A E van Vogt



Sidgwick & Jackson 1978 UK first – dj unclipped fine book vg+ ex-lib Stamp on reverse of title page and repair to front endpapers (see Photos) Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.



Van Vogt A EAway and BehondPanther£2.50vg-
Van Vogt A EChildren of TomorrowNEL£2.50vg
Van Vogt A EDestination UniverseSignet£5.00
Van Vogt A EDestination UNIVERSE!Panther£2.50vg
Van Vogt A EEmpire of the AtomNEL£2.50vg1975
Van Vogt A EMission InterplanetarySignet£4.00vg1952
Van Vogt A EMission to the StarsBerkley£2.50vg1955
Van Vogt A EMission to the StarsDigit UK£2.50vg-
Van Vogt A EMission to the StarsSphere£2.50vg1976
Van Vogt A EMoonbeastPanther£2.50vg+1973
Van Vogt A EMoonbeastPanther£2.50vg1969
Van Vogt A EMore than SuperhumanNEL£2.50vg1975
Van Vogt A E & Hull E MayneOut of the UnknownNEL£2.50vg
Van Vogt A EQuest for the FutureNEL£2.50vg+1973
Van Vogt A ERogue ShipPanther£2.50vg+1975
Van Vogt A ESlanPanther£2.50vg+
Van Vogt A ESlanDell£6.00
Van Vogt A EThe Book of PtathPanther£2.50vg+1973
Van Vogt A EThe ChangelingMB£2.50vg1969
Van Vogt A EThe House That Stood StillPaperback Library£2.50
Van Vogt A EThe Man With a Thousand NamesSidgwick & Jackson£2.50vg+1939
Van Vogt A EThe Mind CagePanther£2.50vg+1975
Van Vogt A EThe Proxy Intelligence & Other Mind BendersPaperback Library£2.50f
Van Vogt A EThe SilkieNEL£2.50vg+
Van Vogt A EThe Undercover AliensBAG 21£2.50
Van Vogt A EThe Voyage of the Space BeaglePanther£2.50vg+1979
Van Vogt A EThe War against the RullPanther£2.50vg
Van Vogt A EThe Weapon Shos of IsherNEL£2.50vg1974
Van Vogt A EThe Winged ManSphere£2.50vg1970
Van Vogt A EThe Wizard of LinnAce US£3.50vg
Van Vogt A EThe World of Null-ASphere£2.50vg1971
Van Vogt A ETwo Hundred Million AD/The Book of PtathPaperback Library£2.50vg

If you are interested in any of the above titles and want more information please let me know and I can either answer your questions, send a PayPal invoice or make any other arrangement. Note that the price shown above does not include shipping.

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