FANTASY – Swords and Sorcery etc.

Are we absolutely sure that the pillion is suitably dressed for riding a rhino?

Bulmer KennethSwords of the BarbariansNEL£2.50vg
Burroughs Edgar RiceSavage PellucidarTandem£2.50vg1974
Burroughs Edgar RiceThe Mad KingAce£2.50vg
Carter LinAs the Green Star RisesDaw£2.00vg-1975
Carter LinBeyond the Gates of DreamBelmont£2.50vg1972
Carter LinBlack Legion of CallistoOrbit£2.50vg1975
Carter LinBy the Light of the Green StarDaw£5.00vg1974
Carter LinCallipygiaDaw£4.00vg1988
Carter LinDarya of the Bronze AgeDaw£4.00vg1981
Carter LinDown to the Sunless SeaDaw£4.00vg1984
Carter LinDragonrougeDaw£5.00vg+1984
Carter LinEric of ZanthodonDaw£5.00vg1982
Carter LinFound WaitingDaw£4.00vg1985
Carter LinGiant of Words EndBelmont£4.00vg1969
Carter LinGiant of Worlds EndFive Star£2.50vg+1972
Carter LinHurok of the Stone AgeDaw£5.00vg+1981
Carter LinIn the Green Star’s GlowDaw£5.00vg1976
Carter LinJourney to the Underground WorldDaw£4.00vg1979
Carter LinKesrickDaw£4.00vg1982
Carter LinLankar of CallistoDell£4.00vg+1975
Carter LinLost WorldsDaw£4.00vg1980
Carter LinMad Empress of CallistoDell£5.00vg+1975
Carter LinMandricardoDaw£5.00vg+1987
Carter LinMind Wizards of CallistoDell£5.00vg1975
Carter LinRenegade of CallistoDell£4.00vg1978
Carter LinSky Pirates of CallistoOrbit£2.50vg1975
Carter LinThe Barbarian of Words EndDaw£5.00vg+1977
Carter LinThe Black StarDell£2.50vg1973
Carter LinThe Enchantress of Worlds EndDaw£5.00vg+1975
Carter LinThe Immortal of Words EndDaw£5.00vg+1976
Carter LinThe Man Who Loved Marsgold Medal£4.00vg1973
Carter LinThe Nemesis of EvilPopular Library£4.00vg1978
Carter LinThe Pirates of World’s EndDaw£4.00vg1978
Carter LinThe Quest of KadjiFive Star£2.50vg1973
Carter LinThe Valley Where Time Stood StillPopular Library£4.00vg+1976
Carter LinThe Wzard of ZaoDaw£4.00vg1978
Carter LinThongor Against the GodsTandem£2.50vg1970
Carter LinThongor and the Wizard of LemuriaBerkley£4.00vg
Carter LinThongor at the End of TimeTandom£2.50vg1970
Carter LinThongor at the End of TimeWarner£4.00vg+1979
Carter LinThongor Fights the Pirates of TarakusUniversal£2.50vg1979
Carter LinThongor in the City of MagiciansTandom£3.00vg1973
Carter LinThongor of LemuriaTandem£2.50vg1973
Carter LinTime WarDell£4.00vg1974
Carter LinTower at the Edge of TimeBelmont£4.00vg+1972
Carter LinUnder the Green StarDaw£5.00vg1972
Carter LinWhen the Green Star CallsDaw£5.00vg1973
Carter LinYlana of CallistoDell£4.00vg1977
Carter LinZanthodonDaw£5.00vg+1980
Carter Lin / Long Frank BelknaThe Thief of ThothBelmont£2.50vg1968
Carter Lin / Neville KrisThe Flame of IridarBelmont£2.50vg1967
Carter Lin editorFlashing Swords 1Mayflower£2.50vg1974
Carter Lin EditorFlashing Swords 2Mayflower£2.50vg
Fox Gardner FKothar and the Demon QueenTower£3.00vg+
Fox Gardner FKothar Barbarian SwordsmanStar£5.00vg+
Fox Gardner FKyrik and the Lost QueenParamount£3.00vg+
Fox Gardner FKyrik and the Wizards SwordLeasure£4.00vg+1976
Hill Douglas EditorWarlocks and WarriorsMayflower£2.50vg
Hill Ed.Warlocks and WarriorsMayflower£3.00f1971
Howard Robert EConan the Avenger #8Lancer£2.50
Howard Robert EConan the WarriorBAG 09£2.50
Howard Robert EWorms of the EarthZebra£2.50vg
Jakes JohnBrak the BarbarianTower£4.00vg+
Jakes JohnBrak the Barbarian Versus the SorceressPaperback Library£2.50vg1969
Jakes JohnConquest of the Planet of the ApesAward£2.00
Jakes JohnThe Mark of the DemonsTandem£2.50vg1976
Long Frank Belknap / Carter Li..and others shall be bornBelmont£2.50vg1968
Lord JeffreyBlade – The Mountains of BregaPinnacle£2.00vg1978
MacDonald GeorgePhantastesBallantine£2.50
Merritt AThe Face in the AbyssFutura£2.50vg-
Moorcock MichaelA Cure for CancerFontana£5.00vg+
Moorcock MichaelAn Alien HeatMayflower£2.00vg1974
Moorcock MichaelBarbarians of MarsAce£2.50vg+1991
Moorcock MichaelBehold the ManFontana£2.50vg+1980
Moorcock MichaelBehold the ManMayflower£2.00vg1976
Moorcock MichaelCity of the BeastNEL£2.00vg1979
Moorcock MichaelCorum #1 – The Knight of the SwordsMayflower£2.50vg
Moorcock MichaelCount BrassGranada£2.00vg
Moorcock MichaelCount BrassMayflower£2.00vg1980
Moorcock MichaelElric at the End of TimeGrafton£2.50vg+
Moorcock MichaelElric of MelniboneGrafton£2.50vg+
Moorcock MichaelElric of MelniboneArrow£2.50vg1975
Moorcock MichaelEngland InvadedStar£2.00vg1980
Moorcock MichaelLord of the SpidersNEL£3.50vg1971
Moorcock MichaelMasters f the PitNEL£2.50F1971
Moorcock MichaelMoorcock’s Book of MartyrsMayflower£2.50vg1976
Moorcock MichaelMother LondonPenguin£2.50vg1989
Moorcock MichaelMy Experiences in the Third Worl WarSavoy£2.50vg
Moorcock MichaelPhoenix in ObsidianMayflower£2.00vg1976
Moorcock MichaelSojanSavoy£2.50vg1977
Moorcock MichaelStormbringerGrafton£2.50vg+
Moorcock MichaelStormbringerLancer£2.50vg
Moorcock MichaelStormbringerMayflower£2.00vg1976
Moorcock MichaelSword of the DawnLancer£2.00vg1968
Moorcock MichaelThe Bane of the Black SwordGranada£2.00vg1984
Moorcock MichaelThe Black CorridorMayflower£2.50vg+1970
Moorcock MichaelThe Black CorridorMayflower£2.00vg
Moorcock MichaelThe Bull and the SpearQuartet£2.00vg1975
Moorcock MichaelThe Bull and the SpearMayflower£2.50vg1979
Moorcock MichaelThe Champion of GarathormMayflower£2.50vg1973
Moorcock MichaelThe Champion of the GarathormGranada£2.00vg
Moorcock MichaelThe Champion of the GarathormDell£2.50vg
Moorcock MichaelThe City in the Autumn StarsGrafton£2.50vg1987
Moorcock MichaelThe Cornelius ChroniclesFontana£2.50vg1988
Moorcock MichaelThe Dancers at the End of TimeGhranada£4.00vg1983
Moorcock MichaelThe Distant SunsNEL£2.50vg1989
Moorcock MichaelThe Dragon in the SwordGrafton£2.50vg1988
Moorcock MichaelThe End of All SongsMayflower£2.00vg1977
Moorcock MichaelThe End of all SongsGranada£2.50vg1979
Moorcock MichaelThe Entropy TangoNEL£2.50vg1987
Moorcock MichaelThe Eternal ChampionMayflower£2.50vg+1979
Moorcock MichaelThe Final ProgrammeMayflower£2.00vg
Moorcock MichaelThe FireclownCompact£2.00vg-
Moorcock MichaelThe Golden BargeNEL£2.50vg+1984
Moorcock MichaelThe History of the RunestaffGranada£2.50vg1984
Moorcock MichaelThe Hollow LandsMayflower£2.00vg1975
Moorcock MichaelThe Jewel in the SkullMayflower£2.00vg1977
Moorcock MichaelThe King of the SwordsGrafton£2.00vg1986
Moorcock MichaelThe King of the SwordsMayflower£2.50vg1972
Moorcock MichaelThe Knight of the SwordsMayflower£2.00vg1976
Moorcock MichaelThe Land LeviathanQuartet£2.00vg1976
Moorcock MichaelThe Laughter of CarthageFlamingo£2.50vg1985
Moorcock MichaelThe Mad God’s AmuletMayflower£2.50vg1975
Moorcock MichaelThe Nomad of TimeGrafton£2.50vg1984
Moorcock MichaelThe Oak and the RamQuartet£2.50vg1974
Moorcock MichaelThe Queen of the SwordsGrafton£2.00vg1986
Moorcock MichaelThe Queen of the SwordsMayflower£2.50vg+1977
Moorcock MichaelThe Quest for TanelornMayflower£2.50vg1976
Moorcock MichaelThe Revenge of the RoseGrafton£2.50vg+1992
Moorcock MichaelThe Rituals of InfinityArrow£2.50vg1971
Moorcock MichaelThe RunestaffMayflower£2.001975
Moorcock MichaelThe Russian IntelligenceSavoy£2.50vg+1980
Moorcock MichaelThe Sailor on the Seas of FateQuartet£2.00
Moorcock MichaelThe Sailor on the Seas of FateGrafton£2.50vg+
Moorcock MichaelThe Sailor on the Seas of FateMayflower£2.00vg-1981
Moorcock MichaelThe Shores of DeathSphere£2.00vg1970
Moorcock MichaelThe Singing CitadelMayflower£2.50vg1974
Moorcock MichaelThe Sleeping SorceressQuartet£2.00vg1975
Moorcock MichaelThe Sleeping SorceressNEL£2.50vg1972
Moorcock MichaelThe Stealer of SoulsMayflower£2.50vg+1977
Moorcock MichaelThe Steel TsarGrafton£2.00vg1990
Moorcock MichaelThe Sword and the StallionGrafton£2.50vg+1989
Moorcock MichaelThe Sword and the StallionQuartet£2.50vg1975
Moorcock MichaelThe Sword of the DawnMayflower£2.00vg1981
Moorcock MichaelThe Time DwellerMayflower£2.00vg1979
Moorcock MichaelThe Transformation of Miss Mavis MingStar£2.00vg1980
Moorcock MichaelThe Twilight ManCompact£2.50
Moorcock MichaelThe Vanishing TowerGrafton£2.50vg+
Moorcock MichaelThe Warlord of the AirNEL£2.00vg
Moorcock MichaelThe Warlord of the AirAce£2.50vg
Moorcock MichaelThe Weird of the White WolfGrafton£2.50vg+
Moorcock MichaelThe Weird of the White WolfDaw£10.00vg1977
Moorcock MichaelThe Winds of LimboGranada£2.50vg+1980
Moorcock MichaelThe Winds of LimboMayflower£2.00vg
Moorcock Michael James ColvinThe Deep FixCompact£25.00vg-1966
Moorcock Michael / PetajaThe Wrecks of Time/TramontaneAce£2.50vg1967
Moorcock Michael / Petja EmilThe Wrecks of Time / TramontaneAce Double£3.50vg+1967
Neville Kris / Carter LinPeril of the StarmenBelmont£2.50vg1967
Petaja Emil / MoorcockTraontane / The Wrecks of TimeAce£2.50vg1967
Tubb ECDerai – DumarestArrow£2.50vg
Tubb ECKalin – DumarestArrow£2.50vg
Tubb ECMoon BaseMayflower£2.50vg
Tubb ECTen From TomorrowSphere£2.50vg
Tubb ECThe Winds of Gath – DumarestArrow£2.50vg
Tubb ECToyman – DumarestArrow£2.50vg
Tubb EC etcNew WorldsCompact£3.50vg+1965
Tubb EC etcNew WorldsNova£3.50vg1955

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