Stevenson Robert Louis A Chidrens garden of Verse Puffin £3.00 vg
Pearce Philippa A Dog so Small Puffin £3.00 f
Berna Paul A Hundred Million Franks Puffin £2.50 vg
Burnett Francis Hodgson A Little Princess Puffin £2.50 vg
Parton Ethel A Moor of Spain Puffin £3.50 vg
Graham Eleonor comp. A Puffin Book of Verse Puffin £2.50 g+
Simpson Helen A Woman Among Savages Puffin £2.50 vg
Grice Frederick Aiden and the Stollers Puffin £2.50 vg
Carrol Lewis Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Puffin £2.50 vg
Carroll Lewis Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Puffin £1.50 vgSouthall Ivan Ash Road Puffin £2.50 vg
Scott-Moncrieff Auntie Robbo Puffin £2.50 vg+
Van Der Loeff AR Avelanche Puffin £2.50 vgStreatfield Noel Ballet Shoes Puffin £3.00 vg
Cambell Bruce Bird Watching for Beginers Puffin £2.50 vg
Campbell Bruce Bird Watching for Beginners Puffin £1.00 vgFennimore Stephen Bush Holiday Puffin £3.00 vg+
Montgomery Rutherford Carajou Puffin £2.50 vg
Baker Margaret J Castaway Christmas Puffin £2.50 vg
Dahl Roald Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Puffin £2.50 f
White EB Charlotte’s Web Puffin £3.00 vg+
Marryat Captain Children of the New Forrest Puffin £1.50 vg
Loeff Children on the Origan Trail Puffin £2.50 g+
Gibbings Robert Coconut Island Puffin £2.50 vg
Trease Geoffrey Cue for Treason Puffin £2.00 vg
Harrington MR Dickon Among the Indians Puffin £2.50 vg
Gregory Sir Richard Discovery Puffin £3.00 vg
Mayne William Earthfasts Puffin £3.00 f
Barne Kitty Elizabeth Fry Puffin £2.00 vg
Ward AC Enjoying Painting Puffin £2.50 vg
Lloyd Marjorie Fell Farm Campers Puffin £2.50 vg
Oman Carola Ferry the Fearless Puffin £2.50 vg
Mukerji Dhan Gopal Gay-Neck Puffin £3.00 vg
Salter Lional Going to a Concert Puffin £2.50 vg
Clark Denis Golden Island Puffin £2.50 vg
Atkinson Eleanor Greyfriars Bobby Puffin £3.00 vg+
Grimm Grimm’s Fairy Tails Puffin £2.00 vg
Grimm Grimms’ Fairy Tales Puffin £3.00 vg
Spyri Johanna Heidi Puffin £2.50 f
Treece Henry Horned Helmet Puffin £2.50 vg
Wliians & Searle How to be Top Puffin £2.50 vg
Trevino Elizabeth Borton de I, Juan de Pareja Puffin £2.00 vgRedlich Monica Jam Tomorrow Puffin £3.50 vg
King-Hall Magdelin Jehan of the Ready Fists Puffin £3.50 vg
Masefield John Jim Davis Puffin £2.00 vg
Cookson Catherine Joe and the Gladiator Puffin £2.50 vg
Budden John Jungle John Puffin £3.50 vg
Stevenson RL Kidnapped Puffin £2.50 vg
Stevenson Robert Louis Kidnapped Puffin £2.50
Green Roger Laneelyn King Arthur Puffin £2.50 f

Cheesman Evelyn Landfall the Unknown Puffin £2.50 vgDay Veronique Landslide Puffin £2.00 vg
Wilder Laura Ingalls Little House in the Woods Puffin £2.50 vg
Berg Leila Little Pete Stories Puffin £2.50 vgKastner Erich Lottie & Lisa (The Parents Trap) Puffin £2.50 vg
Taylor William Making Big Bucks Puffin £2.50 vg+
Phillips JS Malay Adventure Puffin £2.50 vg
Davison Frank Dalby Man-Shy Puffin £3.00 vg
Starr Cathrine Marianne Dreams Puffin £2.00 vg+
Travers PL Mary Poppins Puffin £3.00 vg
Parton Ethel Melissa Ann Puffin £4.00 f
Jansson Tove Moominpappa at Sea Puffin £2.50 f
Greener & Hutchinson Moon Ahead Puffin £3.00 vg
Falkner J Mead Moonfleet Puffin £2.50 vgStrong LAG Mr Sheridan’s Umbrella Puffin £3.00 vg
Haldane JBS My Friend Mr Leakey Puffin £2.00 vg
Davis Julia No Other White Man Puffin £3.00 vg
Williamson Thames North after Seals Puffin £2.50 vg
Batten Mortimer Red Ruff Puffin £3.00 vg
Power Rhoda Redcap Runs Away Puffin £3.00 vg
Green Roger Lancelyn Robin Hood Puffin £2.50 vgArmstrong Richard Sabotage at the Ford Puffin £2.50 vg
Fuller Roy Savage Gold Puffin £2.50 vg
Belloc H Selected Cautionary Verses Puffin £2.50 vg
de la Mare Walter Selected Stories and Verses Puffin £3.00 vg
Chance Stephen Septamus and the Dyndale Mystery Puffin £2.50 vg
Selincourt Aubrey Six Great Englishmen Puffin £2.50 vg
James Will Smoky Puffin £2.50 vg
James Will Smoky Puffin £2.50 vg+
Barrett Anne Songberd’s Grove Puffin £2.50 g+
Euphan & Klaxon South Country Secrets Puffin £3.50 vg
King Clive Stig of the Dump Puffin £2.50 vg
Denison Murial Susannah of the Mounties Puffin £2.50 vg
Dennison Murial Susannah of the Mounties Puffin £3.00 vg
Ransome Arthur Swallowdale Puffin £2.50 vg
Williamson Henry Tarka the Otter Puffin £1.00 vg
King Clive The 22 Letters Puffin £3.00 vg+
Twain Mark The Adventures of Huckelberry Finn Puffin £3.50 vg
Twain Mark The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Puffin £2.50 vg
Twain Mark The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Puffin £1.50 vg
Lynch Patricia The Bookshop at the Quay Puffin £2.00 vg
Norton Mary The Borrowers Afield Puffin £2.50 vg
Perkins Lucy Fitch The Cave Twins Puffin £2.50 vg
Marryat Captain The Children of the New Forrest Puffin £3.00 vg+
Graham Eleanor The Children who Lived in a Barn Puffin £2.50 vg
Streatfield Noel The Circus is Coming Puffin £2.50 vg
Uttley Alison The Country Child Puffin £2.50 vg+
Seldon George The Cricket in Times Square Puffin £2.50 f
Trease Geoffrey The Crown of Violet Puffin £2.50 vg
Byers Betsy The Eighteenth Emergency Puffin £2.50 v

Marshall Arthur Calder The Fair to Middling Puffin £2.50 vg
Seven David The Future Took Us Puffin £2.50 vg
Seredy Kate The Good Master Puffin £2.50 vg+
Lynch Patricia The Grey Goose of Kilnevin Puffin £3.50 vg
Wilde Oscar The Happy Prince Puffin £3.50 vg
Gunn John The Humpy in the Hills Puffin £2.50 fFisher GD The Hut-Man’s Book Puffin £1.00 g
Hunter Norman The Incredible Adventures of Professor Br Puffin £2.50 g+
Berna Paul The Knights of King Midas Puffin £2.00 vg
Lewis CS The Last Battle Puffin £2.00 vg
Goudge Elizabeth The Little White Horse Puffin £2.50 vg
Harnett Cynthia The Load of Unicorn Puffin £2.50 vg
Westall Robert The Machine Gunners Puffin £2.50 vg
Lindsey Norman The Magic Pudding Puffin £2.50 vgSkipper Mervyn The Meeting Pool Puffin £5.00
Masefield John The Midnight Folk Puffin £2.50 vg
Lewis C Day The Otterbury Incident Puffin £3.00 vg+
Carter Bruce The Perilous Decent Puffin £2.50 vg
Juster Norman The Phantom Tollbooth Puffin £1.50 vg
Nesbit E The Phoenix and the Carpet Puffin £2.50 vg+
Dixon M&N The Puffin Quizz Book Puffin £2.50 vg
Sharp Margery The Rescuers Puffin £2.50 vg
Wrightson Patricia The Rocks of Honey Puffin £2.50 vg
Thackery WM The Rose and the Ring Puffin £2.50 vg
Hodgson-Burnett The Secret Garden Puffin £2.00 vg
Hodgson-Burnett F The Secret Garden Puffin £1.50 vg
Lewis CS The Silver Chair Puffin £2.50 vg
Household Geoffrey The Spanish Cave Puffin £2.50 vg
Graham Eleanor The Story of Jesus Puffin £2.50 vg
Nesbit E The Story of the Amulet Puffin £2.50 vg
Berna Paul The Street Musician Puffin £3.00 f
Nesbit E The Treasure Seekers Puffin £2.50 vg
Lewis CS The Voyage of the Dawn Traider Puffin £3.00 vg+
Avery Gillian The Warden’s Niece Puffin £3.00 f
DeJong Meindert The Wheel on the School Puffin £2.50 f
Christopher John The White Mountains – The Tripods Puffin £2.50 vg
Edward Monica The White Rider Puffin £2.50 vg
Speare Elizabeth George The Witch of the Blackbird Pond Puffin £3.00 f
Harnett Cynthia The Wool-Pack Puffin £2.00 vg+
Nesbit E The Would-Be-Goods Puffin £3.00 vg
Enright Elizabeth Then there were Five Puffin £2.50 vg
Enright Elizabeth Thimble Summer Puffin £2.50 vg
Carroll Lewis Through the Looking Glass Puffin £3.50 vg
Patchett Mary Elwyn Tiger in the Dark Puffin £3.00 f
Stevenson RL Treasure Island Puffin £2.00 vgChristopher John Tripods – City of Gold and Lead Puffin £2.50 vg+
Streatfield Noel White Boots Puffin £1.50 vg
Todd Barbara Euphan Worzel Gummage Puffin £2.50

PUFFIN – any one item from above

Please specify title Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


PUFFIN – Any five titles from list abovr

Specify Titles Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


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