“Hard Boiled” English Editions

Darcy Glinto – You took me….keep me…

Only one on offer on ABE for £175 though I have found one elsewhere for only £100. Published in 1950 by Robin Hood Press cover art by Terry. Internally the staples look dark but the paper is free of foxing and discolouring, in fact in much better condition then many much newer publications.


Darvy Glinto – Deep South Slave

I can’t find this for sale anywhere, but have found it described as a very rare book Published by Robin Hood Press in 1951. Introduction in the book “While all the characters in this book are entirely fictional and every incident is imaginative and original, the author readily and gratefully acknowledges that the story was wholly inspired by John L. Spivak’s “Georgia Nigger” [Wishart & Company, London] That book, based upon a study officially authorized by the Prison Commissioners of Georgia, documented and photographically illustrated, is a piece of brilliant and courageous reporting which must move any reader possessed of humane instincts” This copy is in near fine condition. The price below includes UK postage.


The Brute – Paul Renin

This edition was published by R & L Locker in 1946 in Stoke on Trent. Though I can’t find this edition for sale anywhere, a few other titles by this author are on offer. This is clean tight copy This price includes UK Postage.



I, Mobster – Anonymous

This edition was published by Gaywood Press in London in 1952, again though there are many copies of the Gold Medal edition for sale on ABE I can’t find the Gaywood edition. Interestingly the 1951 Gold medal cover has a slightly different version of the cover art on this edition. This copy is tight but has a slight bit missing from spine that has been repaired with magic tape, please ask if you want more details. The price below includes UK postage.



Manhunt Detective Story Monthly November 1953 Vol 1 no. 4

Not in the same league as the rest of these offerings but the cover was worth inclusion and the contributing authors are impressive ; Mickey Spillane (serial), Henry Kane, David Goodis, Patrick Wilmot. Richard Ellington, Richard Deming, Evan Hunter, Robert Turner, Kris Neville and Roy Carroll. I am offering this to any UK location for £7.00


Nobody Knows the Dead by Dale Bogard

Published in 1951 by World Distributors Manchester, this is a very nice, though slightly “cocked” copy. Another book of which I have not been able to find another copy for sale. Through the post to UK address


A lot of these titles were produced when it was difficult to get American Paperbacks in the UK and saw the opportunity to cash in on the popularity of Hank Janson.

Passage to Terror by Edward Ronns (Edward S Aarons)

Published by Gaywood Press undated but around 1952 this is a very good plus (near fine) copy. Posted to a UK address for £25


Don’t Cry, Beloved – Edward Ronns (Edward S Aarons)

Another Gaywood offering would have been vg+ but for the Staple Stains bleeding through the front cover. To a UK address £17.50


Too Good for the Poor – Nat Karta

A rare title from a rare author. Published by Muir-Watson about 1952. A book in VG condition Sent to any UK Destination £50


I the Jury by Mickey Spillane

Published by Arthur Barker a rarer example of a book much more common in other formats. To UK Address £20


So Rich, So dead – Gil Brewer

Another Gaywood title in vg Posted to UK £20


Satan is a Woman – Gil Brewer

The Gaywood Press edition of this rare book. The spine has been repaired with magic tape otherwise vg To UK address £50


I have many other titles that should be labelled Hard Boiled but I have listed most just as crime, I will rectify that on stock checking (if I ever get round to it)

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