Imperial Overture and Other Stories

A strange listing but it might light a light somewhere. A typical “Mushroom” offering from Pictorial Art Ltd. 23 Bloomsbury Square London WC 1. a small 32 page booklet with four stories. Imperial Overture by D H Hatfull, Of Unsound Mind by Gae Lyster, Ali the Faithful by V J Hanson and The Lighthouse Prison by D K Howe.

The only one who managers a presence on Google is V J Hanson who was writing under various names in the early 50’s with even a couple of Sexton Blake credits. I can’t find a lot about the publishers either, I am estimating round about 1950 (give or take 3 or 4 years) as it is undated.

Imperial Overture

32 page obscure “mushroom” publication. Through the post to any UK location


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