The Dalesman was first published in March of 1939 as “The Yorkshire Dalesman”. From March 1939 to 2003 I have all but 6 months in stock, along with other “Dalesman” publications I have a total of 973 items in stock offered for sale.

The Dalesman is still going strong and is the UK’s best selling regional magazine, I would obviously claim it is the best regional magazine as it is about the best County in England or indeed the world.

Dalesman 1939 04 April #2 (2).jpg

They make excellent Birthday or anniversary presents, much better than a Birthday card for Yorkshire Lads and Lasses.

The Index for Number one includes; Dales Folk by Ella Pontefract, Historian wanted for Kettleswelldale by C J Cutcliffe-Hyne, A Yorkshire Climbing Nursery by Godfrey Wilson, The Man of the Dales by W Riley, Past and Present in the Dales by M’Duke Miller, Do you know the Hill Brunillo? by Lettice Cooper, Adult Education in Craven, What Town Planning Means by F R Birkhead, It was still raining by Leonard Cooper, The Vacant Wine-Red Moor by Donald Boyd, The “Three Peaks”, Stories of Craven’s Grand Old Man by Norman Thorner and Public Access to Mountains by A Creech Jones MP.

I do have an ambition to list all the idiocies in a searchable data-base, but as I say, that is an ambition.

I do have a copy of number one with half the front page missing (cover) I am willing to sell that for £5 with a photocopy of the missing piece.

Dalesman Number one April 1959

Not one of the recent reprints


I now have 1,101 “Dalesman publications” catalogued (large numbers of “Cumbria” yet to do) please contact me if you are looking for anything in particular.

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