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Aarons Edward SAssignment Manchurian DollGold Medal UK£2.50vg19641st
Aarons Edward SNightmareMacfadden£2.50vg19631st
Adams ChuckThe Lone GunBadger£10.00vg+
Adamson JoyLiving FreeMacfaddon£2.50vg19621st
Aikman Ed.The 2nd Fontana Book of Great Ghost StoriesFontana£5.001978rep
Aldiss Brian WThe Dark Light YearsFour Square£2.50vg19661st
Ames RobertThe Dangerous OneGold Medal UK£5.00vg
Amis kingsleyNew Maps of HellNEL£2.50vg1969
AntholagyTales of the SupernaturalPan£5.00vg+19471st
AnthologyThe Molecular CaféM£45.00vg1968
Appell George CharlesMassacre TrailPerma£4.00vg19551st
Armstrong ThomasA Ring Has no EndFour Square£5.00vg19601st
Arnold William / Cooper MortonThe Naked Canvas / French MaidLancer£10.00vg+
Arthur RobertThe Mystery of the Moaning CaveArmada£2.50vg+1974rep
Arthur Robert / HitchcockThe Secret of Terror Castle / 3 InvestArmada£2.50f1986rep
Asimov IsaacThe Stars Like DustPanther£5.00vg19581st
Asquith Cynthia (ed)3rd Pan Ghost BookPan£4.00vg1st
Asquith Cynthia (ed)The Ghost BookPan£2.50vg
Auchincloss LouisThe House of Five TalentsDell£5.00vg+19611st
Avallone MichaelDead GamePerma£2.50g1st
Avallone MichaelKrakatoa East of JavaSignet£5.00vg
Baker W HowardEvery Man an EnemySexton Blake£2.50
Balfour JamesThe Glory BoyArrow£2.50vg+196312st
Ball BrianThe Space GuardiansOrbit£2.50vg
Balzac Honore DePere GoriotWDL£3.00vg1st
Bartell DanStrange LoversSoftcover£5.00vg-1st
Bassett RonaldWitchfinder GeneralPan£10.00vg+19681st
Benson BenAlibi at DuskBantam£2.50vg-19521st
Blackburn JohnThe Scent of New-Mown HayNEL£2.50
Bonfiglioli EditerScience Fantasy 73Compact£2.50vg19651st
Bonham FrankNight RaidBallantine£5.00vg19541st
Bourjaily VanceConfessions of a Spent YouthCorgi£2.50vg19611st
Box Edgar / Gore VidalDeath Likes it HotSignet£2.50vg-19551st
Brasset Edmund ABackwoods DoctorCorgi£2.50vg19561st
Brendon FrankLanded OddsMellifont£2.50g
Brennan BillThe Faster we LiveMonarch£5.00vg19621st
Brophy JohnThe Day They Robbed the Bank of EnglandFontana£2.50vg-19602nd
Brossard ChandlerWho Walk in DarknessLancer£5.00vg
Brown BethFor Men OnlyBelmont£2.50vg1st
Brown CarterA Corpse for ChristmasFour Square£2.50vg1st
Brunner JohnThe Worls SwappersAce US£2.50vg19591st
Buckmaster MauriceThe Fought AlonePanther£5.00vg19601st
Burgess AlanThe Small WomanPan£2.50vg1st
Burke JohnLook Back in AngerFour Square£10.00vg2nd
Burnett (editor)The Important ThingPanther£2.50vg19621st
Burnett W RBitter GroundCorgi£5.00vg+19601st
Burroughs Edgar RiceA Princess of MarsNEL£5.00vg19691st
Burroughs Edgar RiceTarzan the TerribleFour Square£3.50vg1st
Cain James MMignonCorgi£5.00vg+19641st
Caldwell ErskineTrouble in JulySignet£2.50vg+194921st
Campbell John WThe Moon is HellNEL£2.50vg19751st
Carter NickNick Carter – Double IdentityTandam£2.50vg19681st
Casanova JacquesThe Lusts of CasanovaBelmont£2.50vg1968
Catto MaxThe SickleFour Square£2.50vg19591st
Charteris LeslieCall for the SaintHodder£2.50vg+1964
Charteris LeslieThe Saint Bids DiamondsHodder£2.50vg1964
Charteris LeslieThe Saint Goes onPan£2.50vg1967
Charteris LeslieThe White RiderWard Lock£5.00vg-
Chase James HadleyYou Have Yourself a DealPanther£2.50vg19681st
Cheyney PeterDark DuetPan£2.50vg-19581st
Childe GordonSkara BraeHMSO£2.50vg+197711th
Claman JulianThe Aging BoyMacfadden£2.50vg19692nd
Clapham WalterNight Be My WitnessAce UK£2.50vg-19571st
Coffman / LynchThe Villa Fountains / The Deadly RoseBelmont£2.5019681st
ColeLast Will and TestamentCrime Club£5.00vg-19406th
Connell VivianThe Naked LunchMayflower£2.50vg19651st
Conway JohnThis Dark DesireMonarch£5.00vg1st
Crane StephenThe Red Badge of CourageFour Square£3.00vg19591st
Creasey JohnThe Toff at Butlin’sHodder£2.50vg-1958
Crompton RichmalJust WilliamMerlin£2.50vg
Crompton RichmalWilliamMerlin£2.50vg+19671st
Crompton RichmalWilliam and the Moon RocketMerlin£2.50vg
Crompton RichmalWilliam and the Space AnimalMerlin£2.50vg
Crompton RichmalWilliam the CannibalMerlin£2.50vg
Crompton RichmalWilliam the GangsterMerlin£2.50vg+1st
Cross John KeirThe Dancing TreeConsul£2.50vg19631st
Cummings RayBrigands of the MoonConsul£2.50vg-1966
Daly MaureenYou Too can be the Perfect HostessPocket Book£2.50vg19511st
Danby ed.The 5th Fontana Book of Great Horror StoriesFontana£2.50vg-3rd
Danby MaryThe 13th Fontana Book of Great Horror StoriesFontana£2.50vg19801st
Danby MaryThe 16th Fontana Book of Great Horror StoriesFontana£5.00vg19831st
Danby MaryThe 7th Fontana Book of Great Horror StoriesFontana£2.50vg-19794th
Danby MaryThe 8th Fontana Book of Great Horror StoriesFontana£5.00vg+19731st
Davies W HThe Adventures of Johnny Walker, TrampDigit UK£5.00vg19631st
De Maupassant GuyThe House of Madame TellierWDL£5.00vg+19602nd
Delany Samuel RThe Einstein IntersectionAce US£5.00vg+1st
Denny J HChindit IndiscretionPanther£2.50vg-19591st
Derby MarkThe Big WaterPerma£3.50vg19551st
Dewey Thomas BA Season of ViolenceGold Medal£2.50vg
Dixon Franklin WThe Wailing Siren MysteryArmada£2.50vg+1984
Dodson KennethAway all BoatsPanther£5.00vg+19582nd
Drake DamonLove CheatMerit£10.00vg19611st
Drummond WilliamVictimCorgi£25.00vg1961
Duke NevilleSound BarrierPanther£3.50vg19551st
Duncan GelieLiving WitchraftHorwitz£15.00vg19701st
Dunning HalWhite Wolf’s PackWard Lock£2.50g
Ellin StanleyQuiet HorrorDell£5.00vg19591st
Ellison HarlanAll the Sounds of FearGranada£2.50vg1981rep
Ellson HalDukePopular Library£5.00vg-195023nd
Ellson HalJailbait StreetMonarch£10.00vg19631st
Ellson HalTomboyBantam£2.50
Endor GuyThe Werewolf of ParisSphere£2.50vg1974
Ermine WillFrenchman’s RiverPerma£2.50vg-19551st
Evans JohnHalo in BloodBantam£2.50vg1958
Ferber EdnaGiantFour Square£7.50vg19591st
Ferguson JamesEmmerdale Farm #22 A Friend in NeedFontana£2.50vg19871st
Fleming IanDr NoCoronet£5.00f1989
Fleming IanFrom Russia with LovePan£2.50197626th
Fleming IanGoldfingerPanther£5.00f19781st
Fleming IanMoonrakerPan£2.50vg+196924th
Fleming IanOn Her Majesty’s Secret ServicePan£2.50vg19727th
Fleming IanThe Man With the Golden GunTriad£4.00vg+19866th
Fleming IanThe Spy Who Loved MePan£5.00vg+19727th
Fleming IanThe Spy Who Loved MePan£5.00vg19671st
Fleming IanThunderballPan£2.50vg19633rd
Flynn JacksonThe RenegadesAward£5.00vg19741st
Forbes GordonGoodbye to SomePanther£5.00vg19651st
Forester C SThe HostageNEL£2.50vg
Forester CSThe Captain from ConnecticutFour Square£3.50vg1st
Forester CSThe Naval War of 1812Four Square£2.50vg-19581st
Foster George CThe ChangeDigit UK£5.00vg1st
Frances StephenNaked City -Panic in the CityConsul£5.00vg1st
Frankau PamelaThe Winged HorseFour Square£2.50vg19591st
Franklin CharlesRope of SandWhite Circle£2.50vg
Freeman GillianThe Leather BoysFour Square£10.00vg+19662nd
Galton & SimpsonThe Spy with a Cold NoseArrow£2.50vg19671st
Gardner Erle Stanleytcot Forgotten MurderWDL£2.50vg19601st
Gardner JohnBroken ClawCoronet£2.50f19911st
Gardner JohnLicence RenewedCoronet£2.50vg19822nd
Gaskell JaneAtlanFutura£2.50f19851st
Gaskell JaneThe CityFutura£2.50f19851st
Gaskell JaneThe SerpentSphere£2.50vg19671st
Gilman George GValley of BloodNEL£2.50vg19751st
Ginger RaySix Days or Forever?Signet£5.00vg+19601st
Goldman WilliamSoldier in the RainFour Square£2.50vg19651st
Goldston RobertSatan’s DisciplesBallantine£10.00vg19621st
Goodis DavidStreet of the LostPriory£10.00vg
Gould NatA Racecourse TragedyMellifont£2.50vg1949
Gould NatA Stable MysteryMellifont£2.50vg1949
Gould NatLanded at LastMellifont£2.50vg1949
Gould NatOnly a CommonerMellifont£2.50vg1949
Gould NatWarned OffMellifont£2.50vg-1949
Grew WilliamDoubles in DeathPerma£3.50vg19551st
Guthrie A BThe Way WestCorgi£7.50vg19561st
Hadley HaroldCome See Them DiePyramid£5.00vg+19571st
Haill RGJailbaitScripts£10.00vg+19721st
Hall AdamThe Quiller MemorandumFontana£2.50vg-1967
Hamilton DonaldAssassins Have Starry EyesGold Medal US£2.50vg
Hamilton DonaldMatt Helm – Death of a CitizenCoronet£2.50vg1968rep
Hamilton DonaldNight WalkerGold Medal US£2.50vg
Hamilton WadeThe Saddle WolvesWard Lock£10.00vg19581st
Hammill PeterKillers, Angels, RefugeesCharisma£50.00vg+19741st
Hannie CaulderTerry WilliamNEL£5.00vg+1971
Hanson VernTrouble Shooting JohnnySmashing Western£15.00vg
Hastings PhyllisA Time for PleasurePopular Library£2.50vg1954
Hearne JohnThe Faces of LoveWDL£20.00vg19591st
Hechler KenThe Bridge at RemagenPanther£5.00vg19611st
Heinlein Rober ABetween PlanetsNEL£2.50vg1973
Heinlein Robert A6 X HPyramid£2.50vg19611st
Henry JoanWho Lie in GaolFour Square£4.00vg19581st
Herbert A PThe Secret BattleDigit UK£5.00vg1963
Herlihy James LeoMidnight CowboyPanther£5.00vg1969
Heyward DuBosePorgy & BessFour Square£2.50vg2nd
Heywood Du BosePorgy & BessFour Square£10.00vg+19591st
Hilton JamesLost HorizonPocket Book£2.50vg+1961rep
HoffmanThe Tales of HoffmanFour Square£2.50vg19621st
Holloway MichaelThree Keys to MurderFiction House£10.00g
Holly J HunterThe Mind TradersMacfadden£2.50vg+19671st
Holly J HunterThe Running ManMonarch£5.00vg19631st
Holmes GrantSurabayaWDL£10.00f19581st
Hughes Helen MacGill (ed)The Fantastic LodgeMonarch£10.00vg19641st
Hume DavidHeads You LiveWhite Circle£2.50vg1944
Hyman MacNo Time for SergeantsSignet£2.50vg+19561st
Irwin MargaretRoyal FlushFour Square£5.00vg+19591st
Ito MasashiThe Emperor’s Last SoldiersPanther£10.00vg19681st
Jakes John /Janifer & TreibichTonight we Steal the Stars/The Wagered WorldAce US£2.50vg
Janifer Laurence MA Piece of Martin CannFive Star£2.50vg-1972
Jessup RichardSabadillaGold Medal£2.50vg-
Jones JamesSome Came RunningPather£3.50vg19601st
Jordon Roland KDawn CommandTrojan£2.50vg
Junge WernerAfrican Jungle DoctorPanther£2.50vg
Kamins JeanetteEverthing but a HusbandMayflower£2.50vg+1966rep
Kanin GarsonThe Rat RaceCardinal£5.00vg
Kastle Herbert DHot ProwlGold Medal£5.00vg
Kendrick BaynardThe Flames of TimeBantam£2.50vg19511st
Kendricks JamesBeyond Our PleasureMonarch£5.00vg
Knerr Michael EThe Violent LadyMonarch£5.00vg+19631st
Kubly HerbertVarieties of LoveBelmont£2.50vg+19601st
Kutter HenryDestination InfinityAvon£5.00vg
Kyle RobertBlackmail, Inc.Mayflower£2.50vg19641st
Lancaster BruceThe Secret RoadPerma£3.00vg19551st
Landsborough GordonThe Battle of the River PlatePanther£2.50vg19562nd
Langelaan GeorgeOut of TimeFour Square£10.00vg19641st
Lawrence & LeeInherit the WindFour Square£10.00vg19601st
Lea TimothyConfessions From a HotelSphere£2.50vg+19731st
Lea TimothyConfessions of a Film ExtraSphere£2.50vg+19731st
Lea TimothyConfessions of a Traveling SalesmanSphere£2.50vg+19731st
Leasor JamesMutiny at the Red FortCorgi£3.00vg1st
Lee JamesCareerWDL£5.00vg19601st
Leinster MurrayCity on the Moon ? Men on the MoonAce Double£2.50vg1958
Leinster MurrayFour From Planet 5Gold Medal US£2.50vg195921st
Leinster MurrayInvaders of Space£2.50f19681st
Leinster MurrayTime TunnelPyramid£2.50vg1967
Levi CarloChrist Stopped at EboliFour Square£2.50vg1st
Lewis JackChosen Tales of ChosinChallenge£10.00vg19641st
Lewis SinclairMain StreetPanther£2.50vg1964rep
Little CharlesThe Sound of TrumpetsMonarch£2.50vg196501/08/2021
Lodwick JohnThe Moon Through a Dusty WindowPanther£2.50vg19621st
London JackThe People of the AbyssPanther£2.50vg-19531st
Lovecraft H PThe Lurking FearPanther£5.00vg1973
Lovesey AndrewThe Half-AngelsSphere£2.50vg1975
Lykiard AlexisA Sleeping PartnerPanther£2.50
Lymington JohnNight of the Big HeatCorgi£3.00vg19611st
Macardle DorothyThe UnforseenBantam£2.50vg19511st
MacDonald William ColtPeaceful JenkinsH&S£2.50vg-1953
Mackenzie LeeEmmerdale Farm #15 FalsewitnessFontana£2.50vg19811st
Mackenzie LeeEmmerdale Farm The Couple at Demdyke RowSrar£2.50vg-
Macvicar AngusPeril on the Lost PlanetBurke£2.50vg-19641st
Maine Charles EricCalculated RiskCorgi£10.00vg19621st
Maine Charles EricCrisis 2000Corgi£2.50vg-19581st
Maine Charles EricThe Man Who Owned the WorldPanther£2.50vg
Maine Charles EricWorld Without MenDigit UK£2.50vg+19631st
Majdalany FredPatrolPanther£5.00vg+19661st
Mallalieu J P WVery Ordinary SeamanPanther£5.00vg1959
Manners MartinTown QuarryPyramid£5.00vg2nd
Mannix DanStep Right UpBantam£2.50vg-19521st
Mannix Daniel PThe Hell-Fire ClubFour Square£5.00vg1967rep
Manvell (ed)The Penguin Fil Review 9Penguin£2.50vg19491st
Markandaya KamelaNectar in a SieveSignet£2.50vg-19561st
Marquand John PRepent in HasteBantam£2.50vg19511st
Marryat FrederickThe Phantom ShipFour Square£5.00vg+19661st
Marshall Alan (Westlake)All About AnnetteMidwood£50.00vg-19601st
Marshall RosamondThe General’s WenchSignet£2.50vg19551st
Mason RichardThe World of Suzie WongSignet£5.00vg
Masur Harold QSo Rich, So Lovely and So DeadPocket Books£2.50vg
Matthews ClaytonThe CorrupterMonarch£2.50vg1st
Maxwell GavinA Reed Shaken by the WindFour Square£2.50vg1st
Maxwell HerbertHolyroodhouseHMSO£2.50vg1923
McGill GordonThe Abomination Omen VFutura£5.00vg1985
Merriam Robert EBattle of the BulgePanther£2.50vg19652nd
Miall RobertGerry Anderson’s UFOPan£5.00vg19701st
Mitchell MaryA Warning to WantonsDigit UK£5.00vg19621st
Moorcock MichaelThe Champion of GarathormGrafton£2.50vg+1986
Moorcock MichaelThe Knight of the SwordsGranada£2.50vg+1980rep
Moorcock MichaelThe Mad God’s AmuletGranada£2.50vg1982
Moorcock MichaelThe Oak and the RamGranada£2.50vg+1981
Moorcock MichaelThe Sword and the StallionMayflower£2.50vg19811st
Moorcock Michael (ed)Best SF Stories from New Worlds 6Panther£5.00vg
Moorcock Michael (ed)best stories from New Worlds IIPanther£5.00vg1st
Moorcock Michael EditorNew Worlds 154Compact£2.50vg1965
Moorcock Michael EditorNew Worlds 167Compact£2.50vg
Moorhead AlanAfrican TrilogyFour Square£5.00vg1st
Mortimer JohnThe Silver HookBantam£5.00vg19521st
Myers Robert JThe Cross of FrankensteinSphere£2.50vg1977
Newell Bergen FNaked Before My CaptorsPanther£2.50vg19601st
Newman G FSir, You BastardNEL£10.00vg1971
Nichols BeverleyA Thatched RoofGuild£5.00vg19411st
Niland D’arcyGold in the StreetsMayflower Dell£7.50vg+19661st
Nogly HansAnastasiaFour Square£2.50vg19591st
Nolan William FLogan’s SearchCorgi£5.00vg19811st
O’Callaghan SeanThe White Slave TrafficNEL£10.00vg+1969
O’Conner RichardCompany QFour Square£2.50vg-19591st
O’Donnell ElliotFamily GhostsConsul£5.00
O’Donnell ElliotPhantoms of the NightDigit UK£7.50vg19631st
O’Donnell ElliottHaunted PeopleDigit UK£7.50vg+19631st
O’Farrell WilliamRepeat PerformancePennant£5.00vg19541st
O’Flaherty LiamThe InformerFour Square£2.50vg19581st
Oldham H RCherokee ManBrown Watson£15.00vg+
Oppenheim E PhillipsMysterious Mr SabinDigit UK£5.00vg19631st
Oram JohnThe Man from UNCLE #3 CopenhagenFour Square£2.50vg1st
Palmer TonyThe Trials of OzBlond & Briggs£5.00vg19711st
Parry MichelThe 2nd Mayflower Book of Black Magic StoriesMayflower£5.00vg19741st
Parry MichelThe 3rd Mayflower Book of Black Magic StoriesMayflower£5.00vg19751st
Paul & St JohnSurgeon at ArmsFour Square£5.00vg+1st
Peers CharlesRievaulx AbbeyHMSO£2.50vg+1938
Peters LudovicCry VengeancePanther£5.00vg19621st
Phillips AlanBeaumaris CastleHMSO£2.50vg19611st
Pohl Frederik (editor)STAR science Fiction stories no. 2Ballantine£5.00vg19622nd
Potter J LRoom at the BottomChicargo PB£5.00vg
Prather Richard SBodies in BedlamGold Medal£2.50vg
Prather Richard SBodies in BedlamGold Medal UK£3.00vgrep
Prather Richard SCase of the Vanishing BeatyGold Medal UK£4.00vg2nd
Prather Richard SDance With the DeadGold Medal UK£3.00vg
Prather Richard SDarling it’s DeathGold Medal UK£2.50vg-1963r
Prather Richard SFind This WomanGold Medal UK£3.00vg2nd
Prather Richard SJoker in the DeckGold Medal UK£3.50vg1st
Prather Richard SKill the ClownGold Medal UK£3.00vg19631st
Prather Richard SLie Down KillerGold Medal UK£3.00vg19632nd
Prather Richard SLie Down KillerGold Medal US£5.00vg1st
Prather Richard SPattern for PanicGold Medal UK£3.00vg-19621st
Prather Richard SShell Scott’s Seven SlaughtersGold Medal UK£3.00vg1st
Prather Richard SShell Scott’s Seven SlaughtersGold Medal UK£2.50vg1963r
Prather Richard SStrip for MurderGold Medal UK£3.00vg2nd
Prather Richard SStrip for MurderGold Medal US£2.50vg1st
Prather Richard STake a Murder DarlingGold Medal UK£3.00vg
Prather Richard SThe Comfortable CoffinGold Medal UK£3.00vg1st
Prather Richard SThe Wailing FrailGold Medal US£4.00vg-19561st
Prather Richard SThe Wailing FrailGold Medal UK£3.00vg1963r
Prather Richard SToo Many CrooksGold Medal UK£3.00vg19632nd
Rabe PeterAnatomy of a KillerPanther£5.00vg19621st
Raine William MacLeodRange Beyond the LawPopular Library£2.50vg
Rand AynAnthemSignet£2.50vg+19611st
Ranzetta LuanThe Night of the Death RainDigit£5.00vg19631st
Ray ReneThe Strange World of Planet XDigit UK£15.00vg19631st
Richardson GeraldCrime ZoneDigit£5.00vg1959
Richardson J SDirleton CastleHMSO£2.50vg+19737th
Richardson J SStirling CastleHMSO£2.50vg+19783rd
Robertson FCRound-up in the RiverWhite Circle£2.50vg
Robins DeniseTime Runs OutMayflower£2.50vg+1974rep
Roeburt JohnAl CaponePanther£4.00vg+1st
Roth HollyOperation Doctors:Four Square£2.50vg+1963rep
Russell Eric FrankGreat World MysteriesMayflower£10.00
Russell Eric FrankWaspPanther£3.00vg1968
SapperThe Third RoundHodder£2.50vg1953
Saunders H St GeorgeThe Green BeretFour Square£10.00vg1st
Sayers Dorothy LFive Red HerringsFour Square£5.00vg1st
Sayers Dorothy LIn the Teeth of the EvidenceFour Square£10.00f19601st
Sayers Dorothy LStrong PoisonFour Square£3.00vg19601st
Sayers Dorothy LThe Nine TailorsFour Square£5.00vgr
Schoonover LawrenceThe Burnished BladeBantam£2.50vg19511st
Scotland APThe London CageFour Square£5.00vg1st
Scott PaulThe Chinese Love PavilionMayflower Dell£2.50vg19671st
Seldes GilbertPreviews of EntertainmentBantam£2.50vg19511st
Semple GordonSlave of DesireCroydon£20.00vg19511st
Sharp MargeryThe Nutmeg TreeWhite Circle£2.50vg-1946
Shaw IrwinThe Troubled AirSignet£2.50vg19521st
Shaw KennedyLong Range Desert GroupFour Square£5.00vg2nd
Simpson RonaldEnd of a DiplomatMonarch£2.50vg1st
Slim WilliamDefeat Into VictoryFour Square£5.50vg19581st
Solon GregoryThe Three LegionsFour Square£3.50vg19591st
Sommons HerbertCorner BoyMacfadden£2.50vg19681st
Spillane MickeyBloody SunriseSignet£2.50vg19651st
Stadly PatBlack Leather BarbariansNEL£4.00vg
Stearn JessThe Wasted YearsMacfadden£3.50vg19682nd
Stoker BramThe Bram Stoker Bedside CompanionQuartet£2.50vg1974
Suddaby DonaldThe Star RaidersScottie£2.50vg19551st
Sullivan TimThe Florida ProjectNEL£2.50
Sylvester RobertThe Big BoodlePerma£3.50vg19551st
Thal Herbert van ed.The 14th Pan Book of Horror StoriesPan£10.00vg
Thal Herbert van ed.The Eleventh Pan Book of Herror StoriesPan£10.00vg19723rd
Thal Herbert van ed.The Ninth Pan Book of Herror StoriesPan£10.00vg197810th
Thal Herbert van ed.The Tenth Pan Book of Herror StoriesPan£10.00vg198213th
Thal Herbert van ed.The Twelfth Pan Book of Herror StoriesPan£10.00vg
Theydon JohnThunderbirdsArmada£21.50vg-19661st
Timperley RosemaryThe Sixth Ghost Book Book TwoPan£2.50vg
Tompkins Walker AllisonWest of the LawWard Lock£4.00vg-
TondriauJulienOccultism Secrets of the Hidden WorldTom Stacey£5.00vg+19721st
Tralins BobLaw of LustTuxedo£2.50vg
Tucker JohnKanchenjungaPanther£2.50vg19571st
Tukus & FederMurder Inc.Four Square£3.00vg2nd
Twain MarkA Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s CourtPocket Book£8.00vg1st
Van Vogt A EThe War against the RullPanther£2.50vg2nd
Van Vogt AEThe Weapon Shos of IsherNEL£2.50vg1974
Vardeman Robert EThe Klingon GambitTitan£2.50vg+19901st
Wallace EdgarEve’s IslandDigit UK£5.00vg+
Wallace EdgarThe Crimson CircleHodder£2.50vg1962
Wallace EdgarThe Fourth PlagueDigit UK£5.00vg19631st
Wallace EdgarThe Law of the Four Just MenHodder£2.50vg1963
Wallace LewBen-HurCardinal£2.50vg19591st
Warner EstherTrial by SasswoodFour Square£2.50vg19591st
Water SilasThe Man With absolute MotionArrow£2.50vg1st
Waters T AThev Probability PadPyramid£10.00vg-19701st
Wayne ClintonTinhorns on the Tilted – KRobin Hood£2.50vg-1949
Webb MaryGone to EarthFour Square£3.00vg1st
Wellman Manley WadeTwice in TimeGalaxy£2.50vg19581st
Wheatley DennisThe Haunting of Toby JuggArrow£2.00vg19612nd
Wheatley DennisThe Ka of Gifford HillaryArrow£2.50vg1974rep
Wheatley DennisThey Found AtlantisArrow£2.50vg
White LoionelSteal BigGold Medal Uk£5.00vg-
Wilder RobertFlamingo RoadBantam£5.00vg19511st
Wilkins Harold TMysteriesBestseller£5.00vg-19611st
Wilkinson BurkeBlack JudasPerma£2.50vg-19511st
Williams Robert MooreFace Fifty GunsArcher£15.00
Williamsom George HuntSecret Places of the LionFutura£2.50vg19741st
Williamson JackThe Legion of TimeDigit UK£5.00vg
Wilson ColinThe Mind ParasitesPanther£2.50vg1973
Wodehouse PGSomething FreshMayflower£2.50vg1st
Wolfe TomThe Kandy-Koloured Tangerine-flake …Mayflower£2.50vg1968rep
Woodward C VanThe Battle for Leyte GulfFour Square£5.00vg19581st
Woodward L TSex in our ShoolsMonarch£5.00vg19621st
Wormster RichardThe Last Days of Sodom and GomorrahDigit UK£2.50vg+1963
Wright LanThe Creeping ShroudCompact£5.00vg+19661st
Wright LanWho Speaks of ConquestDigit UK£5.00vg19571st

If you are interested in any of the above titles and want more information please let me know and I can either answer your questions, send a PayPal invoice or make any other arrangement.

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