Diary of a nobody – Grossmith

Diary of a Nobody – George and Weedon Grossmith

A Pan hardback published in 1947 dj vg book vg with inscription on ffep Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


Green for Danger – Christianna Brand

Pan 1st vg+ Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.



J. B. Priestly – The Doomsday Men

Pan 1st vg Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


Lost Horizon – James Hilton

LOST HORIZON – James Hilton

PAN – specify the edition. Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


Leo Walmsley – So Many Loves

SO MANY LOVES – Leo Walmsley

Pan 1st 1947 vg+


Graham Greene – Journey Without Maps

Graham Greene – Journey Without Maps

Pan 1947 1st vg Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


The Thirty Nine Steps – John Buchan

The Thirty-nine Steps – John Buchan

Pan – Specify which edition Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.



Grossmith George & WeedonThe Diary of a NobodyPan£5.00vg/vg+19471st
Stevenson RLThe Suicide ClubPan£5.00vg+19461st
Kipling RudyardTen StoriesPan£5.00vg+19471st
Hilton JamesLost HorizonPan£4.00vg19471st
Hilton JamesLost HorizonPan£2.50vg+19503rd
Hilton JamesLost HorizonPan£2.50vg19534th
Hilton JamesLost HorizonPan£3.00vg+19565th
Hilton JamesLost HorizonPan£2.50vg+19576th
Balchin NigelThe Small Back RoomPan£4.00vg19471st
Balchin NigelThe Small Back RoomPan£2.50vg2nd
Christie AgathaTen Little N******Pan£12.00vg+19471st
Christie AgathaTen Little N******PanSOLDvg19502nd
Marquand John PHaven’s EndPan£5.00vg19471st
Du Maurier GeorgeTrilbyPan£4.00vg1st
Priestley JBThree Time PlaysPan£4.00vg19471st
Priestley JBThree Time PlaysPan£2.50vg2nd
Nicholson HaroldSome PeoplePan£5.00vg+19471st
Walpole HughAbove the Dark CircusPan£4.00vg19471st
Mason AEWFire Over EnglandPan£4.00vg19471st
Sharp MargeryThe Nutmeg TreePan£2.50vg2nd
Walmsley LeoSo Many LovesPan£10.00f19471st
Greene GrahamJourney Without MapsPan£5.50vg19471st
Buchan JohnThe Thirty Nine StepsPan£2.50vg6th
Buchan JohnThe Thirty Nine StepsPan£4.00vg19471st
Buchan JohnThe Thirty Nine StepsPan£2.50vg4th
Henry OThe Four MillionPan£4.50f19471st
Henry OThe Four MillionPan£2.50vg2nd
Buchan JohnGreen MantlePan£3.50vg1st


Sitwell OsbertAlive-Alive OhPan£3.50vg1st
Sadleir MichaelThese Foolish ThingsPan£4.00vg1st
AntholagyTales of the SupernaturalPan£5.00vg+19471st
AntholagyTales of the SupernaturalPan£3.50vg19512nd
Baum VickiGrand HotelPan£2.50g1st
Baum VickiGrand HotelPan£8.50vg dj1st
Macaulay RoseStaying With RelationsPan£4.00vg1st
SimenonThe Man Who Watched The TrainsPan£4.50vg1st
Benson StellaThe Poor ManPan£4.50vg1st
Benson StellaThe Poor ManPan£5.00vg dj1st
Stern GBThe MatriarchPan£1.50g1st
Stern GBThe MatriarchPan£9.00vg dj1st
Thomson EdwardBurmese SilverPan£8.50vg dj1st
Stevenson RLThe Suicide ClubPan£3.50vg+1st
Waugh AlecHot CountriesPan£3.50vg1st
Horn AATrader HornPan£4.00vg1st
Horn AATrader HornPan£8.00vg dj1st
Mason AEWNo Other TigerPan£5.00vg19481st
Cheyney PeterThe Stars Are DarkPan£5.00vg-1st
Cheyney PeterThe Stars Are DarkPan£3.50vg2nd
Cheyney PeterThe Stars are DarkPan£2.50vg4th
Cheyney PeterThe Stars are DarkPan£2.50vg6th
Roberts CecilPilgrim CottagePan£4.50vg1st
Wallace EdgarThe RingerPan£2.50vg-3rd
Wallace EdgarThe RingerPan£2.50vg4th
Cambridge ElizabethHostage to FortunePan£4.00vg1st
Ashton HelenYeoman’s HospitalPan£4.00vg1st
Marsh NgaioDied in the WoolPan£5.00vg1st
Marsh NgaioDied in the WoolPan£2.50vg2nd
Iles FrancisMalice AforethoughtPan£3.00vg1948
Iles FrancisMalice AforethoughtPan£3.50vg19481st
Hilton JamesRandom HarvestPan£3.00vg19492nd


Walpole HughMr Perrin and Mr TraillPan£3.00vg+1948
Galsworthy JohnThree PlaysPan£3.50f1948
Kipling RudyardThe Mowgli StoriesPan£3.00vg1949
Wallace EdgarSandersPan£2.50vg
Christie AgathaTowards ZeroPan£2.50p
Christie AgathaThe Moving FingerPan£1.00g
Simpson HelenSaraband for Dead LoversPan£4.50vg
Russell JohnWhere the Pavement EndsPan£2.50g
Heyer GeorgetteThe CorinthianPan£3.50vg
Brand ChristiannaGreen for DangerPan£4.00vg+
Bennett ArnoldAnna of the Five TownsPan£4.00vg
de la Roche MazoYoung RennyPan£2.50vg1948
de la Roche MazoYoung RennyPan£2.50vg-
Charteris LeslieThe Saint in New YorkPan£4.00vg1952
Charteris LeslieThe Saint in New YorkPan£4.00vg+
Charteris LeslieThe Saint in New YorkPan£2.50vg
Sharpe MargeryCluny BrownPan£3.50vg
Ambler EricEpitaph for a SpyPan£3.50g
Henry OCabbages and KingsPan£3.50g
Collins NormanFlames Coming out of the TopPan£3.50vg1949
Heyer GeorgetteBehold, Here,s PoisonPan£2.50vg-1951
Mason AEWAt the Villa RosePan£5.00vg
Brand ChristiannaDeath in High HeelsPan£5.00vg1949
Macaulay RoseKeeping up AppearancesPan£3.50vg-
Caspary VeraLauraPan£5.00vg
Crofts Freeman WillsAntidote to VenomPan£4.00vg
Christie AgathaDumb WitnessPan£2.50vg
Christie AgathaDumb WitnessPan£3.50f
Christie AgathaDumb WitnessPan£3.00f1954
Stern GBThe Back SeatPan£3.50vg


Kipling RudyardHumerous TalesPan£4.00f19491st
MacDonnell AGEngland There EnglandPan£1.00g+19491st
MacDonnell AGEngland There EnglandPan£3.00vg2nd
MacDonnell AGEngland There EnglandPan£3.00vg3rd
Hey & KingThe Middle WatchPan£5.00vg1st
Borden MaryAction for SlanderPan£2.50vg-19491st
Thirkell AngelaPomfret TowersPan£2.50vg1st
Hilton JamesSo Well RememberedPan£6.00vg1st
Grey ZaneWestern UnionPan£6.00vg1st
Mason AEWThe Winding StairPan£4.00vg1st
Wentworth PatriciaThe Clock Strikes TwelvePan£8.50vg19491st
Hemingway ErnestFiestaPan£5.00vg1st
Hemingway ErnestFiestaPan£3.00vg3rd
de la Roche MazoWhiteoak HeritagePan£2.50vg19522nd
de la Roche MazoWhiteoak HeritagePan£2.50vg3rd
Blake NicholasQuestion of ProofPan£5.00vg-1st
Cannon JoannaHour of the AngelPan£3.00vg+1st
Charteris LeslieThe Avenging SaintPan£3.50vg-1st
Charteris LeslieThe avenging SaintPan£3.50vg3rd
Charteris LeslieThe Saint Versus Scotland YardPan£4.00vg19503rd
Conan Doyle ArthurAdventures of GerardPan£4.00vg1st
Wodehouse PGSummer LightningPan£5.00vg-1st
Wodehouse PGSummer LightningPan£7.50vg+2nd
Priestley JBThe Doomsday ManPan£5.00vg1st
Blake NicholasThere’s Trouble BrewingPan£5.00vg1st
Wodehouse PGThank You JeevesPan£5.00vg1st
Strong LAGThe DirectorPan£4.00vg1st

If you are interested in any of the above titles and want more information
please let me know and I can either answer your questions, send a PayPal
invoice or make any other arrangement. Note that the price shown above does not include shipping.

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