John Creasey – A Kind of Prisoner – Department Z

John Creasey – A Kind of Prisoner – Department Z

Ex Library hard back with dj published by Hutchinson 1973 dj vg+ Book vg- Posted to UK destination



Creasey JohnA Beauty for Inspector WestPan£4.00f1st
Creasey JohnA Case for Inspector WestH&S£3.00vg+19541st
Creasey JohnA Case for Inspector WestPan£5.00f1st
Creasey JohnA Gun for Inspector WestBAG 09£2.50
Creasey JohnA Gun for Inspector WestPan£3.50f1st
Creasey JohnA Gun for inspector westH&S£3.00vg19561st
Creasey JohnA Kind of PrisonerFour Square£3.50vg+1st
Creasey JohnA Knife for the ToffH&S£3.50vg1st
Morton Anthony / Creasey JohnA Rope for the BaronJay£3.00vg
Creasey JohnA Six for the ToffHodder£2.50vg1st
Creasey JohnAccident for Inspector WestHodder£4.00f19611st
Creasey JohnAccident for Inspector WestPan£2.50vg1st
Morton Anthony / Creasey JohnAttack the BaronJay£3.00vg+
Morton Anthony / Creasey JohnBad for the BaronHodder£1.00
Creasey JohnBattle for Inspector WestBAG 07£2.50
Creasey JohnBattle for Inspector WestPan£2.50vg19662nd
Creasey JohnBattle for Inspector WestPan£2.50vg1st
Morton Anthony / Creasey JohnBlack for the BaronHodder£4.00vg+19621st
Morton Anthony / Creasey JohnCareer for the BaronJay£3.50vg+
Morton Anthony / Creasey JohnCry for the BaronJay£2.50vg-
Creasey JohnDeath in Cold PrintPan£2.50vg2nd
Creasey JohnDeath of a RacehorseHodder£4.00vg1st
Creasey JohnDouble for the ToffHodder£4.00f1st
Creasey JohnFool the ToffH&S£3.00vg19541st
Creasey John as MarricGideon’s RideHodder£2.50vg19692nd
Morton Anthony / Creasey JohnHelp From the BaronHodder£2.50
Creasey JohnHoliday for Inspector WestHodder£3.50f
Creasey JohnHoliday for Inspector WestPan£2.50vg1st
Creasey JohnHoliday for Inspector WestPanther£3.50vg+1st
Creasey JohnInspector West AloneFour Square£3.00vg1st
Creasey JohnInspector West at BayH&S£3.00vg19531st
Creasey JohnInspector West at BayPan£3.00vg1st
Creasey JohnInspector West at HomePan£4.00f1st
Creasey JohnInspector West Cries WolfHodder£3.00f1st
Creasey JohnInspector West Cries WolfH&S£3.00vg-19541st
Creasey JohnInspector West Cries WolfPan£2.50
Creasey JohnInspector West Kicks OffPan£2.50vg2nd
Creasey JohnInspector West Kicks OffPan£4.50f1st
Creasey JohnInspector West Leaves TownPan£2.00vg-1st
Creasey JohnInspector West Makes HastePan£2.50vg-2nd
Creasey JohnInspector West Makes HastePan£4.00vg1st
Creasey JohnInspector West Takes ChargePan£2.50vg19631st
Creasey JohnInvitation to AdventureCorgi£1.00vg-19691st
Creasey JohnKill the ToffH&S£3.00vg19541st
Creasey JohnLeave it to the ToffHodder£3.50vg1st
Creasey JohnMake-up for the ToffHodder£2.50vg19601st
Creasey JohnMurder London AustraliaPan£1.00g1st
Creasey JohnMurder London-New YorkPan£3.50f19661st
Creasey JohnMurder on the LineHodder£2.50vg1st
Creasey JohnMurder With MushroomsCorgi£2.50vg
Creasey John as Gordon AsheMurder With MushroomsCorgi£2.50
Creasey JohnNo Darker CrimeJay£3.50vg+1st
Creasey JohnPalfrey v Shadow of DoomArrow£3.00vg1st
Creasey JohnPanicJay£3.00vg
Creasey JohnParcel for Inspector WestPan£4.00f1st
Creasey JohnPoliceman’s DreadPan£4.00f1st
Creasey JohnPrice for Inspector WestPan£3.00vg1st
Creasey JohnProphet of FireHodder£3.50vg19631st
Creasey JohnPuzzle for Inspector WestPan£3.50vg1st
Creasey JohnPuzzle for Inspector WestPan£2.00f3rd
Morton Anthony / Creasey JohnRed Eye for the BaronPan£2.00vg-1st
Creasey JohnSend Inspector WestH&S£1.00g1956
Creasey JohnSend Superintendant WestPan£3.50vg+1st
Creasey JohnStrike for DeathPan£3.50vg-1st
Creasey JohnStrike for DeathPan£2.50vg4th
Creasey John / MortonThe Baron and the BeggarCorgi£1.00g
Morton Anthony / Creasey JohnThe Baron Goes FastHodder£2.50vg1st
Morton Anthony / Creasey JohnThe Baron in FranceHodder£4.00f1st
Creasey John / Anthony MortonThe Baron ReturnsCorgi£2.50vg19651st
Morton Anthony / Creasey JohnThe Baron ReturnsCorgi£2.50vg
Creasey JohnThe Death MiserArrow£3.00vg+1st
Creasey JohnThe ExecutionersHodder£3.00vg1st
Creasey JohnThe Foothills of FearNEL£2.50
Creasey JohnThe Hounds of VengeanceArrow£4.00f19671st
Creasey JohnThe House of the BearsArrow£3.00f19621st
Creasey JohnThe League of Dark MenArrow£3.00f1st
Creasey JohnThe League of LightArrow£2.50vg-1st
Creasey JohnThe Mark of the CrescentArrow£2.50vg1st
Creasey JohnThe Peril AheadArrow£2.50vg1st
Creasey JohnThe Plague of SilenceHodder£4.00vg1st
Creasey JohnThe Toff and the Kidnapped ChildHodder£3.50vg1st
Creasey JohnThe Toff at Butlin’sHodder£2.50vg-1958
Creasey JohnThe Toff at the FairHodder£2.50vg19571st
Creasey JohnThe Toff Goes GayH&S£2.50vg-
Creasey JohnThe Toff on BoardPanther£2.50vg1st
Creasey JohnThe Toff on the FarmHodder£3.50vg19621st
Creasey JohnThe Toff Takes SharesJohn Long£1.00g
Creasey JohnThe Toff Takes SharesJay£2.50vg-19591st
Creasey JohnThe Touch of DeathHodder£2.50vg1st
Creasey JohnTriumph for Inspector WestPan£4.00vg1st
Creasey JohnTwo for Inspector WestHodder£2.50vg1st
Morton Anthony / Creasey JohnVersus the BaronJay£3.00vg+
Morton Anthony / Creasey JohnWarn the BaronHodder£4.00f1st
Creasey John/Michael HollidayWicked As The DevilHodder£2.00vg-19691st

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