Science Fiction



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Not a particularly helpful category, covering as it does such a wide range. I have obviously read Derleth and Frank Belknap Long but had not heard of the other two authors.

Stock; not all these have been recently stock checked

Aldiss (ed)Science FictionPenguinvgrep1638
Aldiss BrianEquatorDigit695
Aldiss BrianHothouseFour Squarevg+19641st1147
Aldiss BrianPenguin Science FictionPenguinvg1962rep1638
Aldiss BrianThe Airs of EarthFour Squarevg+19651st1325
Aldiss BrianThe InterpreterFour Squarevg19671st1970
Aldiss Brian WThe Dark Light YearsFour Squarevg19661st1437
Amis kingsleyNew Maps of HellFour Squarevg19631st863
Amis kingsleyNew Maps of HellNELvg19692385
Anderson PoulAfter DoomsdayPanthervg19651st1798
Anderson PoulBrain WaveBallantine80
Anderson PoulGaurdians of TimePanvg1stG660
Anderson PoulMirkheimSpheref19771st0
Anderson PoulNo World of their ownAce USvg19551stD550
Anderson PoulThe Long Way HomePanthervg19750
Anderson PoulWar of the Wing MenAce USvg+1stG634
Anderson PoulWorld Without StarsAce USvg1stF425
Anthology4 for the FutureConsulf1stN1018
AnthologyAsleep in ArmageddonPanthervg19622nd1379
AnthologyAtoms and EvilGold Medel0
AnthologyPath into the UnknownPanvg19691st
AnthologyThe Frozen PlanetMacfadden340
AnthologyThe Molecular CaféMvg19680
AnthologyThe Moonlight TravellerWDLvg19601stHH981
AnthologyTime UntamedBelmontvg19671st781
Arnold Edwin LGulliver of MarsAce USvg+F296
Asimov IsaacThe Caves of SteelPanthervg-19622nd835
Asimov IsaacThe Stars Like DustPanthervg19581st863
Asimov IsaakAsmov’s MysteiesPanthervg0
Asimov IsaakBuy JupiterPanthervg-0
Asimov IsaakEarth is Room EnoughPanthervg0
Asimov IsaakEarth is Room EnoughPanthervg1st1042
Asimov IsaakFantastic VoyageCorgivgsfcl0
Asimov IsaakFoundationPanthervg0
Asimov IsaakFoundationPanthervg19622nd1080
Asimov IsaakFoundation and EmpirePanthervg-0
Asimov IsaakFoundation and EmpirePanthervgISBN0
Asimov IsaakI, RobotPanthervg0
Asimov IsaakNightfall OnePanthervg+0
Asimov IsaakNightfall TwoPanthervg19810
Asimov IsaakPebble in the SkySpherevg0
Asimov IsaakPirates of the AsteroidsNELvg1st20282
Asimov IsaakSecond FoundationPanthervg1975ISBN0
Asimov IsaakSecond FoundationPanthervg19641st1713
Asimov IsaakThe Bicentenial ManPanthervg19781st0
Asimov IsaakThe Currents of SpacePanthervg0
Asimov IsaakThe Early Asimov Vol 2Panthervg0
Asimov IsaakThe End of EternityPanthervg19653rd881
Asimov IsaakThe End of EternityPanthervg-24409
Asimov IsaakThe Left Hand of the ElectronPanthervg0
Asimov IsaakThe Martian WayPanthervg0
Asimov IsaakThe Martian WayPanthervg19651st1799
Asimov IsaakThe Naked SunPanthervg1969RepISBN
Asimov IsaakThe Rest of the RobotsPanthervg1974RepISBN0
Asimov IsaakThe Stars Like DustPanthervg863
Asimov IsaakThrough a Glass ClearlyScholasticvg-0
Asimov IsaakThrough a Glass ClearlyNELvg+19671st1866
Ball BrianSpace 1999 – The Space GuardiansOrbitvg0
Ball BrianThe Space GuardiansOrbitvg0
Barr Tyrone CSplit WorldsDigit UKg+D248
Barton ErleThe Planet SeekersBadgervgSF99
Bayley Barrington JThe Garments of CaeanFontanavg19781st4862
Bester AlfredThe Demolished ManPanthervg19591st933
Bester AlfredThe Stars are my DestinationPanthervg19622nd973
Blackburn JohnThe Scent of New-Mown HayNEL31381
Blish JamesEarthman Come HomeMayflowervg19632205
Blish JamesGalactic ClusterFour Squarevg+19631st889
Blish JamesGalactic ClusterNELvg19652229
Blish JamesNight ShapesFour Squarevg+19631st942
Blish JamesStar TrekBantamvg19675629
Blish JamesStartrek – Spock Must DieCorgi0
Bloch RobertAtoms and EvilGold Medal UKvg-638
Boucher (ed)The Best from Fantasy & SF 7thAce USvg+162
Boucher Anthony (ed)Best Fantasy & SF Sixth SeriesAce USvg+1stG715
Bounds Sydney JThe Robot BrainsMacfaddenvg19691st410
Bova Ben EditorThe Novellas Book 2Spherevg19751st0
Brackett LeighThe Coming of the TerransAce USvg1967G669
Brackett LeighThe Sword of RhiannonAce USvg+1stF422
Bradbury Edward PBarbarians of MarsCompactvg19631stF291
Bradbury Edward PWarriors of MarsCompactvg-1stF275
Bradbury RayDandelion WineCorgivg1stGN7240
Bradbury RayFahrenheit 451Corgivg-0
Bradbury RayThe Day it Rained ForeverPenguinvg19631st1878
Bradbury RayThe Golden Apples of the SunCorgivg1st1241
Bradbury RayThe Illustrated ManCorgivg-19602ndSS818
Bradbury RayThe October CountryFour Squarevg19652nd1233
Braddon RusselThe Year of the Angry RabbitPanvg1stX625
Bradley Marion ZimmerThe Bloody SunAcevg19641st303
Bradley Marion ZimmerThe Colours of SpaceMonarchvg368
Brett LeoExit HumanityBadgervg+SF40
Brett LeoFaceless PlanetBadgervg-SF47
Brett LeoPower SphereBadgervgSF95
Brett LeoThe Alian OnesBadgervgSF94
Brown FredricAngels and SpaceshipFour Squarevg1st709
Brown FredricProject JupiterDigit UKvg+R828
Brown FredricThe Mind ThingBantamvg19611stA2187
Brunner JohnEnigma from Tantalus/The Repairmen of CyclopsAce USvgM115
Brunner JohnThe Long ResultPenguinvg19681st2804
Brunner JohnThe Worls SwappersAce USvg19591st649
Budrys AlgisRogue MoonGold Medal USvg pbo19601stL1474
Budrys AlgisThe Unexplained DimensionPanthervg19641st1649
Buffery JudithThe SheegDobson HBvg+19791st0
Bulmer Ed.New Writings in SF.26Corgivg+10232
Bulmer KennethCity Under the SeaDigit UKvg1stR505
Bulmer Kenneth ed.New Writings in SF.27Corgivg+19771st10388
Bulmer Kenneth EditorNew Writings in SF.27Corgivg+1st0
Burke JonathanPersuit Through TimeDigitg+R612
Burroughs Edgar RiceA Fighting Man of MarsFour Squarevg19661st1638
Burroughs Edgar RiceA Princess of Mars #1NELvg19691st2469
Burroughs Edgar RiceBack to the Stone AgeAce USvg4631
Burroughs Edgar RiceCarson of VenusAce USvg247
Burroughs Edgar RiceCarson of VenusNELvg1971rep40690
Burroughs Edgar RiceEscape on VenusNELvg-0
Burroughs Edgar RiceEscape on VenusAce USvg268
Burroughs Edgar RiceEscape on VenusFour Squarevg+19661st1660
Burroughs Edgar RiceFighting Man of MarsNELvg19737
Burroughs Edgar RiceI am a BarbarianAcevg19850
Burroughs Edgar RiceJohn Carter of MarsFour Squarevg+19681758
Burroughs Edgar RiceJohn Carter of Mars #11Ballantinevg+1976125
Burroughs Edgar RiceJohn Carter of Mars #11NELvg197326760
Burroughs Edgar RiceLand of TerrorTandemvg+19740
Burroughs Edgar RiceLand of TerrorAce US46996
Burroughs Edgar RiceLlana of GatholNELvg19740
Burroughs Edgar RiceLlana of GatholDelReyvg10
Burroughs Edgar RiceLost on VenusFour Squarevg+19651st1215
Burroughs Edgar RiceLost on Venus #2Del Reyvg+19910
Burroughs Edgar RiceLost on Venus #2Ace USvg+221
Burroughs Edgar RiceLost on Venus #2NELvg1974rep22277
Burroughs Edgar RiceMaster Mind of MarsNELvg+19730
Burroughs Edgar RiceOut of Time’s AbyssTandemvg19750
Burroughs Edgar RiceOut of Tims’s AbyssAce USvg64481
Burroughs Edgar RicePellucidarAce USvg+158
Burroughs Edgar RicePellucidarTandemvg+12781
Burroughs Edgar RicePirates of VenusPinnaclevg34
Burroughs Edgar RicePirates of VenusAce US179
Burroughs Edgar RicePirates of VenusFour Squarevg19642nd1217
Burroughs Edgar RiceSwords of MarsBallantinevg+19691523
Burroughs Edgar RiceSwords of Mars #8NELvg-19730
Burroughs Edgar RiceSwords of Mars #8Del Rayvg198013th8
Burroughs Edgar RiceSwords of Mars #8Four Squarevg19661st1676
Burroughs Edgar RiceSynthetic Men of MarsNELvg19729
Burroughs Edgar RiceSynthetic Men of MarsDel Rayvg+1981M9
Burroughs Edgar RiceSynthetic Men of MarsFour Squarevg1965rep1153
Burroughs Edgar RiceTanar of PellucidarAce USvg+171
Burroughs Edgar RiceThe Cave GirlTandemvg19771st0
Burroughs Edgar RiceThe Chessmen of MarsFour Squarevg19642nd661
Burroughs Edgar RiceThe Eternal SavageTandemvg19760
Burroughs Edgar RiceThe Gods of Mars #2Ballantinevg19732
Burroughs Edgar RiceThe Land that Time ForgotAce USvg197947024
Burroughs Edgar RiceThe Master Mind of MarsDelRay6
Burroughs Edgar RiceThe Mastermind of MarsBallantinevg+19691526
Burroughs Edgar RiceThe Monster MenTandemvg19761st0
Burroughs Edgar RiceThe Moon MaidHorwitzvg19701
Burroughs Edgar RiceThe Moon MaidAce US157
Burroughs Edgar RiceThe Moon MenHorwitzvg19702
Burroughs Edgar RiceThe Moon MenAce US159
Burroughs Edgar RiceThe People That Time ForgotTandemvg+19750
Burroughs Edgar RiceThe Warlord of MarsFour Squarevg1st367
Burroughs Edgar RiceThe Warlord of MarsBallantinevg19631stF711
Burroughs Edgar RiceThe Wizard of Venus #5NELvg19731st3537
Burroughs Edgar RiceThuvia Maid of MarsDelReyvg0
Burroughs Edgar RiceThuvia Maid of MarsFour Squarevg19642nd613
Burroughs Edgar RiceWarlord of Mars #3NELvg19730
Butterworth MichaelSpace 1999 – Planets of PerilStarvg+0
Cameron BerlSpero NovaCurtisvg19520
Campbell John WThe Moon is HellNELvg19751st0
Carnell Ed.New Writings in SF.19Corgivg+19711st8744
Carnell John (ed)No Place Like EarthPanther1253
Carnell John Ed.Lambda 1 and other storiesBerkleyvg19641stF883
Chandler A BertramInto the Alternate Universe/The Coils of TimeAce Doublevg+19641stM107
Chandler A Bertram / Mack ReynNebula Alert / The Rivel RigeliansAce Doublevg+19671stG632
Chandler Raymond / RichmondThe Road to the Rim / The Lost MilleniumAce DoublevgH29
Charbonneau LouisCorpus EarthlingDigitvg19631stR753
Charkin PaulThe Living GemDigit UK1stR732
Chilton CharlesThe Red PlanetDigit UK1stR770
Christopher JohnThe White Mountains – The TripodsPuffinvg0
Clarke Arthur CA Fall of MoondustPanvg1stX280
Clarke Arthur CA Fall of MoondustPang2ndX280
Clarke Arthur CChildhood’s EndPanvg19612ndG463
Clarke Arthur CEarthlightBallantinevg19551st97
Clarke Arthur CIslands in the SkyDigit UKvg+19641stR802
Clarke Arthur CPrelude to SpacePanvg1st301
Clarke Arthur CPrelude to SpaceFour Squarevg1962755
Clarke Arthur CReport on Planet Three and other speculationsCorgivg+sfcl0
Clarke Arthur CTales of Ten WorldsCorgivg+sfcl0
Clarke Arthur CTales of Ten WorldsPanvg1stX424
Clarke Arthur CThe Lion of Comarre & Agaist the Fall of NightCorgivg+19721stISBN0
Clarke Arthur CThe Other Side of the SkyCorgivg+0
Clarke Arthur CThe Other Side of the SkyCorgivg19631stYS1289
Clarke Arthur CThe Sands of MarsPanvg+1stX281
Clarke Arthur CThe Wind From The SunCorgivg+sfcl0
Clarke Arthur C ed.Expedition to EarthPanvg1stX462
Clarke Asimov etcThe Fantastic Universe OmnibusPanthervg+1st1414
Clement HalMission of GravityGalaxyvg-195833
Clifton MarkEight Keys to EdenPanvg1stX353
Clifton MarkWhen They Came from SpaceFour Squarevg-19641128
Clifton Mark & Rilet FrankThe Forever MachineGalaxyvg19581st35
Collyn GeorgeIn Passage of the sunCompactvg-1966164
Conan Doyle ArthurThe Lost WorlsMurrayvg19690
Conan Doyle ArthurThe Maracot DeepJohn Murray0
Conkin Groff Editor17 X InfinityDellvg+19631st7746
Conklin EditorSeven Come InfinityCoronetvg0
Cooper EdmundTomorrow CamePanthervg1st1511
Cooper EdnundVoices in the DarkDigit UKvg1stD349
Cummings RayBrigands of the MoonConsulvg-19661481
Cummings RayTama of the Light CountryAce USvg+1stF363
Cummings RayTama, Princess of MercuryAce USvg1stF406
Cummings RayThe Shadow GirlAce USvg19621st535
Dagmar PeterSands of TimeDigit UKvg+19631stR686
Darlton ClarkPerry Rhodan 28- The Plague of OblivionOrbitvg197728
Daventry LeonardA Man of Double DeedPanvg+1stX650
de Camp & MillerGenus HomoBerkleyvg19611st6536
de Camp L SpragueA Planet Called KrishnaCompactvg-311
De Camp L SpragueThe Floating ContinentCompactvg-F321
De Camp L Sprague ed.The Spell of SevenPyramidvg1182
Delany Samuel RThe Einstein IntersectionAce USvg+1stF427
Derleth AugustThe Time of InfinityConsulvg1268
Derleth August EditorThe Outer ReachesConsulvg19631267
Derlith AugustFrom Other WorldsFour Squarevg-19641st1107
Derlith August EdThe Other Side of the MoonPanthervg1st1541
Derlith August EdTime to ComeBerkleyvg19581st189
Dick Philip KThe Three Stigmata of Palmer EldritchMacfadden240
Dick Philip KThe World Jones MadePanthervg19701st0
Dick Philip KTime Out of JointPenguinvgrepISBN0
Dickson Gordon RNecromancerMayflowervg-19631st799
Dickson Gordon RThe Genetic GeneralDigit UKg+1stR437
Disch Thomas MOne Hundred and Two H BombsCompactvg+19661st327
Edwards NormanInvasion From 2500Monarchvg+19641st453
Effinger George AlecPlanet of the Apes – Journey into TerrorAwardvg19751st3
Effinger George AlecPlanet of the Apes – Man the FugitiveAwardvg19741st0
Eklund GordonThe Grayspace BeastPocket Book81390
Elliot LeeBio-MutonCurtisvg-19520
Ellison HarlanAll the Sounds of FearGranadavg1981rep0
Ellison Harlan / Hoffman LeeDoomsman / TelepowerBelmontvg779
Elwood Roger ed.Invasion of the RobotsPaperback Libraryvg52519
Fairman Paul WThe World GrabbersMonarchvg+19641st471
Fane BronJuggernautBadgervg-SF41
Fane BronNemasisBadgervgSF100
Fane BronSomewhere Out ThereBadgervgSF92
Fane BronSuspensionBadgervg+SF102
Fane BronThe IntrudersBadgerfSF89
Fane BronU.F.O. 517Badgervg-SF115
Fanthorpe RLFlame MassBadgervgSF49
Fanthorpe RLHand of DoomBadgervgSF44
Fanthorpe RLHyper SpaceBadgervg-SF17
Fanthorpe RLNeuron WordBadgervgSF108
Fanthorpe RLSpace FuryBadgervgSF77
Fanthorpe RLThe Watching WorldBadgervgSF118
Fast HowardThe Edge of TomorrowCorgi1107
Foster George CThe ChangeDigit UKvg1stR721
Galaxy Magazine – CompilationThe Six Fingers of TimeMacfaddenvg+19692nd428
Galaxy Magazine fromThe 6 Fingers of TimeMacfaddenvg+19692nd428
Gantz Kenneth FNot in SolitudeBerkleyvg19611st582
Garron MarcoAzan The Ape Man – Jungle FeverCurtisvg-0
Gerrod DavidThe Battle for the Planet of the ApesBag 230
Gold EditerThe Weird OnesBelmontvg19621st541
Gordon RexThe World of EclosConsulvg1stSF1050
Grant MathewHyper-DriveDigit UKvg1stR673
Green JosephThe Loafers of RefugePanvg1stX651
Green Joseph LThe Loafers of RefugeBallentinevg19651st2233
Greenleaf WilliamTime JumperLeisurevg0
Grinnell DavidEdge of TimeAce USvg1st
Hamilton EdmondThe Star of LifeCrestvg+19591st329
Harry Harrison (ed)Four for the FutureQuartetvg+19691st31093
Heinlein Rober ABetween PlanetsNELvg19732838
Heinlein RobertSpace CadetBag 190
Heinlein Robert A6 X HPyramidvg19611st642
Heinlein Robert ARevolt in 2100BAG 210
Heinlein Robert AThe Puppet MastersPanthervg+19601st1001
Heinline RobertFarmer in the SkyPanvg1stX713
Heinline RobertRed PlanetPanvg1stX712
Heinline RobertThe Door into SummerPanthervg1st1021
Heinline RobertThe Green Hills of EarthPanvg1st377
Heinline RobertThe Man Who Sold the MoonPang+2ndX227
Heinline RobertThe Man Who Sold the MoonPanvg1st327
Heinline Robert ARevolt in 2100Digit UKvg1stD235
Herbert FrankThe Book of Frank HerbertPanthervg1984rep0
Herbert FrankThe Dosadi ExperimentFuturavg1984rep0
Herbert FrankThe GodmakersNELvg+1984rep0
Herbert FrankThe Green BrainNELvg19750
Herbert FrankThe Heaven MakersNELvg19701st0
Herbert FrankThe Heaven MakersNELvg+1980rep0
Herbert FrankThe Santaroga BarrierNELvg+19711st2911
Herbert FrankThe Worlds of Frank HerbertNELvg0
Hoffman Lee / EllisonDoomsman / TelepowerBelmontvg779
Holly J HunterEncounterMonarchvg+19621st240
Holly J HunterThe Flying EyesMonarch1st260
Holly J HunterThe Green PlanetMonarchvg213
Holly J HunterThe Mind TradersMacfaddenvg+19671st291
Holly J HunterThe Running ManMonarchvg19631st342
Hoyle FredBlakes 7 – Scorpio AttackBBCvg+19811st0
Hoyle Fred & Elliot JohnA for AndromedaCorgivg+19631st1300
Hughes DenisMoon WarCurtisg0
Jakes John /Janifer & TreibichTonight we Steal the Stars/The Wagered WorldAce USvg80680
Janifer Laurence MA Piece of Martin CannFive Starvg-19720
Jones Neil RThe Planet of the Double SunAce USvg+1stF420
Jones Neil RThe Sunless World – Prof Jameson #2Ace USvg19671stG631
Jones Neil RTwin Worlds – Prof Jameson #4Ace USvg1967681
Jones RaymondThe Non-Statistical ManBelmontvg1968820
Kelley Leo PMythmasterCoronet18832
Kline Otis AdelbertThe Swordman of MarsAce USvg19601stG692
Knight DamonBeyond the BarrierCorgivg19661st7502
Knight Damon editorA Century of Science FictionPanvgT19
Knight Damon EditorCities of WaonderMacfaddenvg19671st183
Knight Ed.Cities of WonderMacfaddenvg19671st183
Kutter HenryDestination InfinityAvonvg275
Langelaan GeorgeOut of TimeFour Squarevg19641st1129
Leinster MurrayCity on the Moon ? Men on the MoonAce Doublevg1958277
Leinster MurrayFour From Planet 5Gold Medal USvg195921st937
Leinster MurrayInvaders of Spacef19681st201
Leinster MurrayS O S from three WorldsAce647
Leinster MurrayThe Greeks Bring GiftsMacfadden226
Leinster MurrayTime TunnelPyramidvg19671043
Leinster MurrayWar With the GizmosGold Medal USvg+19581sts751
Leslie DesmondThe Amazing Mr LutterworthDigit UKvg+1stD315
Lesser MiltonSecret of the Black PlanetBelmontf19651st621
Lewis CSOut of the Silent PlanetPanvg1st213
Lewis CSOut of the Silent PlanetPanvg-7thX270
Lewis CSThat Hideous StrengthPanvg5thX266
Lewis CSThat Hidious StrenghPanvg1st321
Lewis CSVoyage to VenusPanvg1st253
Lewis CSVoyage to VenusPanvg7thX268
Long Frank BelknapIt was the Day of the RobotBelmontvg19631st90277
Long Frank BelknapJourney Into DarknessBelmont0
Long Frank BelknapLest Earth be ConqueredBelmontvg19661stB50
Long Frank BelknapLest Earth Be ConqueredBelmont726
Long Frank BelknapThis Strange TomorrowDigit UKvg19661stR965
Long Frank BelknapWoman From Another PlanetChariot123
Lord JeffreyBlade – Champion of the GodsPinnaclevg1978HF21
Lord JeffreyBlade – The Dragons of EnglorPinnaclevg-1977HF24
Lord JeffreyBlade 09 – Kingdom of RoythPinnaclevg19783rd40439
Lovesey AndrewThe Half-AngelsSpherevg19750
Lymington JohnA Sword above the NightCorgivg19631stSS1334
Lymington JohnNight of the Big HeatCorgivg19611stSS982
Maddock LarryThe Golden Goddess GambitAcevg0
Main Charles EricSpacewaysPang1st297
Maine Charles EricCalculated RiskCorgivg19621st1118
Maine Charles EricCount DownCorgivg1stSS971
Maine Charles EricCrisis 2000Corgivg-19581st520
Maine Charles EricThe Man Who Owned the WorldPanthervg1610
Maine Charles EricWorld Without MenDigit UKvg+19631stR808
Malzberg Barry NThe Sodom and Gomorrah BusinessPocket Booksvg+19741st77789
Mannes MaryaTheySpherevg19711st0
Mantley JohnThe 27th DayBeaconvgB26
Margulies Leo ed3 From Out TherePanthervg1st1057
Margulies Leo EditorThree Times InfinityGold Medalvg1680
Martin PhilipDoctor Who – Vengeance on VarosTarget0
Matheson RichardThird Eye from the SunCorgivg19611stSS1027
McDaniel DavidThe Arsenal Out of TimeAce USvgG667
McIntosh JTBorn LeaderCorgivg1stSS1083
McIntosh JTOne in Three HundredCorgivg1stSS960
McIntosh JTWorlds ApartAvon0
McLaughlin DeanThe Man Who wanted StarsLancer441
Mendelsohn FelixSuperbabyPaperback Libraryvg19701st444
Merak AJBarrier UnknownBadgervg-SF30
Merak AJHydroshereBadgervg-SF36
Merril JudithThe Tomorrow PeoplePyramidvg-19601st502
Miall RobertGerry Anderson’s UFOPanvg19701st5
Miller Walter MConditionally HumanPanthervg1st1939
Monsarrat NicholasThe Time Before ThisPanvg1stG694
Moorcock ed.Best SF from New WorldsPanthervg19671st2243
Moorcock ed.The Best of New WorldsCompactvg1stH287
Moorcock MichaelThe Condition of Muzak – Cornelius #4Fontanavg+19781st5340
Moorcock MichaelThe English AssassinFontanavg-19751st5342
Moorcock MichaelThe Final ProgrammeFontanavg19791st5341
Moorcock Michael (ed)Best SF Stories from New Worlds 6Panthervg3283
Moorcock Michael (ed)best stories from New Worlds IIPanthervg1st23690
Moorcock Michael EditorNew Worlds 154Compactvg1965154
Moorcock Michael EditorNew Worlds 167Compactvg167
Morgan DanThe Several MindsCorgivg-19691st552
MoskowitzA Sense of WonderNELvg1974rep3239
Moskowitz (ed)Doorway into TimeMacfadden311
Muller John EAlianBadgervgSF61
Muller John EBeyond the VoidBadgervgSF112
Muller John EBeyond TimeBadgervgSF71
Muller John EDark ContiniumBadgervgSF104
Muller John EDay of the BeastsBag 170
Muller John EDay of the BeastsBadgervgSF51
Muller John EEdge of EternityBAG 220
Muller John EEdge of EternityBadgervg-SF65
Muller John EIn the BeginningBadgervg+SF76
Muller John EMicro InfinityBadgervgSF70
Muller John ENight of the Big FireBadgervgSF75
Muller John EOrbit OneBadgervgSF69
Muller John EPerilous GalaxyBag 230
Muller John EPerilous GalaxyBadgervgSF66
Muller John EPhenomina XBadgervg+SF116
Muller John EReactor SK9BadgervgSF96
Muller John ESearch the Dark StarsBadgervgSF48
Muller John ESpace VoidBadgervg-SF34
Muller John ESurvival ProjectBadgervgSF117
Muller John EThe Man From BehindBadgervgSF111
Muller John EThe Man from BehondBag 240
Muller John EThe Man From Beyond – BadgerBag 30
Muller John EThe Man Who Conquered TimeBadgervgSF68
Muller John EThe Mind MakersBadgervgSF58
Muller John EThe UninvitedBag 170
Muller John EThe UninvitedBadgervgSF57
Muller John EThe Venus VentureBadgervg-SF62
Muller John EThe X-MachineBadgervgSF74
Muller John EUranium 235Bag 290
Muller John EUranium 235BadgervgSF67
Nolan Ed.3 to the Highest PowerCorgif19711st8709
Nolan William FLogan’s WorldCorgivg19781st0
Nolan William FSpace for HireLancervg+1st447
Norman JohnRaiders of GorStarvg-0
Nourse Alan ETiger by the Tail and other SF StoriesMacfaddenvg19641st199
Nowlan Philip FrancisArmageddon 2419 ADPantherf19761stisbn0
Pape RichardAnd So Ends the WorldPanthervg-19631st1493
Phillifent John / PiserchiaHierarchiesAce Doublevg1st53415
Piserchia Doris / PhillifentMister Justice / HierachiesAce Doublevg1st53415
Pohl & KornbluthThe Space MerchantsDigit UKvg1stD327
Pohl (ed)7th Galaxy ReaderPanvg+1stM192
Pohl (ed)The Expert DreamsPanvg1stX463
Pohl Frederik (edited)STAR Short NovelsBallantinevg195489
Pohl Frederik (editor)STAR science Fiction stories no. 2Ballantinevg19622nd612
Pohl Frederik Ed.STAR Science Ficttion Stories No. 2Ballantinevg19622nd612
Powers JLBlack AbyssBadgervg-SF32
Rand AynAnthemSignetvg+19611st1985
Rankine JohnSpace 1999 – Astral QuestOrbitvg19751st0
Ranzetta LuanYellow InfernoDigit UKvgR836
Ray ReneThe Strange World of Planet XDigit UKvg19631stR735
Rayer Francis GCardinal of the StarsDigit UKvg+R851
Reed Clifford CMartian EnterpriseDigit638
Rey Lester DelThe Sky is FallingNEL20509
Reynolds MackOf Godlike PowerBelmontvg19661st680
Reynolds MackSpace PioneerFour Square0
Reynolds MackThe Rival Riglians DOUBLEAce USvg1stG632
Richmond W & L / Chandler RThe Lost Millenium / The Road to the RimAce DoublevgH29
Roberts LionalThe In-WorldBadgervg+SF37
Roberts LionalThe Synthetic OnesBadgervgSF52
Roshwald MordecaiLevel 7Ace UKvg1stH497
Rouen Reed DeSplit ImagePanthervg+19581st763
Russell Eric FrankMen Martians and MachinesPanthervg-1st1890
Russell Eric FrankWaspPanthervg19681487
Russell Eric FrankWith a Strange DevicePenguinvg+2358
Saxon RichardThe Hour of the PhoenixConsulvg19641st1308
Saxon RichardThe Stars Came DownConsul1292
Sdaberhagen FredBrother AssassinBallantinevg-19691st72018
Sellings ArthurThe Silent SpeakersPanthervg+19651st1787
Shaw BobOne Million TomorrowsAce USvg62938
Shaw BobShadow of HeavenNELvg+19740
Shea MichaelA Quest for SimbilisWALL0
Silverberg RobertTo Open the SkySpere0
Simak Clifford DCityFour Squarevg-19651st1250
Simak Clifford DEnchanted PilgrimageMethuenvg+0
Simak Clifford DWay StationPanvg1stX572
Simak Clifford DWay StationManorvg15305
Smith CordwainerQuest of the Three WorldsAce USvg+1stF402
Smith CordwainerThe Planet BuyerPyramidvg19641st2049
Smith E E “Doc”Gataway WorldPanthervg0
Smith E E DocLord Tedric – The Black Knight of the Iron SphereStarvg19791st0
Smith EE “Doc”Skylark DuQuesnePanthervg19741stisdn4
Smith EE “Doc”Skylark of ValeronPanther0
Smith EE “Doc”The Galaxy PrimesPanthervg+19751stisdn0
Smith EE “Doc”The Imperial StarsPanthervg++1977repisdn0
Smith EE “Doc”The Skylark of SpacePanthervg19741st1
Smith EE “Doc”The Skylark of SpaceDigit266
Smith Evelyn EThe Perfect PlanetLancervg679
Smith George HThe Coming of the RatsDigit UKvg-R862
Spinrad Ed.The New TomorrowsBelmontvg19711st2172
St Clair MargaretSign of the LabrysCorgivg19631st1423
St.Clair MargaretChange the Sky and Other StotiesAce10258
Stanton LeeMushroom Men From MarsAuthentic SFvg-0
Statton VargoAnnihilationScionvg0
Statton VargoDecreationSciong+0
Statton VargoDevouring FireScionvg+0
Statton VargoInner CosmosScionvg-0
Statton VargoNebula XScionvg-0
Statton VargoPetrified PlanetScionvg0
Statton VargoPioneer 1990Scionvg-0
Statton VargoThe New SatelliteScionvg0
Steiger BradAtlantis RisingBAG 040
Steiger BradStranger from the SkiesTandemvg19724845
Steiger BradWorld of the WeirdBelmontvg+19701st0
Sturgeon TheodoreE Plurabis UnicornPantherf1st1183
Sullivan TimThe Florida ProjectNEL0
Sutton JeffApollo at GoMayflower Dellvg+19641st244
Sutton JeffSpacehiveAce USvg1st478
Taine JohnG.O.G.666Arrowvg+1st705
Tevis WalterThe Man Who Fell to EarthGold Medal UKvg1st656
Thomas MartinBeyond the SpectrumDigit UKvg+R864
Thorpe TreborLightning WorldBadgervg+SF38
Timms Graeme DeSplitDigit UKvg+1stR807
Tomas AndrewOn the Shores of Endless WorldsSpherevg19750
Torro PelForce 97XBadgervgSF110
Torro PelSpace No BarrierBadgervgSF106
Torro PelThe Last AstronoughtBadgervgSF93
Torro PelThe ReturnBadgervgSF101
Torro PelThrough the BarrierBadgervgSF91
Torro PelWorld of GodsBadgervg-SF45
Tubb ECMoon BaseAce USvg19641stF293
Tubb ECS.T.A.R. FlightFive Starvg19731st0
Tubb ECSpace 199 – Rogue PlanetOrbit0
Tubb ECSpace 1999 – BreakawayOrbit0
Tubb ECSpace 1999 – Collision CourseOrbitvg19751st0
Vallance KarlGlobal BlackoutGannetvg19540
Van Vogt A EAway and BehondPanthervg-0
Van Vogt A EChildren of TomorrowNELvg0
Van Vogt A EDestination UniverseSignet1st1007
Van Vogt A EDestination UNIVERSE!PanthervgISBN0
Van Vogt A EEmpire of the AtomNELvg19751st23265
Van Vogt A EMission to the StarsBerkleyvg19551st0
Van Vogt A EMission to the StarsDigit UKvg-0
Van Vogt A EMission to the StarsSpherevg19760
Van Vogt A EMoonbeastPanthervg+19730
Van Vogt A EMoonbeastPanthervg19691st0
Van Vogt A EMore than SuperhumanNELvg19751st25713
Van Vogt A EQuest for the FutureNELvg+19730
Van Vogt A ERogue ShipPanthervg+19751st0
Van Vogt A ESlanPanthervg+0
Van Vogt A ESlanDell1st696
Van Vogt A EThe Book of PtathPanthervg+19730
Van Vogt A EThe House That Stood StillPaperback Library0
Van Vogt A EThe Man With a Thousand NamesSidgwick & Jacksonvg+19390
Van Vogt A EThe Mind CagePanthervg+19750
Van Vogt A EThe Proxy Intelligence & Other Mind BendersPaperback Libraryf0
Van Vogt A EThe SilkieNELvg+0
Van Vogt A EThe Voyage of the Space BeaglePanthervg+19790
Van Vogt A EThe War against the RullPanthervg2nd1168
Van Vogt A EThe Weapon Shos of IsherNELvg19741463
Van Vogt A EThe World of Null-ASpherevg19710
Van Vogt A ETwo Hundred Million AD/The Book of PtathPaperback Libraryvg0
Van Vogt A E & Hull E MayneOut of the UnknownNELvg1st0
Vance JackBig PlanetCoronetvg19771st0
Vance JackBig Planet DOUBLEAce USvg1stD295
Vance JackMaske:ThaeryFontanavg1st5093
Vance JackShowboat WorldCoronetvg19771st0
Vance JackSlaves of the Klau DOUBLEAce USvg1stD295
Vance JackSon of the TreeMayflowervg0
Vance JackStar KingPantherf19681stX2476
Vance JackThe Brains of Earth / The Many Worlds of Magnus RiAce USvg1stM141
Vance JackThe Dragon MastersMayflowervg583
Vance JackThe Eyes of the OverworldBAG 200
Vance JackThe Eyes of the OverworldAce USvg19661stM149
Vance JackThe Houses of IszmMayflowervg19740
Vance JackThe Languages of PaoCoronetvg19741st0
Vance JackThe Palace of LoveCoronetvg+0
Vance JackThe World Between/Monsters in OrbitAce USvgM125
Vardeman Robert EThe Klingon GambitTitanvg+19901st33
Verne JulesClipper of the CloudsScottievg48
Verne JulesFive Weeks in a BaloonPantherg19641st1731
Verne JulesJourney to the Centre of the EarthScottievg+19561st
Verne JulesOff on a CometAce USvg+D245
Wade TomThe World of ThedaDigitvgR610
Wallace F LAddress:CentauriGalaxyvg32
Water SilasThe Man With absolute MotionArrowvg1st795
Waters T AThev Probability PadPyramidvg-19701st0
Weinbaum Stanley GA Martian OdysseyLancervg+19661st6
Wellman Manley WadeTwice in TimeGalaxyvg19581st34
Wells HGThe First Man in the MoonFontanavg+19601st433
Wells HGThe Time MachineAeirevg19860
Wells HGThe Time MachinePanf1st251
Wells HGThe Time MachinePanvg+2nd251
Wheatey DennisStar of Ill-OmenArrowvg+19622nd378
White JamesThe Secret VisitorsDigit UKvg+19571stR479
Willeford CharlesThe Machine in Ward ElevenBelmontvg+19631st286
Williamson JackAfter World’s EndDigit UKvg1stR538
Williamson JackBright New UniverseAce USvg+1stG641
Williamson JackSeetee ShipLancervg19681st73732
Williamson JackThe Legion of TimeDigit UKvgR522
Wise Robert A12 to the MoonBadgervg+SF59
Wolfe GeneOperation AresFontanavg19781st5143
Woodcott KeithThe Matian SphinxAce USvg+19651st320
Wright LanA Man Called DestinyDigit UKvg1stR514
Wright LanA Man Called DestinyDigit UKvg+2ndR785
Wright LanThe Creeping ShroudCompactvg+19661st293
Wright LanWho Speaks of ConquestDigit UKvg19571stR490
Wyndham JohnChockyPenguinvg+ISBN0
Wyndham JohnJizzleFour Squarevg2nd730
Wyndham JohnStowaway to MarsCoronetvg1972rep5835
Wyndham JohnThe ChrysalidsBag 190
Wyndham JohnThe ChrysalidsPenguinISBN0
Wyndham JohnThe ChrysalidsPenguinvg19613rd1308
Wyndham JohnThe Day of the TriffidsPenguing+19541st993
Wyndham JohnThe Day of the TriffidsPenguinvg19541st993
Wyndham JohnThe Day of the TriffidsPenguinvg19605th993
Wyndham JohnThe Kraken WakesPenguinvg+19551st1075
Wyndham JohnThe Midwich CuckoosBag 260
Wyndham JohnThe Midwich CuckoosPenguinvg19614th1440
Wyndham JohnThe Seeds of TimePenguing+19613rd1385
Wyndham John as John NenyonThe Secret PeopleCoronetvg-197215834
Zebrowski GeorgeAshes and StarsNELvg+19781st42014
Zebrowski GeorgeThe Omega PointNELvg+19741st18040
Zeigfreid KarlEscape to InfinityBadgerfSF82
Zeigfreid KarlNo Way BackBAG 210
Zeigfreid KarlProjection InfinityBadgervgSF103
Zeigfreid KarlThe World that Never WasBag 240
Zeigfried KarlAndroidBadgervgSF79
Zeigfried KarlBarrier 346BadgervgSF113
Zeigfried KarlNo Way BackBadgervgSF107
Zeigfried KarlRadar AlertBadgervgSF83
Zeigfried KarlThe World that Never WasBadgervgSF85
Zeigfried KarlWalk Through To-morrowBadgervg-SF78
Zeigfried KarlWorld of TomorrowBadgervg-SF84
Zeigfried KarlWorld of TomorrowBadgervgSF84
Zeigfried KarlZero Minus XBadgervgSF81
Zelazney RogerSigh of ChaosBag 240
Zelazny RogerDamnation AlleySpherevg+1st0
Zelazny RogerEye of CatSpheref19880
Zelazny RogerFour for TomorrowAce USvgM155
Zelazny RogerLord of LightPantherf19770
Zetford Tully#01 Hook – Whirlpool of StarsNELvg+19741st18385
Zetford Tully#02 Hook – The Boosted ManNELvg+19741st18393
Zetford Tully#03 Hook – Star CityNELvg+19741st19632
Zetford Tully#04 Hook – Virality GeneNELvg+19751st21971
Zwlazny RogerThe Dream MastersAce USvg-19661stF403

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