Ransom TownAlding PeterKeyhole Crime£2.50vg-
A Little Less than KindArmstrong CharlotteKeyhole Crime£2.50vg
Catch-as-Catch-CanArmstrong CharlotteKeyhole Crime£5.00vg
Dream of Fair WomanArmstrong CharlotteKeyhole Crime£2.50vg
The Dream WalkerArmstrong CharlotteKeyhole Crime£2.50vg
The Twelve Deaths of ChristmasBabson MarianKeyhole Crime£5.00vg
Death and VariationsBaker IvonKeyhole Crime£2.50vg
The Blood on my SleeveBaker IvonKeyhole Crime£2.50vg
Mothers BoysBarnard RobertKeyhole Crime£2.50vg
Posthumous PapersBarnard RobertKeyhole Crime£2.50vg
The Burglar in the ClosetBlock LawrenceKeyhole Crime£2.50vg
Time to Murder and CreateBlock LawrenceKeyhole Crime£2.50vg
An Amateur CorpseBrett SimonKeyhole Crime£2.50vg
Cast, in Order of DisappearanceBrett SimonKeyhole Crime£5.00vg
So Much BloodBrett SimonKeyhole Crime£2.50vg
Star TrapBrett SimonKeyhole Crime£2.50vg
The Dead Side of the MikeBrett SimonKeyhole Crime£2.50vg
Wycliffe and the Pea Green BoatBurley WJKeyhole Crime£2.50vg
Wycliffe and the ScapegoatBurley WJKeyhole Crime£2.50vg
The Beautiful Golden FrameChambers PeterKeyhole Crime£2.50vg+
Dig a Little DeeperCurtiss UrsulaKeyhole Crime£2.50vg
In Cold PursuitCurtiss UrsulaKeyhole Crime£5.00vg
Letter of IntentCurtiss UrsulaKeyhole Crime£5.00vg
The Menace WithinCurtiss UrsulaKeyhole Crime£2.50vg
Motive in ShadowEgan LesleyKeyhole Crime£2.50vg
Star Light Star BrightEllin StanleyKeyhole Crime£5.00vg
The IncomerGaunt GrahamKeyhole Crime£2.50vg
Dead DogHarris CharlaineKeyhole Crime£2.50vg
Down among the Dead MenHarris EvelynKeyhole Crime£2.50vg
Death Set to MusicHebden MarkKeyhole Crime£2.50vg
Major EnquiryHenderson LaurenceKeyhole Crime£5.00vg
Over the EdgeKemp SarahKeyhole Crime£2.50vg
The Family VaultMacLeod CharlotteKeyhole Crime£2.50vg
Funeral SitesMann JessicaKeyhole Crime£2.50vg
Cruel as the GraveMcCloy HelenKeyhole Crime£2.50vg
The ImposterMcCloy HelenKeyhole Crime£2.50vg
A Danerous FuneralMcMullen MaryKeyhole Crime£2.50vg
But Nellie was so NiceMcMullen MaryKeyhole Crime£2.50vg
Prudence be DamnedMcMullen MaryKeyhole Crime£2.50vg
Welcome to the GraveMcMullen MaryKeyhole Crime£2.50vg
Ask for me TomorrowMillar MargaretKeyhole Crime£2.50vg
Beyond this Point are MonstersMiller MargaretKeyhole Crime£2.50vg
Killing with KindnessMorice AnneKeyhole Crime£2.50vg
The Ridgway WomanNeely RichardKeyhole Crime£2.50vg
Every Second ThursdayPage EmmaKeyhole Crime£2.50vg
Murder as UsualPentecost HughKeyhole Crime£2.50vg
Random KillerPentecost HughKeyhole Crime£2.50vg
The Chief Inspector’s DaughterRadley SheilaKeyhole Crime£2.50vg
ExpendableRoberts Willo DavisKeyhole Crime£2.50vg
The Beaded BananaScherf MargaretKeyhole Crime£2.50vg
Death of a BusybodyShannon DellKeyhole Crime£5.00vg
Double BluffShannon DellKeyhole Crime£5.00vg
Nowhere?Stein Aaron MarcKeyhole Crime£2.50vg
One Dip DeadStein Aaron MarcKeyhole Crime£2.50vg
The Rolling HeadsStein Aaron MarcKeyhole Crime£2.50vg
Fatal SwitchStuart IanKeyhole Crime£5.00vg
The Lime PitValin JonathanKeyhole Crime£2.50vg
Death on a BroomstickWilson GMKeyhole Crime£2.50vg
A Pocket Full of DeadWyllie JohnKeyhole Crime£2.50vg
Death is a Drum Beating ForeverWyllie JohnKeyhole Crime£2.50vg

Keyhole Crime per book – please specify

Any of the above titles can be posted to any UK address. Just specify title. Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me. I will apply a discount for simultaneous purchases, If I remember.


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