Agatha Christie –


Agatha Christie – The Hollow

Pan 119 1950 1st vg Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.


Agatha Christie

The Moving Finger – Agatha Christie

This is a 2005 reprint by BCA. Fine book and fine dj Posted to UK address


Elephants Can Remember – Agatha Christie

Crime Club 1972 first edition clipped vg dj book has slight foxing Posted to UK address


Third Girl – Agatha Christie

A Book Club edition in vg dust jacket


A Caribbean Mystery – Agatha Christie

Book Club edition vg/vg


At Bertram’s Hotel – Agatha Christie

Book Club edition vg/vg


Stock I have not stock checked all the titles below so I am only 99% confident that I can find the books below.

Christie Agatha4.50 from PaddingtonFontana£2.50vg1961
Christie Agatha4.50 from PaddingtonFontana£2.50vg1969
Christie AgathaA Caribbean MysteryFontana£1.00vg-1969
Christie AgathaA Murder is AnnouncedFontana£4.00vg1953
Christie AgathaA Murder is AnnouncedPan£3.50vg1958
Christie AgathaA Murder is AnnouncedFontana£3.00vg+1963
Christie AgathaA Murder is AnnouncedFontana£2.50vg1980
Christie AgathaA Pocket Full of RyeFontana£5.00vg+1958
Westmacott /Christie AgathaAbsent in the SpringFontana£2.50vg+1974
Christie AgathaAfter the FuneralFontana£3.50vg
Christie AgathaAfter the FuneralFontana£2.50vg1984
Christie AgathaAppointment with DeathPan£2.00vg
Christie AgathaAppointment With DeathFontana£5.00vg+
Christie AgathaAppointment With DeathFontana£2.50vg-1968
Christie AgathaAppointment With DeathFontana£2.50vg1980
Christie AgathaAt Bertram,s HotelFontana£2.50vg
Christie AgathaAt Bertram’s HotelFontana£2.50vg1981
Christie AgathaBy the Prickling of My ThumbsFontana£5.00f1971
Christie AgathaCards on the TablePan£2.50vg1955
Christie AgathaCards on the TableFontana£2.50vg1963
Christie AgathaCards on the TableFontana£2.50vg1976
Christie AgathaCat Among the PigeonsBAG 22£2.50
Christie AgathaCat Among the PigeonsFontana£2.50vg1962
Christie AgathaCat Among the PigeonsFontana£2.50vg1971
Christie AgathaCurtain Poirot’s Last CaseFontana£2.50vg+1977
Christie AgathaCurtain:Poirot’s Last CaseFontana£2.50vg
Christie AgathaDead Man’s FollyFontana£2.50vg1960
Christie AgathaDead Man’s FollyPan£2.50vg+1966
Christie AgathaDeath Comes as the EndWhite Circle£2.50vg
Christie AgathaDeath Comes as the EndPan£3.50vg
Christie AgathaDeath Comes as the EndPan£4.00
Christie AgathaDeath Comes as the EndPenguin£2.50vg-1953
Christie AgathaDeath Comes as the EndFontana£2.50vg
Christie AgathaDeath Comes as the EndFontana£2.50vg1981
Christie AgathaDeath Comes at the EndFontana£5.00vg1960
Christie AgathaDeath in the CloudsPan£2.00vg
Christie AgathaDeath on the NileFontana£5.00vg1960
Christie AgathaDeath on the NilePenguin£2.50vg+
Christie AgathaDeath on the NileFontana£2.50vg1978
Christie AgathaDeath on the NileFontana£2.50vg+1985
Christie AgathaDestination UnknownFontana£2.50vg1964
Christie AgathaDestination UnknownFontana£2.50vg1970
Christie AgathaDumb WitnessPan£2.50vg
Christie AgathaDumb WitnessPan£3.50f
Christie AgathaDumb WitnessPan£3.00f1954
Christie AgathaDumb WitnessFontana£2.50vg
Christie AgathaEasy to KillPB£2.00
Christie AgathaElephants Can RememberFontana£2.50vg1975
Christie AgathaEndless NightFontana£2.50vg+
Christie AgathaEndless NightFontana£2.50vg+1986
Christie AgathaEvil in the SunFontana£2.50vg
Christie AgathaEvil Under the SunPan£2.50vg+
Christie AgathaEvil Under the SunFontana£4.00vg+
Christie AgathaEvil Under the SunFontana£4.00vg+
Christie AgathaEvil Under the SunWhite Circle£2.50vg
Christie AgathaEvil Under the SunFontana£4.00f1982
Christie AgathaFive Little PigsPan£2.50vg-
Christie AgathaFive Little PigsPan£2.50
Christie AgathaFive Little PigsWhite Circle£2.50vg
Christie AgathaFive Little PigsFontana£2.50vg1972
Christie AgathaFive Little PigsFontana£2.00vg1981
Westmacott /Christie AgathaGiants BreadFontana£2.50vg1975
Christie AgathaHallowe’en PartyFontana£2.50vg1972
Christie AgathaHercule Poirot’s ChristmasCollins Crime Club£5.00
Christie AgathaHercule Poirot’s ChristmasFontana£3.00f1978
Christie AgathaHerule Poirot’s ChristmasFontana£4.00f1959
Christie AgathaHickory Dickory DockFontana£4.00vg1958
Christie AgathaLord Edgware DiesPenguin£2.00vg1950
Christie AgathaLord Edgware DiesFontana£2.50vg1967
Christie AgathaLord Edgware DiesFontana£2.50vg
Christie AgathaLord Edgware DiesFontana£3.00f1980
Christie AgathaMiss Marple’s Final CasesFontana£2.50vg-1980
Christie AgathaMrs McGinty’s DeadFontana£1.00vg-1974
Christie AgathaMurder at the Gallop / After he FuneralFontana£2.50vg-1963
Christie AgathaMurder in MesopotamiaPan£5.00vg1952
Christie AgathaMurder in MesopotamiaPan£2.50vg
Christie AgathaMurder in MesopotamiaFontana£5.00vg1962
Christie AgathaMurder in MesopotamiaFontana£2.50vg+1967
Christie AgathaMurder in MesopotamiaFontana£2.50vg1978
Christie AgathaMurder in the MewsPan£3.50vg
Christie AgathaMurder in the MewsPan£6.00f
Christie AgathaMurder in the MewsPenguin£2.50vg1963
Christie AgathaMurder in the MewsFontana£2.50vg
Christie AgathaMurder is EasyFontana£2.50vg
Christie AgathaMurder on the LinksPan£8.00f
Christie AgathaMurder on the LinksPan£3.00f
Christie AgathaMurder on the Orient ExpressBAG 09£2.50
Christie AgathaMurder on the Orient ExpressPenguin£2.50vg1952
Christie AgathaMurder on the Orient ExpressFontana£2.50vg1965
Christie AgathaMurder on the Orient ExpressFontana£2.50vg1980
Christie AgathaMurder on the Orient ExpressFontana£2.50vg
Christie AgathaMysterious Affair at StylesPan£2.50vg
Christie AgathaN or MCollins Crime Club£5.001951
Christie AgathaN or MPan£3.00vg
Christie AgathaN or MFontana£5.00vg1962
Christie AgathaN or MDell£2.50
Christie AgathaN or M?Fontana£3.00f1979
Christie AgathaNemesisFontana£2.50vg1974
Christie AgathaNemesisFontana£4.00f1974
Christie AgathaNikotinBAG 22£2.50
Christie AgathaOne Two Buckle My ShoePan£3.50vg
Christie AgathaOne Two Buckle my ShoeFontana£2.50vg
Christie AgathaOne, Two, Buckle my ShoeWhite Circle£2.50vg
Christie AgathaOne, Two, Buckle My ShoeFontana£2.50vg1995
Christie AgathaOrdeal by InnocenceFontana£5.00vg+1961
Christie AgathaOrdeal by InnocenceFontana£2.50vg1973
Christie AgathaParker Pyne InvestigatesFontana£5.00vg+1962
Christie AgathaParker Pyne InvestigatesPenguin£2.50vg+1958
Christie AgathaPartners in CrimePan£3.50vg
Christie AgathaPartners in CrimeFontana£2.50vg1967
Christie AgathaPartner’s in CrimeWhite Circle£2.50vg
Christie AgathaPassenger to FrankfurtFontana£2.50vg1972
Christie AgathaPeril at End HouseWhite Circle£2.50vg
Christie AgathaPeril at End HouseFontana£5.00vg1961
Christie AgathaPeril at End HouseFontana£2.50vg
Christie AgathaPeril at End HouseFontana£3.00f1979
Christie AgathaPoirot InvestigatesBAG 06£2.50
Christie AgathaPoirot InvestigatesPan£3.00f
Christie AgathaPoirot InvestigatesPan£2.50vg+1961
Christie AgathaPoirot InvestigatesPan£2.50vg
Christie AgathaPoirot InvestigatesPan£5.00f1955
Christie AgathaPoirot InvestigatesPan£2.50vg
Christie AgathaPoirot’s Eary CasesFontana£3.00f1979
Christie AgathaPostern of FateFontana£2.50vg1976
Christie AgathaSad CypressPan£3.50vg
Christie AgathaSad CypressPan£2.50f1957
Christie AgathaSad CypressFontana£2.50vg
Christie AgathaSad CypressFontana£1.00vg-1966
Christie AgathaSleeping MurderFontana£2.50vg1981
Christie AgathaSparkling CyanidePan£2.50vg+
Christie AgathaSparkling CyanideWhite Circle£2.50vg
Christie AgathaSparkling CyanidePan£4.00vg-
Christie AgathaSparkling CyanideFontana£3.00vg1962
Christie AgathaSparkling CyanideFontana£2.50vg+
Christie AgathaTaken at the FloodWhite Circle£3.50f
Christie AgathaTaken at the FloodFontana£2.50vg1972
Christie AgathaTaken at the FloodFontana£2.50vg+1980
Christie AgathaTen Little N*****sFontana£4.00vg+1972
Christie AgathaTen Little NiggersPan£12.00vg+
Christie AgathaTen Little NiggersPan£5.00vg
Christie AgathaTen Little NiggersFontana£5.00vg
Christie AgathaTen Little NiggersFontana£3.00f1982
Christie AgathaThe ABC MurdersPan£5.00vg+
Christie AgathaThe ABC MurdersWhite Circle£2.50vg
Christie AgathaThe ABC MurdersFontana£5.00vg
Christie AgathaThe ABC MurdersPenguin£2.50vg-1948
Christie AgathaThe ABC MurdersFontana£2.50vg
Christie AgathaThe Adventure of the Christmas PuddingFontana£4.00vg+1963
Christie AgathaThe Adventure of the Christmas PuddingFontana£3.00f1983
Christie AgathaThe Big FourPan£4.00vg
Christie AgathaThe Big FourPenguin£2.50
Christie AgathaThe Body in the LibraryWhite Circle£2.50vg
Christie AgathaThe Body in the LibraryPan£3.50vg
Christie AgathaThe Body in the LibraryFontana£3.00vg
Christie AgathaThe Body in the LibraryFontana£2.50vg1967
Christie AgathaThe ClocksFontana£5.00vg1966
Christie AgathaThe ClocksFontana£3.00f1979
Christie AgathaThe do it with MirrorsFontana£2.50vg1967
Christie AgathaThe HollowPan£5.00f
Christie AgathaThe HollowFontana£2.50vg1963
Christie AgathaThe HollowFontana£2.50vg1969
Christie AgathaThe HollowFontana£2.50vg1987
Christie AgathaThe Hound of DeathPan£7.50f
Christie AgathaThe Hound of DeathPan£2.50vg1963
Christie AgathaThe Hound of DeathFontana£2.50vg1966
Christie AgathaThe Hound of DeathFontana£2.50vg1972
Christie AgathaThe Hound of DeathFontana£3.00f
Christie AgathaThe Labours of HerculesCollins Crime Club£4.00vg1951
Christie AgathaThe Labours of HerculesFontana£4.00vg-1961
Christie AgathaThe Labours of HerculesFontana£3.00vg+1980
Christie AgathaThe Listerdale MysteryFontana£5.00vg+1961
Christie AgathaThe Listerdale MysteryFontana£1.00vg-1966
Christie AgathaThe Man in a Brown SuitPan£2.50
Christie AgathaThe Man in the Brown SuitPan£2.50vg+1973
Christie AgathaThe Man in the Brown SuitPan£6.00vg
Christie AgathaThe Man in the Brown SuitPan£9.00f
Christie AgathaThe Man in the Brown SuitPan£4.00f1954
Christie AgathaThe Mirror Crack,d from Side to SideFontana£2.50vg1967
Christie AgathaThe Mirror Cracked from Side to SideFontana£3.00f1984
Christie AgathaThe Moving FingerPan£1.00g
Christie AgathaThe Moving FingerWhite Circle£2.50vg
Christie AgathaThe Moving FingerFontana£2.50f1986
Christie AgathaThe Murder at the VicaragePenguin£2.50vg-1950
Christie AgathaThe Murder at the VicarageFontana£2.50vg1963
Christie AgathaThe Murder at the VicarageFontana£2.50vg
Christie AgathaThe Murder in the VicarageFontana£2.00
Christie AgathaThe Murder of Roger AckroydFontana£4.00vg+
Christie AgathaThe Murder of Roger AckroydPenguin£2.50vg1953
Christie AgathaThe Murder of Roger AckroydFontana£2.50vg+1963
Christie AgathaThe Murder of Roger AckroydFontana£2.50vg1978
Christie AgathaThe Murder on the LincsPan£4.00
Christie AgathaThe Murder on the LinksPan£2.50vg
Christie AgathaThe Mysterious Affair at StylesPan£2.50vg+1969
Christie AgathaThe Mysterious Affair at StylesPan£1.00vg-1965
Christie AgathaThe Mysterious Affair At StylesPan£2.50
Christie AgathaThe Mysterious Mr QuinDell£1.00g
Christie AgathaThe Mysterious Mr QuinPenguin£2.50vg1953
Christie AgathaThe Mysterious Mr QuinFontana£2.50vg+1982
Christie AgathaThe Mystery of the Blue TrainFontana£4.00vg
Christie AgathaThe Mystery of the Blue TrainPan£2.50g
Christie AgathaThe Mystery of the Blue TrainFontana£2.50vg1967
Christie AgathaThe Mystery of the Blue TrainFontana£2.50vg1976
Christie AgathaThe Pale HorseFontana£2.50vg-1964
Christie AgathaThe Pale HorseFontana£2.50vg-1979
Westmacott /Christie AgathaThe Rose and the Yew TreeFontana£2.50vg1974
Christie AgathaThe Secret AdversaryBAG 06£2.50
Christie AgathaThe Secret AdversaryPan£4.00vg+
Christie AgathaThe Secret adversaryPan£2.50vg-1955
Christie AgathaThe Secret adversaryPan£5.00vg1955
Christie AgathaThe Secret Of ChimneysBAG 06£2.50
Christie AgathaThe secret of ChimneysBag 08£2.50
Christie AgathaThe Secret of ChimneysPan£1.50vg
Christie AgathaThe Secret of ChimneysPan£3.00vg
Christie AgathaThe Secret of ChimneysPan£3.00f1958
Christie AgathaThe Secret of ChimneysPan£5.00f
Christie AgathaThe Seven Dials MysteryPan£3.50vg
Christie AgathaThe Sitaford MysteryFontana£3.00vg-1961
Christie AgathaThe Sittaford MysteryBAG 06£2.50
Christie AgathaThe Sittaford MysteryPan£2.50vg
Christie AgathaThe Sittaford MysteryFontana£2.50vg
Christie AgathaThe Thirteen ProblemsPan£2.50vg
Christie AgathaThe Thirteen ProblemsPan£3.50vg-
Christie AgathaThey Came to BagdadFontana£2.50vg-
Christie AgathaThey do it With MirrorsFontana£2.50vg
Christie AgathaThird GirlFontana£2.50vg1979
Christie AgathaThree Act tragedyPan£2.50vg
Christie AgathaThree Act tragedyPan£2.50f
Christie AgathaThree Act TragedyFontana£2.50vg1980
Christie AgathaThree-Act TragedyWhite Circle£2.00vg
Christie AgathaTowards ZeroPan£1.50p
Christie AgathaTowards ZeroFontana£5.00f1959
Westmacott /Christie AgathaUnfinished PortraitFontana£2.50vg+1986
Christie AgathaWhy Didn’t They Ask EvansPan£2.50vg+1969
Christie AgathaWhy didn’t they Ask EvansPan£2.00vg
Christie AgathaWhy Didn’t they ask Evans?Fontana£3.50vg-1956
Christie AgathaWhy Didn’t they Ask Evans?White Circle£2.50vg-
Christie AgathaWhy Didn’t they ask Evans?Fontana£2.50vg1976
Agatha Christie in Fontana

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