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The Forever Machine – Mark Clifton & Frank Riley

The Forever Machine – Mark Clifton & Frank Riley

Galaxy Novel No. 35 1958 1st – this copy has a “British Edition price sticker that I have not attempted to remove otherwise vg+ The Forever Machine – Mark Clifton & Frank Riley


My first serious reading was Science Fiction in the 50’s so a lot of these authors are familiar to me, names I searched for on the second hand book stall in Heckmondwike Market. The search below only searches this web site.


Aldiss (ed)Science FictionPenguin
Aldiss BrianEquatorDigit
Aldiss BrianHothouseFour Square
Aldiss BrianPenguin Science FictionPenguin
Aldiss BrianThe Airs of EarthFour Square
Aldiss BrianThe InterpreterFour Square
Aldiss Brian WThe Dark Light YearsFour Square
Amis kingsleyNew Maps of HellFour Square
Amis kingsleyNew Maps of HellNEL
Anderson PoulAfter DoomsdayPanther
Anderson PoulBrain WaveBallantine
Anderson PoulGaurdians of TimePan
Anderson PoulMirkheimSphere
Anderson PoulNo World of their ownAce US
Anderson PoulThe Long Way HomePanther
Anderson PoulWar of the Wing MenAce US
Anderson PoulWorld Without StarsAce US
Anthology4 for the FutureConsul
AnthologyAsleep in ArmageddonPanther
AnthologyAtoms and EvilGold Medel
AnthologyPath into the UnknownPan
AnthologyThe Frozen PlanetMacfadden
AnthologyThe Molecular CaféM
AnthologyThe Moonlight TravellerWDL
AnthologyTime UntamedBelmont
Arnold Edwin LGulliver of MarsAce US
Arrow WilliamReturn to the Planet of the ApesBallantine
Asimov IsaacThe Caves of SteelPanther
Asimov IsaacThe Stars Like DustPanther
Asimov IsaakAsmov’s MysteiesPanther
Asimov IsaakBuy JupiterPanther
Asimov IsaakEarth is Room EnoughPanther
Asimov IsaakEarth is Room EnoughPanther
Asimov IsaakFantastic VoyageCorgi
Asimov IsaakFoundationPanther
Asimov IsaakFoundationPanther
Asimov IsaakFoundation and EmpirePanther
Asimov IsaakFoundation and EmpirePanther
Asimov IsaakI, RobotPanther
Asimov IsaakNightfall OnePanther
Asimov IsaakNightfall TwoPanther
Asimov IsaakPebble in the SkySphere
Asimov IsaakPirates of the AsteroidsNEL
Asimov IsaakSecond FoundationPanther
Asimov IsaakSecond FoundationPanther
Asimov IsaakThe Bicentenial ManPanther
Asimov IsaakThe Currents of SpacePanther
Asimov IsaakThe Early Asimov Vol 2Panther
Asimov IsaakThe End of EternityPanther
Asimov IsaakThe End of EternityPanther
Asimov IsaakThe Left Hand of the ElectronPanther
Asimov IsaakThe Martian WayPanther
Asimov IsaakThe Martian WayPanther
Asimov IsaakThe Naked SunPanther
Asimov IsaakThe Rest of the RobotsPanther
Asimov IsaakThe Stars Like DustPanther
Asimov IsaakThrough a Glass ClearlyScholastic
Asimov IsaakThrough a Glass ClearlyNEL
Ball BrianSpace 1999 – The Space GuardiansOrbit
Ball BrianThe Space GuardiansOrbit
Barr Tyrone CSplit WorldsDigit UK
Barton ErleThe Planet SeekersBadger
Barton LeeThe Shadow ManBadger
Bayley Barrington JThe Garments of CaeanFontana
Bester AlfredThe Demolished ManPanther
Bester AlfredThe Stars are my DestinationPanther
Blackburn JohnThe Scent of New-Mown HayNEL
Blish JamesEarthman Come HomeMayflower
Blish JamesGalactic ClusterFour Square
Blish JamesGalactic ClusterNEL
Blish JamesNight ShapesFour Square
Blish JamesStar TrekBantam
Blish JamesStartrek – Spock Must DieCorgi
Bloch RobertAtoms and EvilGold Medal UK
Bonfiglioli EditerScience Fantasy 73Compact
Boucher (ed)The Best from Fantasy & SF 7thAce US
Boucher Anthony (ed)Best Fantasy & SF Sixth SeriesAce US
Boucher Anthony EditorThe Best of Fantasy and Science Fiction #4Ace US
Boulle PierreMonkey PlanetPenguin
Bounds Sydney JThe Robot BrainsMacfadden
Bova Ben EditorThe Novellas Book 2Sphere
Brackett LeighThe Coming of the TerransAce US
Brackett LeighThe Sword of RhiannonAce US
Bradbury Edward PBarbarians of MarsCompact
Bradbury Edward PWarriors of MarsCompact
Bradbury RayDandelion WineCorgi
Bradbury RayFahrenheit 451Corgi
Bradbury RayThe Day it Rained ForeverPenguin
Bradbury RayThe Golden Apples of the SunCorgi
Bradbury RayThe Illustrated ManCorgi
Bradbury RayThe October CountryFour Square
Braddon RusselThe Year of the Angry RabbitPan
Bradley Marion ZimmerThe Bloody SunAce
Bradley Marion ZimmerThe Colours of SpaceMonarch
Brett LeoExit HumanityBadger
Brett LeoFaceless PlanetBadger
Brett LeoPower SphereBadger
Brett LeoThe Alian OnesBadger
Brown FredricAngels and SpaceshipFour Square
Brown FredricProject JupiterDigit UK
Brown FredricThe Mind ThingBantam
Brunner JohnEnigma from Tantalus/The Repairmen of CyclopsAce US
Brunner JohnThe Long ResultPenguin
Brunner JohnThe Worls SwappersAce US
Budrys AlgisRogue MoonGold Medal US
Budrys AlgisThe Unexplained DimensionPanther
Buffery JudithThe SheegDobson HB
Bulmer Ed.New Writings in SF.26Corgi
Bulmer KennethCity Under the SeaDigit UK
Bulmer KennethSwords of the BarbariansNEL
Bulmer Kenneth ed.New Writings in SF.27Corgi
Bulmer Kenneth EditorNew Writings in SF.27Corgi
Burke JonathanPersuit Through TimeDigit
Burroughs Edgar RiceA Fighting Man of MarsFour Square
Burroughs Edgar RiceA Princess of Mars #1NEL
Burroughs Edgar RiceBack to the Stone AgeAce US
Burroughs Edgar RiceBack to the Stone AgeTandem
Burroughs Edgar RiceCarson of VenusAce US
Burroughs Edgar RiceCarson of VenusNEL
Burroughs Edgar RiceEscape on VenusNEL
Burroughs Edgar RiceEscape on VenusAce US
Burroughs Edgar RiceEscape on VenusFour Square
Burroughs Edgar RiceFighting Man of MarsNEL
Burroughs Edgar RiceI am a BarbarianAce
Burroughs Edgar RiceJohn Carter of MarsFour Square
Burroughs Edgar RiceJohn Carter of Mars #11Ballantine
Burroughs Edgar RiceJohn Carter of Mars #11NEL
Burroughs Edgar RiceLand of TerrorTandem
Burroughs Edgar RiceLand of TerrorAce US
Burroughs Edgar RiceLlana of GatholNEL
Burroughs Edgar RiceLlana of GatholDelRey
Burroughs Edgar RiceLost on VenusFour Square
Burroughs Edgar RiceLost on Venus #2Del Rey
Burroughs Edgar RiceLost on Venus #2Ace US
Burroughs Edgar RiceLost on Venus #2NEL
Burroughs Edgar RiceMaster Mind of MarsNEL
Burroughs Edgar RiceOut of Time’s AbyssTandem
Burroughs Edgar RiceOut of Tims’s AbyssAce US
Burroughs Edgar RicePellucidarAce US
Burroughs Edgar RicePellucidarTandem
Burroughs Edgar RicePirates of VenusPinnacle
Burroughs Edgar RicePirates of VenusAce US
Burroughs Edgar RicePirates of VenusFour Square
Burroughs Edgar RicePirates of VenusFour Square
Burroughs Edgar RiceSwords of MarsBallantine
Burroughs Edgar RiceSwords of Mars #8NEL
Burroughs Edgar RiceSwords of Mars #8Del Ray
Burroughs Edgar RiceSwords of Mars #8Four Square
Burroughs Edgar RiceSynthetic Men of MarsNEL
Burroughs Edgar RiceSynthetic Men of MarsDel Ray
Burroughs Edgar RiceSynthetic Men of MarsFour Square
Burroughs Edgar RiceTanar of PellucidarAce US
Burroughs Edgar RiceThe Cave GirlTandem
Burroughs Edgar RiceThe Chessmen of MarsFour Square
Burroughs Edgar RiceThe Chessmen of MarsFour Square
Burroughs Edgar RiceThe Eternal SavageTandem
Burroughs Edgar RiceThe Gods of Mars #2Ballantine
Burroughs Edgar RiceThe Land of Hidden MenTandem
Burroughs Edgar RiceThe Land that Time ForgotAce US
Burroughs Edgar RiceThe Master Mind of MarsDelRay
Burroughs Edgar RiceThe Mastermind of MarsBallantine
Burroughs Edgar RiceThe Monster MenTandem
Burroughs Edgar RiceThe Moon MaidHorwitz
Burroughs Edgar RiceThe Moon MaidAce US
Burroughs Edgar RiceThe Moon MenTandem
Burroughs Edgar RiceThe Moon MenHorwitz
Burroughs Edgar RiceThe Moon MenAce US
Burroughs Edgar RiceThe People That Time ForgotTandem
Burroughs Edgar RiceThe Pirates of VenusNEL
Burroughs Edgar RiceThe Warlord of MarsFour Square
Burroughs Edgar RiceThe Warlord of MarsBallantine
Burroughs Edgar RiceThe Wizard of Venus #5NEL
Burroughs Edgar RiceThuvia Maid of MarsDelRey
Burroughs Edgar RiceThuvia Maid of MarsFour Square
Burroughs Edgar RiceWarlord of Mars #3NEL
Butterworth MichaelSpace 1999 – Planets of PerilStar
Cameron BerlSpero NovaCurtis
Campbell John WThe Moon is HellNEL
Carnell Ed.New Writings in SF.19Corgi
Carnell John (ed)No Place Like EarthPanther
Carnell John Ed.Lambda 1 and other storiesBerkley
Carter LinAs the Green Star RisesDaw
Carter LinBeyond the Gates of DreamBelmont
Carter LinBlack Legion of CallistoOrbit
Carter LinBy the Light of the Green StarDaw
Carter LinCallipygiaDaw
Carter LinDarya of the Bronze AgeDaw
Carter LinDown to the Sunless SeaDaw
Carter LinDragonrougeDaw
Carter LinEric of ZanthodonDaw
Carter LinFound WaitingDaw
Carter LinGiant of Words EndBelmont
Carter LinGiant of Worlds EndFive Star
Carter LinHurok of the Stone AgeDaw
Carter LinIn the Green Star’s GlowDaw
Carter LinJourney to the Underground WorldDaw
Carter LinKesrickDaw
Carter LinLankar of CallistoDell
Carter LinLost WorldsDaw
Carter LinMad Empress of CallistoDell
Carter LinMandricardoDaw
Carter LinMind Wizards of CallistoDell
Carter LinRenegade of CallistoDell
Carter LinSky Pirates of CallistoOrbit
Carter LinThe Barbarian of Words EndDaw
Carter LinThe Black StarDell
Carter LinThe Enchantress of Worlds EndDaw
Carter LinThe Immortal of Words EndDaw
Carter LinThe Man Who Loved Marsgold Medal
Carter LinThe Nemesis of EvilPopular Library
Carter LinThe Pirates of World’s EndDaw
Carter LinThe Quest of KadjiFive Star
Carter LinThe Valley Where Time Stood StillPopular Library
Carter LinThe Warrior of Worlds EndDaw
Carter LinThe Wizard of LemurieTandam
Carter LinThe Wzard of ZaoDaw
Carter LinThongor Against the GodsTandem
Carter LinThongor and the Wizard of LemuriaBerkley
Carter LinThongor at the End of TimeTandom
Carter LinThongor at the End of TimeWarner
Carter LinThongor Fights the Pirates of TarakusUniversal
Carter LinThongor in the City of MagiciansTandom
Carter LinThongor of LemuriaTandem
Carter LinTime WarDell
Carter LinTower at the Edge of TimeBelmont
Carter LinUnder the Green StarDaw
Carter LinWhen the Green Star CallsDaw
Carter LinYlana of CallistoDell
Carter LinZanthodonDaw
Carter Lin / Long Frank BelknaThe Thief of ThothBelmont
Carter Lin / Neville KrisThe Flame of IridarBelmont
Carter Lin editorFlashing Swords 1Mayflower
Carter Lin EditorFlashing Swords 2Mayflower
Chandler A BertramInto the Alternate Universe/The Coils of TimeAce Double
Chandler A Bertram / Mack ReynNebula Alert / The Rivel RigeliansAce Double
Chandler Raymond / RichmondThe Road to the Rim / The Lost MilleniumAce Double
Charbonneau LouisCorpus EarthlingDigit
Charkin PaulThe Living GemDigit UK
Chilton CharlesThe Red PlanetDigit UK
Christopher JohnThe White Mountains – The TripodsPuffin
Christopher JohnTripods – City of Gold and LeadPuffin
Clarke Arthur CA Fall of MoondustPan
Clarke Arthur CA Fall of MoondustPan
Clarke Arthur CChildhood’s EndPan
Clarke Arthur CEarthlightBallantine
Clarke Arthur CIslands in the SkyDigit UK
Clarke Arthur CPrelude to SpacePan
Clarke Arthur CPrelude to SpaceFour Square
Clarke Arthur CReport on Planet Three and other speculationsCorgi
Clarke Arthur CTales of Ten WorldsCorgi
Clarke Arthur CTales of Ten WorldsPan
Clarke Arthur CThe Lion of Comarre & Agaist the Fall of NightCorgi
Clarke Arthur CThe Other Side of the SkyCorgi
Clarke Arthur CThe Other Side of the SkyCorgi
Clarke Arthur CThe Sands of MarsPan
Clarke Arthur CThe Wind From The SunCorgi
Clarke Arthur C ed.Expedition to EarthPan
Clarke Asimov etcThe Fantastic Universe OmnibusPanther
Clement HalMission of GravityGalaxy
Clifton MarkEight Keys to EdenPan
Clifton MarkWhen They Came from SpaceFour Square
Clifton Mark & Rilet FrankThe Forever MachineGalaxy
Collyn GeorgeIn Passage of the sunCompact
Conan Doyle ArthurThe Lost WorlsMurray
Conan Doyle ArthurThe Maracot DeepJohn Murray
Conkin Groff Editor17 X InfinityDell
Conklin EditorSeven Come InfinityCoronet
Conway RandallBody and Soul – Supernatural Stories 107Badger
Cooper EdmundTomorrow CamePanther
Cooper EdnundVoices in the DarkDigit UK
Crawford JohnDark LegionBadger
Cummings RayBrigands of the MoonConsul
Cummings RayTama of the Light CountryAce US
Cummings RayTama, Princess of MercuryAce US
Cummings RayThe Shadow GirlAce US
Dagmar PeterSands of TimeDigit UK
Darlton ClarkPerry Rhodan 28- The Plague of OblivionOrbit
Daventry LeonardA Man of Double DeedPan
de Camp & MillerGenus HomoBerkley
de Camp L SpragueA Planet Called KrishnaCompact
De Camp L SpragueThe Floating ContinentCompact
De Camp L Sprague & Lin CarterConan of the IslesLancer
De Camp L Sprague & Lin CarterConan of the IslesSphere
De Camp L Sprague & Lin CarterConan the BarbarianSphere
De Camp L Sprague & Lin CarterConan the BuccaneerSphere
De Camp L Sprague ed.The Spell of SevenPyramid
Delany Samuel RThe Einstein IntersectionAce US
Derleth AugustThe Time of InfinityConsul
Derleth August EditorThe Outer ReachesConsul
Derlith AugustFrom Other WorldsFour Square
Derlith August EdThe Other Side of the MoonPanther
Derlith August EdTime to ComeBerkley
Dick Philip KThe Three Stigmata of Palmer EldritchMacfadden
Dick Philip KThe World Jones MadePanther
Dick Philip KTime Out of JointPenguin
Dicks TerranceDoctor Who and the Loch Ness MonsterTarget
Dicks TerranceDoctor Who The Space PiratesTarget
Dickson Gordon RNecromancerMayflower
Dickson Gordon RThe Genetic GeneralDigit UK
Disch Thomas MOne Hundred and Two H BombsCompact


Edwards NormanInvasion From 2500Monarch
Effinger George AlecPlanet of the Apes – Journey into TerrorAward
Effinger George AlecPlanet of the Apes – Man the FugitiveAward
Effinger George AlecPlanet of the Apes #2 Escape to TomorrowAward
Eklund GordonThe Grayspace BeastPocket Book
Elliot LeeBio-MutonCurtis
Ellison HarlanAll the Sounds of FearGranada
Ellison Harlan / Hoffman LeeDoomsman / TelepowerBelmont
Elwood Roger ed.Invasion of the RobotsPaperback Library
Fairman Paul WThe World GrabbersMonarch
Fane BronJuggernautBadger
Fane BronNemasisBadger
Fane BronSomewhere Out ThereBadger
Fane BronSuspensionBadger
Fane BronThe IntrudersBadger
Fane BronU.F.O. 517Badger
Fanthorpe RLCurse of the KhanBadger
Fanthorpe RLFlame MassBadger
Fanthorpe RLHand of DoomBadger
Fanthorpe RLHyper SpaceBadger
Fanthorpe RLNeuron WordBadger
Fanthorpe RLSpace FuryBadger
Fanthorpe RLStranger in the ShadowBadger
Fanthorpe RLThe Watching WorldBadger
Fast HowardThe Edge of TomorrowCorgi
Foster George CThe ChangeDigit UK
Fox Gardner FKothar and the Demon QueenTower
Fox Gardner FKothar Barbarian SwordsmanStar
Fox Gardner FKyrik and the Lost QueenParamount
Fox Gardner FKyrik and the Wizards SwordLeasure
Galaxy Magazine – CompilationThe Six Fingers of TimeMacfadden
Galaxy Magazine fromThe 6 Fingers of TimeMacfadden
Gantz Kenneth FNot in SolitudeBerkley
Garron MarcoAzan The Ape Man – Jungle FeverCurtis
Gerrod DavidThe Battle for the Planet of the ApesBag 23
Gold EditerThe Weird OnesBelmont
Gordon RexThe World of EclosConsul
Goulart RonVampirella #3 DeadwalkSphere
Grant MathewHyper-DriveDigit UK
Green JosephThe Loafers of RefugePan
Green Joseph LThe Loafers of RefugeBallentine
Greenleaf WilliamTime JumperLeisure
Grinnell DavidEdge of TimeAce US
Hamilton EdmondThe Star of LifeCrest
Harrison Harry ed.sf Impulse 11Compact
Harrison Harry ed.sf Impulse 9 – Moorcock – Ice SchoonerCompact
Harry Harrison (ed)Four for the FutureQuartet
Heinlein Rober ABetween PlanetsNEL
Heinlein RobertSpace CadetBag 19
Heinlein Robert A6 X HPyramid
Heinlein Robert ARevolt in 2100BAG 21
Heinlein Robert AThe Puppet MastersPanther
Heinline RobertFarmer in the SkyPan
Heinline RobertRed PlanetPan
Heinline RobertThe Door into SummerPanther
Heinline RobertThe Green Hills of EarthPan
Heinline RobertThe Man Who Sold the MoonPan
Heinline RobertThe Man Who Sold the MoonPan
Heinline Robert ARevolt in 2100Digit UK
Herbert FrankThe Book of Frank HerbertPanther
Herbert FrankThe Dosadi ExperimentFutura
Herbert FrankThe GodmakersNEL
Herbert FrankThe Green BrainNEL
Herbert FrankThe Heaven MakersNEL
Herbert FrankThe Heaven MakersNEL
Herbert FrankThe Santaroga BarrierNEL
Herbert FrankThe Worlds of Frank HerbertNEL
Hill Douglas EditorWarlocks and WarriorsMayflower
Hill Ed.Warlocks and WarriorsMayflower
Hodgson WHThe House on the Border LandManor
Hoffman Lee / EllisonDoomsman / TelepowerBelmont
Holly J HunterEncounterMonarch
Holly J HunterThe Flying EyesMonarch
Holly J HunterThe Green PlanetMonarch
Holly J HunterThe Mind TradersMacfadden
Holly J HunterThe Running ManMonarch
Howard Ivan (ed)6 and the Silent ScreamConsul
Howard Robert EConan of CimmeriaSphere
Howard Robert EConan the Avenger #8Lancer
Howard Robert EConan the WarriorBAG 09
Howard Robert ESwords of ShahrazarOrbit
Howard Robert EWorms of the EarthZebra
Howard Robert E /CampConanSphere
Howard Robert E /CampConan the Conqueror #5Lancer
Howard Robert E /CampConan the FreebooterSphere
Howard Robert E /CampConan the UsurperLancer
Howard Robert E /CampConan the UsurperSphere
Howard Robert E /Camp & CarterConan of CimmeriaSphere
Howard Robert E /Camp & CarterConan the WandererLancer
Howard Robert E /Camp & CarterConan the WandererSphere
Howard Robert E /Camp & NybergConan the AvengerSphere
Hoyle FredBlakes 7 – Scorpio AttackBBC
Hoyle Fred & Elliot JohnA for AndromedaCorgi
Hughes DenisMoon WarCurtis
Jakes JohnBrak the BarbarianTower
Jakes JohnBrak the Barbarian Versus the SorceressPaperback Library
Jakes JohnConquest of the Planet of the ApesAward
Jakes JohnThe Mark of the DemonsTandem
Jakes John /Janifer & TreibichTonight we Steal the Stars/The Wagered WorldAce US
Janifer Laurence MA Piece of Martin CannFive Star
Johns WEKings of SpacePiccolo
Johns WEReturn to MarsScholastic
Jones Neil RThe Planet of the Double SunAce US
Jones Neil RThe Sunless World – Prof Jameson #2Ace US
Jones Neil RTwin Worlds – Prof Jameson #4Ace US
Jones RaymondThe Non-Statistical ManBelmont
Kelley Leo PMythmasterCoronet
Kline Otis AdelbertThe Swordman of MarsAce US
Knight DamonBeyond the BarrierCorgi
Knight Damon editorA Century of Science FictionPan
Knight Damon EditorCities of WaonderMacfadden
Knight Ed.Cities of WonderMacfadden
Kutter HenryDestination InfinityAvon
Langelaan GeorgeOut of TimeFour Square
Leinster MurrayCity on the Moon ? Men on the MoonAce Double
Leinster MurrayFour From Planet 5Gold Medal US
Leinster MurrayInvaders of Space
Leinster MurrayS O S from three WorldsAce
Leinster MurrayThe Greeks Bring GiftsMacfadden
Leinster MurrayTime TunnelPyramid
Leinster MurrayWar With the GizmosGold Medal US
Leslie DesmondThe Amazing Mr LutterworthDigit UK
Lesser MiltonSecret of the Black PlanetBelmont
Lewis CSOut of the Silent PlanetPan
Lewis CSOut of the Silent PlanetPan
Lewis CSThat Hideous StrengthPan
Lewis CSThat Hidious StrenghPan
Lewis CSVoyage to VenusPan
Lewis CSVoyage to VenusPan
Long Frank BelknapIt was the Day of the RobotBelmont
Long Frank BelknapJourney Into DarknessBelmont
Long Frank BelknapLest Earth be ConqueredBelmont
Long Frank BelknapLest Earth Be ConqueredBelmont
Long Frank BelknapThis Strange TomorrowDigit UK
Long Frank BelknapWoman From Another PlanetChariot
Long Frank Belknap / Carter Li..and others shall be bornBelmont
Lord JeffreyBlade – Champion of the GodsPinnacle
Lord JeffreyBlade – The Dragons of EnglorPinnacle
Lord JeffreyBlade 09 – Kingdom of RoythPinnacle
Lovesey AndrewThe Half-AngelsSphere
Lymington JohnA Sword above the NightCorgi
Lymington JohnNight of the Big HeatCorgi
Macvicar AngusPeril on the Lost PlanetBurke
Maddock LarryThe Golden Goddess GambitAce
Main Charles EricSpacewaysPan
Maine Charles EricCalculated RiskCorgi
Maine Charles EricCount DownCorgi
Maine Charles EricCrisis 2000Corgi
Maine Charles EricThe Man Who Owned the WorldPanther
Maine Charles EricWorld Without MenDigit UK
Malzberg Barry NThe Sodom and Gomorrah BusinessPocket Books
Mannes MaryaTheySphere
Mantley JohnThe 27th DayBeacon
Margulies Leo ed3 From Out TherePanther
Margulies Leo EditorThree Times InfinityGold Medal
Martin PhilipDoctor Who – Vengeance on VarosTarget
MarvelDr Who Magazine # 97Marvel
MarvelDr Who Magazine #103Marvel
MarvelDr Who Magazine #149Marvel
MarvelDr Who Magazine #151Marvel
MarvelDr Who Magazine #169Marvel
MarvelDr Who Magazine #175Marvel
MarvelDr Who Magazine #176Marvel
Matheson RichardThird Eye from the SunCorgi
McDaniel DavidThe Arsenal Out of TimeAce US
McIntosh JTBorn LeaderCorgi
McIntosh JTOne in Three HundredCorgi
McIntosh JTWorlds ApartAvon
McIntyreStar Trk III – The Search for SpockPocket Book
McLaughlin DeanThe Man Who wanted StarsLancer
Mendelsohn FelixSuperbabyPaperback Library
Merak AJBarrier UnknownBadger
Merak AJHydroshereBadger
Merril JudithThe Tomorrow PeoplePyramid
Merritt AThe Face in the AbyssFutura
Miall RobertGerry Anderson’s UFOPan
Miller Walter MConditionally HumanPanther
Monsarrat NicholasThe Time Before ThisPan
Moorcock ed.Best SF from New WorldsPanther
Moorcock ed.The Best of New WorldsCompact
Moorcock MichaelA Cure for CancerFontana
Moorcock MichaelAn Alien HeatMayflower
Moorcock MichaelBarbarians of MarsAce
Moorcock MichaelBehold the ManMayflower
Moorcock MichaelBehold the ManFontana
Moorcock MichaelCity of the BeastNEL
Moorcock MichaelCorum #1 – The Knight of the SwordsMayflower
Moorcock MichaelCount BrassGranada
Moorcock MichaelCount BrassMayflower
Moorcock MichaelElric at the End of TimeGrafton
Moorcock MichaelElric of MelniboneArrow
Moorcock MichaelElric of MelniboneGrafton
Moorcock MichaelEngland InvadedStar
Moorcock MichaelLord of the SpidersNEL
Moorcock MichaelMasters f the PitNEL
Moorcock MichaelMoorcock’s Book of MartyrsMayflower
Moorcock MichaelMother LondonPenguin
Moorcock MichaelMy Experiences in the Third Worl WarSavoy
Moorcock MichaelPhoenix in ObsidianMayflower
Moorcock MichaelSojanSavoy
Moorcock MichaelStormbringerGrafton
Moorcock MichaelStormbringerLancer
Moorcock MichaelStormbringerMayflower
Moorcock MichaelSword of the DawnLancer
Moorcock MichaelThe Bane of the Black SwordGranada
Moorcock MichaelThe Black CorridorMayflower
Moorcock MichaelThe Black CorridorAce US
Moorcock MichaelThe Bull and the SpearQuartet
Moorcock MichaelThe Bull and the SpearMayflower
Moorcock MichaelThe Champion of GarathormMayflower
Moorcock MichaelThe Champion of GarathormGrafton
Moorcock MichaelThe Champion of the GarathormGranada
Moorcock MichaelThe Champion of the GarathormDell
Moorcock MichaelThe City in the Autumn StarsGrafton
Moorcock MichaelThe Condition of Muzak – Cornelius #4Fontana
Moorcock MichaelThe Cornelius ChroniclesFontana
Moorcock MichaelThe Dancers at the End of TimeGhranada
Moorcock MichaelThe Distant SunsNEL
Moorcock MichaelThe Dragon in the SwordGrafton
Moorcock MichaelThe End of all SongsGranada
Moorcock MichaelThe End of All SongsMayflower
Moorcock MichaelThe English AssassinFontana
Moorcock MichaelThe Entropy TangoNEL
Moorcock MichaelThe Eternal ChampionMayflower
Moorcock MichaelThe Final ProgrammeMayflower
Moorcock MichaelThe Final ProgrammeFontana
Moorcock MichaelThe FireclownCompact
Moorcock MichaelThe Golden BargeNEL
Moorcock MichaelThe History of the RunestaffGranada
Moorcock MichaelThe Hollow LandsMayflower
Moorcock MichaelThe Jewel in the SkullMayflower
Moorcock MichaelThe King of the SwordsGrafton
Moorcock MichaelThe King of the SwordsMayflower
Moorcock MichaelThe Knight of the SwordsGranada
Moorcock MichaelThe Knight of the SwordsMayflower
Moorcock MichaelThe Land LeviathanQuartet
Moorcock MichaelThe Laughter of CarthageFlamingo
Moorcock MichaelThe Mad God’s AmuletMayflower
Moorcock MichaelThe Mad God’s AmuletGranada
Moorcock MichaelThe Nomad of TimeGrafton
Moorcock MichaelThe Oak and the RamQuartet
Moorcock MichaelThe Oak and the RamGranada
Moorcock MichaelThe Queen of the SwordsGrafton
Moorcock MichaelThe Queen of the SwordsMayflower
Moorcock MichaelThe Quest for TanelornMayflower
Moorcock MichaelThe Revenge of the RoseGrafton
Moorcock MichaelThe Rituals of InfinityArrow
Moorcock MichaelThe RunestaffMayflower
Moorcock MichaelThe Russian IntelligenceSavoy
Moorcock MichaelThe Sailor on the Seas of FateQuartet
Moorcock MichaelThe Sailor on the Seas of FateGrafton
Moorcock MichaelThe Sailor on the Seas of FateMayflower
Moorcock MichaelThe Shores of DeathSphere
Moorcock MichaelThe Singing CitadelMayflower
Moorcock MichaelThe Sleeping SorceressQuartet
Moorcock MichaelThe Sleeping SorceressNEL
Moorcock MichaelThe Stealer of SoulsMayflower
Moorcock MichaelThe Steel TsarGrafton
Moorcock MichaelThe Sword and the StallionGrafton
Moorcock MichaelThe Sword and the StallionQuartet
Moorcock MichaelThe Sword and the StallionMayflower
Moorcock MichaelThe Sword of the DawnMayflower
Moorcock MichaelThe Time DwellerMayflower
Moorcock MichaelThe Transformation of Miss Mavis MingStar
Moorcock MichaelThe Twilight ManCompact
Moorcock MichaelThe Vanishing TowerGrafton
Moorcock MichaelThe Warlord of the AirNEL
Moorcock MichaelThe Warlord of the AirAce
Moorcock MichaelThe Weird of the White WolfGrafton
Moorcock MichaelThe Weird of the White WolfDaw
Moorcock MichaelThe Winds of LimboGranada
Moorcock MichaelThe Winds of LimboMayflower
Moorcock Michael James ColvinThe Deep FixCompact
Moorcock Michael (ed)Best SF Stories from New Worlds 6Panther
Moorcock Michael (ed)best stories from New Worlds IIPanther
Moorcock Michael / PetajaThe Wrecks of Time /TramontaneAce Double
Moorcock Michael EditorNew Worlds 154Compact
Moorcock Michael EditorNew Worlds 167Compact
Moore Roger EConan and the ProphecyTSR
Morgan DanThe Several MindsCorgi
MoskowitzA Sense of WonderNEL
Moskowitz (ed)Doorway into TimeMacfadden
Muller John EAlianBadger
Muller John EBeyond the VoidBadger
Muller John EBeyond TimeBadger
Muller John EDark ContiniumBadger
Muller John EDay of the BeastsBag 17
Muller John EDay of the BeastsBadger
Muller John EEdge of EternityBAG 22
Muller John EEdge of EternityBadger
Muller John EIn the BeginningBadger
Muller John EMicro InfinityBadger
Muller John ENight of the Big FireBadger
Muller John EOrbit OneBadger
Muller John EPerilous GalaxyBag 23
Muller John EPerilous GalaxyBadger
Muller John EPhenomina XBadger
Muller John EReactor SK9Badger
Muller John ESearch the Dark StarsBadger
Muller John ESpace VoidBadger
Muller John ESurvival ProjectBadger
Muller John EThe Man From BehindBadger
Muller John EThe Man from BehondBag 24
Muller John EThe Man From Beyond – BadgerBag 3
Muller John EThe Man Who Conquered TimeBadger
Muller John EThe Mind MakersBadger
Muller John EThe UninvitedBag 17
Muller John EThe UninvitedBadger
Muller John EThe Venus VentureBadger
Muller John EThe X-MachineBadger
Muller John EUranium 235Bag 29
Muller John EUranium 235Badger
Neville Kris / Carter LinPeril of the StarmenBelmont
Nolan Ed.3 to the Highest PowerCorgi
Nolan William FLogan’s SearchCorgi
Nolan William FLogan’s WorldCorgi
Nolan William FSpace for HireLancer
Norman JohnCaptive of GorTandam
Norman JohnRaiders of GorStar
Not ListedReturn of the Jedi (Comic Version)Piccolo
Nourse Alan ETiger by the Tail and other SF StoriesMacfadden
Nowlan Philip FrancisArmageddon 2419 ADPanther
Pape RichardAnd So Ends the WorldPanther
Petaja Emil / MoorcockThe Wrecks of Time / TramontaneAce Double
Petaja Emil / MoorcockTraontane / The Wrecks of TimeAce
Phillifent John / PiserchiaHierarchiesAce Double
Piserchia Doris / PhillifentMister Justice / HierachiesAce Double
Poe and VerneThe Mystery of Gordon Arthur PymPanther
Pohl & KornbluthThe Space MerchantsDigit UK
Pohl (ed)7th Galaxy ReaderPan
Pohl (ed)The Expert DreamsPan
Pohl Frederik (edited)STAR Short NovelsBallantine
Pohl Frederik (editor)STAR science Fiction stories no. 2Ballantine
Pohl Frederik Ed.STAR Science Ficttion Stories No. 2Ballantine
Pournelle JerryEscape from the Planet of the ApesAward
Powers JLBlack AbyssBadger
Rand AynAnthemSignet
Rankine JohnSpace 1999 – Astral QuestOrbit
Ranzetta LuanThe Night of the Death RainDigit
Ranzetta LuanYellow InfernoDigit UK
Ray ReneThe Strange World of Planet XDigit UK
Rayer Francis GCardinal of the StarsDigit UK
Reed Clifford CMartian EnterpriseDigit
Rey Lester DelThe Sky is FallingNEL
Reynolds MackOf Godlike PowerBelmont
Reynolds MackSpace PioneerFour Square
Reynolds MackThe Rival Riglians DOUBLEAce US
Richmond W & L / Chandler RThe Lost Millenium / The Road to the RimAce Double
Roberts LionalThe In-WorldBadger
Roberts LionalThe Synthetic OnesBadger
Roshwald MordecaiLevel 7Ace UK
Rouen Reed DeSplit ImagePanther
Russell Eric FrankMen Martians and MachinesPanther
Russell Eric FrankWaspPanther
Russell Eric FrankWith a Strange DevicePenguin
Saxon RichardThe Hour of the PhoenixConsul
Saxon RichardThe Stars Came DownConsul
Sdaberhagen FredBrother AssassinBallantine
Sellings ArthurThe Silent SpeakersPanther
Shaw BobOne Million TomorrowsAce US
Shaw BobShadow of HeavenNEL
Shea MichaelA Quest for SimbilisWALL
Silverberg RobertTo Open the SkySpere
Simak Clifford DCityFour Square
Simak Clifford DEnchanted PilgrimageMethuen
Simak Clifford DWay StationPan
Simak Clifford DWay StationManor
Smith CordwainerQuest of the Three WorldsAce US
Smith CordwainerThe Planet BuyerPyramid
Smith E E “Doc”Gataway WorldPanther
Smith E E DocLord Tedric – The Black Knight of the Iron SphereStar
Smith EE “Doc”Skylark DuQuesnePanther
Smith EE “Doc”Skylark of ValeronPanther
Smith EE “Doc”The Galaxy PrimesPanther
Smith EE “Doc”The Imperial StarsPanther
Smith EE “Doc”The Skylark of SpacePanther
Smith EE “Doc”The Skylark of SpaceDigit
Smith Evelyn EThe Perfect PlanetLancer
Smith George HThe Coming of the RatsDigit UK
Spinrad Ed.The New TomorrowsBelmont
St Clair MargaretSign of the LabrysCorgi
St.Clair MargaretChange the Sky and Other StotiesAce
Stanton LeeMushroom Men From MarsAuthentic SF
Statton VargoAnnihilationScion
Statton VargoDecreationScion
Statton VargoDevouring FireScion
Statton VargoInner CosmosScion
Statton VargoNebula XScion
Statton VargoPetrified PlanetScion
Statton VargoPioneer 1990Scion
Statton VargoThe New SatelliteScion
Steiger BradAtlantis RisingBAG 04
Steiger BradStranger from the SkiesTandem
Steiger BradWorld of the WeirdBelmont
Sturgeon TheodoreE Plurabis UnicornPanther
Suddaby DonaldThe Star RaidersScottie
Sullivan TimThe Florida ProjectNEL
Sutton JeffApollo at GoMayflower Dell
Sutton JeffSpacehiveAce US
Swann Thomas BurnettDay of the MinotaurAce US
Taine JohnG.O.G.666Arrow
Tevis WalterThe Man Who Fell to EarthGold Medal UK
Theydon JohnCaptain Scarlet and the Silent SaboteurArmada
Theydon JohnThunderbirdsArmada
Theydon JohnThunderbirdsArmada
Thomas MartinBeyond the SpectrumDigit UK
Thorpe TreborLightning WorldBadger
Timms Graeme DeSplitDigit UK
Tomas AndrewOn the Shores of Endless WorldsSphere
Torro PelForce 97XBadger
Torro PelSpace No BarrierBadger
Torro PelThe Last AstronoughtBadger
Torro PelThe ReturnBadger
Torro PelThrough the BarrierBadger
Torro PelWorld of GodsBadger
Tubb ECDerai – DumarestArrow
Tubb ECKalin – DumarestArrow
Tubb ECMoon BaseMayflower
Tubb ECMoon BaseAce US
Tubb ECS.T.A.R. FlightFive Star
Tubb ECSpace 199 – Rogue PlanetOrbit
Tubb ECSpace 1999 – BreakawayOrbit
Tubb ECSpace 1999 – Collision CourseOrbit
Tubb ECTen From TomorrowSphere
Tubb ECThe Winds of Gath – DumarestArrow
Tubb ECToyman – DumarestArrow
Tubb EC etcNew WorldsNova
Tubb EC etcNew WorldsCompact
Vallance KarlGlobal BlackoutGannet
Van Vogt A EAway and BehondPanther
Van Vogt A EChildren of TomorrowNEL
Van Vogt A EDestination UniverseSignet
Van Vogt A EDestination UNIVERSE!Panther
Van Vogt A EEmpire of the AtomNEL
Van Vogt A EMission to the StarsBerkley
Van Vogt A EMission to the StarsDigit UK
Van Vogt A EMission to the StarsSphere
Van Vogt A EMoonbeastPanther
Van Vogt A EMoonbeastPanther
Van Vogt A EMore than SuperhumanNEL
Van Vogt A EQuest for the FutureNEL
Van Vogt A ERogue ShipPanther
Van Vogt A ESlanPanther
Van Vogt A ESlanDell
Van Vogt A EThe Book of PtathPanther
Van Vogt A EThe House That Stood StillPaperback Library
Van Vogt A EThe Man With a Thousand NamesSidgwick & Jackson
Van Vogt A EThe Mind CagePanther
Van Vogt A EThe Proxy Intelligence & Other Mind BendersPaperback Library
Van Vogt A EThe SilkieNEL
Van Vogt A EThe Voyage of the Space BeaglePanther
Van Vogt A EThe War against the RullPanther
Van Vogt A EThe Weapon Shos of IsherNEL
Van Vogt A EThe World of Null-ASphere
Van Vogt A ETwo Hundred Million AD/The Book of PtathPaperback Library
Van Vogt A E & Hull E MayneOut of the UnknownNEL
Vance JackBig PlanetCoronet
Vance JackBig Planet DOUBLEAce US
Vance JackMaske:ThaeryFontana
Vance JackShowboat WorldCoronet
Vance JackSlaves of the Klau DOUBLEAce US
Vance JackSon of the TreeMayflower
Vance JackStar KingPanther
Vance JackThe Brains of Earth / The Many Worlds of Magnus RiAce US
Vance JackThe Dragon MastersMayflower
Vance JackThe Eyes of the OverworldBAG 20
Vance JackThe Eyes of the OverworldAce US
Vance JackThe Houses of IszmMayflower
Vance JackThe Languages of PaoCoronet
Vance JackThe Palace of LoveCoronet
Vance JackThe World Between/Monsters in OrbitAce US
Vardeman Robert EThe Klingon GambitTitan
Verne JulesClipper of the CloudsScottie
Verne JulesFive Weeks in a BaloonPanther
Verne JulesJourney to the Centre of the EarthScottie
Verne JulesOff on a CometAce US
Wade TomThe World of ThedaDigit
Wallace F LAddress:CentauriGalaxy
Water SilasThe Man With absolute MotionArrow
Waters T AThev Probability PadPyramid
Weinbaum Stanley GA Martian OdysseyLancer
Wellman Manley WadeTwice in TimeGalaxy
Wells BarryThe Day the Earth Cought FireFour Square
Wells HGThe First Man in the MoonFontana
Wells HGThe Time MachineAeire
Wells HGThe Time MachinePan
Wells HGThe Valley of SpidersFontana
Wheatey DennisStar of Ill-OmenArrow
White JamesThe Secret VisitorsDigit UK
Willeford CharlesThe Machine in Ward ElevenBelmont
Williams Robert MooreZanthar at Moon’s MadnessLancer
Williamson JackAfter World’s EndDigit UK
Williamson JackBright New UniverseAce US
Williamson JackSeetee ShipLancer
Williamson JackThe Legion of TimeDigit UK
Wise Robert A12 to the MoonBadger
Wolfe GeneOperation AresFontana
Woodcott KeithThe Matian SphinxAce US
Wright LanA Man Called DestinyDigit UK
Wright LanA Man Called DestinyDigit UK
Wright LanThe Creeping ShroudCompact
Wright LanWho Speaks of ConquestDigit UK
Wyndham JohnChockyPenguin
Wyndham JohnJizzleFour Square
Wyndham JohnStowaway to MarsCoronet
Wyndham JohnThe ChrysalidsBag 19
Wyndham JohnThe ChrysalidsPenguin
Wyndham JohnThe ChrysalidsPenguin
Wyndham JohnThe Day of the TriffidsPenguin
Wyndham JohnThe Day of the TriffidsPenguin
Wyndham JohnThe Day of the TriffidsPenguin
Wyndham JohnThe Kraken WakesPenguin
Wyndham JohnThe Midwich CuckoosBag 26
Wyndham JohnThe Midwich CuckoosPenguin
Wyndham JohnThe Seeds of TimePenguin
Wyndham John as John NenyonThe Secret PeopleCoronet
Zebrowski GeorgeAshes and StarsNEL
Zebrowski GeorgeThe Omega PointNEL
Zeigfreid KarlEscape to InfinityBadger
Zeigfreid KarlNo Way BackBAG 21
Zeigfreid KarlProjection InfinityBadger
Zeigfreid KarlThe World that Never WasBag 24
Zeigfried KarlAndroidBadger
Zeigfried KarlBarrier 346Badger
Zeigfried KarlNo Way BackBadger
Zeigfried KarlRadar AlertBadger
Zeigfried KarlThe World that Never WasBadger
Zeigfried KarlWalk Through To-morrowBadger
Zeigfried KarlWorld of TomorrowBadger
Zeigfried KarlWorld of TomorrowBadger
Zeigfried KarlZero Minus XBadger
Zelazney RogerSigh of ChaosBag 24
Zelazny RogerDamnation AlleySphere
Zelazny RogerEye of CatSphere
Zelazny RogerFour for TomorrowAce US
Zelazny RogerLord of LightPanther
Zetford Tully#01 Hook – Whirlpool of StarsNEL
Zetford Tully#02 Hook – The Boosted ManNEL
Zetford Tully#03 Hook – Star CityNEL
Zetford Tully#04 Hook – Virality GeneNEL
Zwlazny RogerThe Dream MastersAce US

I do have about 80 foot of uncatalogued Science Fiction / Fantasy, that are in approximate alphabetical order, so ask me if you are looking for something. (that doesn’t count digests I have about 20 foot of them).

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