) £5.00


Laughitoff Annual 1947

64 pages from Gerald G Swan Ltd. (1947) A mixture of cartoons and stories, 8 pages coloured as above. Through the post at £8.00 to any UK address


Basinful of Fun – about 1952 –

Published by F Youngman in Leeds in the early 50’s Cartoons stories illustrations and jokes. I have numbers 48 -50 – 53 – 54 – 58 – 59 – 61-73 – 89 for sale In the Shop £1.50 each in the post to UK address £2.50 each (specify number) If your desire is for more than one Basinful of fun add £1.50 for each copy after one e.g. 3 copies would cost £5,50 delivered to your UK door.


Chock-A-Block compiled and edited by JASMIT

Another Rawtenstall offering. Offered through the post to UK address


We’re Off

Another compiled by Jasmet but this time from Burnley


This is it – Younger brother of the magazine you’ve had it

Another Rawtenstall offering 28 or so pages of cartoons and jokes I have 3 5 6 7 8 9 10 12 14 19 21 26 32 33 40 and 43 for sale all at the bargain price of £1.50. If you specify which issue you require it can be delivered to your door for £2.50, if in the UK, if you want more than one, each additional copy will cost £1.50 (no extra postage cost.


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