“Mushroom” Publications *

The Crusade of Lin Yan

THE CRUSADE OF LIN YAN Can anyone help me identifying this publication 9″ X 6″ 36 page stapled publication. Published by William Merrett London undated. It also contains “White Tigress of Quintana Roo.

The Sign of Blood by Penny Street

The Sign of Blood by Penny Street

Published by Pictorial Art Ltd LONDON (assuming mid 40’s) I can find nothing out about the book or author. 64 pages the staples have pulled through cover otherwise vg (at least) Price includes UK postage – contact me for other rates.


British Subject – Roland Pertwee

British Subject and Jennifer Jekyll and Miss Hyde by Roland Pertwee

Published by Polybooks – Todd Publishing Company London (1947) Typical 16 page stapled publication written by the father of Doctor Who – Jon Pertree. I can’t find another copy on the web. Price includes UK postage – contact me for other rates.


A “Mushroom” Publishers example, 32 (though it says 31 on last page) small booklet 6″ X 4″,. The “Mushroom” period is a reference to the times of paper rationing during and after WWII. Ex servicemen were offered a paper ration as a “resettlement initiative” that was after books were published on any paper that could be found, some were printed on greaseproof butter wrappers, and were very short, though this example is particularly small and short.

The Trackless Thing 244


that entered houses, killing dogs with maniacal cruelty: a Thing that left absolutely no track or trace of itself: a Thing that shot men with bullets fired by a gun lying in a locked drawer…this was the problem faced by Superintendent Lakin.

I can only find one other copy for sale on ‘tinternet at over £50.

The Trackless Thing by Justin Atholl (Pseudonym of UK journalist and author Thomas Sidney Denham (1906-1968))

Published by Everybody’s Books – Manchester 32 page undated booklet. “The Trackless Thing” by Justin Atholl was published in 1943 by Everybody’s Books, a short-lived wartime outfit operated by the Kelly brothers. The cover art, unsigned, was used on a handful of titles by this publisher, and also by their partner, the Mitre Press.”


Eleven Thrilling Mysteries – An Anthology of Short Crisp Yarns by Vincent McCall

Arrow Books published by Martin & Reid – London undated 64 pages staples rusted Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


GOLD TRAIL by Leonard Walters

Martin & Reid Publication (1946) stapled 30 pages Price includes UK postage – contact me for other rates.


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