Pocket Books

I am only 99% sure of these titles as I am only partially through my stock check.

Algren NelsonThe Man With the Golden ArmPocket Book737
Algren NelsonThe Man With the Golden ArmPocket Bookvg-19511st757
Allen HerveyAction at AquillaPocket Book0
Ambler EricJudgment on DeltchevPocket Book887
AnthologyThe Anatomy of MurderPocket BookB5
Arlott JohnBritish Sporting StoriesPocket Bookvg-1stB39
Armstrong CharlotteMischiefPocket Bookvg19511st805
Armstrong CharlotteThe UnsuspectedPocket Book444
Armstrong CharlotteThe UnsuspectedPocket Bookvg19471st444
Armstrong CharlotteThe UnsuspectedPocket Bookvg19474th444
Arno PeterThe Peter Arno Pocket BookPocket Bookvg++19473rd417
Asbury HerbertThe Barbary CoastPocket Bookvg19483rd474
Austen JanePide and PrejudicePocket BookvgRep63
Bailey HCThe Best of Mr FortunePocket Bookvg19432nd190
Baldwin FaithPrivate DutiesPocket Bookvg-445
Benchley RobertMy Ten Years\in a QuandaryPocket Bookvg19471st449
Boucher EditorThe Pocket Book of True Crime StoriesPocket Bookvg-1943213
Bower BMThe Whoop-up TrailPocket Bookvg19453rd310
Brand MaxSilvertipPocket Bookvg1946369
Brande DorotheaWake Up and LivePocket Bookvg+195315th2
Brooks JohnThe Big WheelPocket Bookvg19511st767
Brown EugeneTrespassPocket Book964
Buck Pearl SPeonyPocket Book679
Budd LillianApril SnowPocket Bookvg19541st994
Cannon Cornelia JamesRed DustPocket Book623
Capp AlThe Life and Times of The ShmooPocket Bookvg-19491st621
Chandler RaymondThe Big SleepPocket Bookvg+50541
Cody AlDisaster TrailPocket Bookvg19491st648
Cody AlWest of the LawPocket Bookvg+19491st610
Craven ThomasFamous Artists & their ModelsPocket Bookvg19491st579
Curie Eve – Trans. SheeanMadame CuriePocket Bookvg+19461st400
Daly MaureenThe Perfect HostessPocket Bookvg+19511st751
Daly MaureenYou Too can be the Perfect HostessPocket Bookvg19511st751
Day ClarenceLife with FatherPocket Book280
Day ClarenceLife With FatherPocket Bookvg1947280
De Kruif PaulHunger FightersPocket Bookvg19421st155
Dickens CharlesPickwick PapersPocket Book100
Dickson CarterDeath and the Gilded ManPocket Book1947478
Dickson CarterSeeing is BelievingPocket Book0
Dickson CarterThe Judas WindowPocket Book231
Dickson CarterThe Punch & Judy MurdersPocket Book19431st219
Douglas lloyd CGreen LightPocket Bookf19457th175
Dowst Robert SWin, Place and ShowPocket Bookvg19481st458
Dreiser TheodoreSister CarriePocket Bookvg+19491st644
du Maurier DaphneThe King’s GeneralPocket Book0
Eklund GordonThe Grayspace BeastPocket Book81390
Ellington RichardIt’s a CrimePocket Bookvg-19501st756
ExnerThe Sexual Side of MarriagePocket Book500
Foss HubertThe Concert Goers HandbookPocket Bookvg19511stB44
Fowler GeneGood Night, Sweet PrincePocket Bookvg+19471st430
Frank patMr AdamPocket Book498
Franken RoseAnother ClaudiaPocket Book449
Fuller RogerFugative – Fear in a Desert TownPocket Bookg501
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Angry MournerPocket Bookvg19601092
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Calendar GirlPocket Bookvg+19636040
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Crooked CandlePocket Bookvg+19511st758
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Deadly ToyPocket Bookvg19697th55858
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Drowning DuckPocket Book0
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Golddiggers PursePocket Bookf19511st812
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Howling DogPocket Bookvg1954rep116
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Lame CanaryPocket Bookvg+194616th223
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Long-legged ModelsPocket Bookvg19601238
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Moth Eaten MinkPocket Bookvg19561107
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Perjured ParrotPocket Bookvg19508th378
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAtcot Smoking ChimneyPocket Bookvg19503rd667
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAThe Bigger They ComePocket Bookg+19432nd228
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAThe D A Holds a CandlePocket Bookvg1945287
Gardner Erle Stanley /Fair AAThe D.A. Cooks a GoosePocket Bookvg1949561
Gooden Arthur HenryWayne of the Flying WPocket Book873
Grdner Erle Stanleytcot Drowning DuckPocket Bookvg+19656th50320
Haines William WisterHigh TensionPocket Bookvg19481st502
Hayes AlfredThe Girl on the Via FlaminiaPocket Book666
Hertzler Arthur EThe Horse & Buggy DoctorPocket Bookvg0
Hilton JamesLost HorizonPocket Bookvg+1961rep6100
Hughes Dorothy BThe Candy KidPocket Bookvg+19511st845
Hughes Dorothy BThe Delicate ApePocket Bookvg19461st422
Hutchinson ASMIf Winter ComesPocket Bookvg19481st486
Janeway ElizabethDaisy KenyonPocket Bookvg19484th442
Janeway ElizabethThe Walsh GirlsPocket Book1st393
JonesPeabody’s MermaidPocket Bookvg+19481st503
Jones HowardTropical TalesPocket Bookvg-1stB42
Kelly G LombardSexual Feeling in Married Men & WomenPocket Book825
Kirk JeremyThe Buid-up BoysPocket Bookvg+19522nd849
Kirk JeremyThe Build-up BoysPocket Book849
Kruif Paul DeMicrobe HuntersPocket Book49
Lea TomThe Brave BullsPocket Bookvg19511st771
Liederman AlLi’l LeaguerPocket Bookvg+19601st1272
Lindsey PhilipOne Dagger for TwoPocket Book0
Long ManningVicious CirclePocket Bookvg19531stB80
Lott MiltonThe Last HuntPocket Bookvg19562ndC203
Malzberg Barry NThe Sodom and Gomorrah BusinessPocket Bookvg+19741st77789
Marsh NgaioSwing Brother SwingPocket Bookvg+19511st762
Marshall BruceFather Malachy’s MiraclePocket Bookvg19471st435
Masur Harold QSo Rich, So Lovely and So DeadPocket Bookvg998
Maugham W SomersetCakes and AlePocket Bookvg1964rep50029
Maule Harry EThe Pocket Book of Western StoriesPocket Book0
Maurier Daphne duThe King’s GeneralPocket Bookvg-19471st483
McIntyreStar Trk III – The Search for SpockPocket Bookvg198417
Miller Helen ToppingSpot LightPocket Book653
Moon BucklinWithout MagnoliasPocket Bookvg+19501st697
Narayan R KThe Bachelor of ArtsPocket Bookvg19511stB31
Neville MargotMurder of a NymphPocket Bookvg+19511st829
Nordhoff & HallPitcairn’s IslandPocket Bookvg19472nd457
Packard VanceThe Human Side of AnimalsPocket Bookvg19501st755
Perkins JREmperor’s PhysicianPocket Bookvg19471st481
Peterkin JuliaScarlet Sister MarkPocket Book48
Phillips JASuitable For FramingPocket Bookvg+19501st725
Postgate RaymondVerdict of TwelvePocket Book331
Prather Richard SShell Scott – Kill Him TwicePocket Bookvg19686th55025
Queen ElleryDeath Spins the PlatterPocket Bookvg19621st6126
Queen ElleryHalfway HousePocket Bookvg-1945259
Queen ElleryQ B IPocket Bookvg19561st1118
Queen ElleryThe Door BetweenPocket Bookvg-19471st471
Queen ElleryThe Dutch Shoe MysteryPocket Bookvg0
Queen ElleryThe Four of HeartsPocket Bookvg-245
Queen ElleryThe Roman Hat MysteryPocket Book0
Queen ElleryThere Was am Old WomanPocket Bookvg-326
Raine William MacleodBorder BreedPocket Bookvg19501st721
Raine William MacLeodThe Sheriff’s SonPocket Bookvg+19511st815
Rice CraigThe Sunday Pigeon MurdersPocket Bookvg-19471st434
Rigsby HowardMurder for the HolidaysPocket Bookvg19521st907
Rinehart Mary RobertsThe AlbumPocket Bookvg19411st121
Ripley AustinMinute MysteriesPocket Book486
Ripley AustinMinute MysteriesPocket Bookvg+19491st641
Romano RomualdoSciroccoPocket Bookvg19521st900
Rose BillyWine Women and WordsPocket Bookvg19501st685
Ross BarnabyThe Scrolls of LysisPocket Book5083
Sachs Paul JThe Pocket Book of Great DrawingPocket Bookvg19511st765
Santee RossCowboyPocket Bookvg+19501st732
Seifert ElizabethA Certain Doctor FrenchPocket Bookvg-1947122
Seifert ElizabethThe Young Doctor GalahadPocket Bookvg1946302
Seuss DrThe Pocket Book of BonersPocket Bookvg194526th110
Sharp MargeryCluny BrownPocket Bookvg1st395
Shute NevilPastorialPocket Bookvg+19462nd281
Smith ThorneTopperPocket Book0
Smith ThorneTurnaboutPocket Bookvg19474th447
Steinbeck JohnThe Steinbeck PB Of Mice & MenPocket Bookvg1945243
Stinetorf LouiseWhite Witch DoctorPocket Bookvg+19521st851
talian MysoganistsThe Pocket BiblePocket Book0
Turnbull Agnes SlighThe Bishop’s MantlePocket Bookvg19491st657
Twain MarkA Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s CourtPocket Bookvg1st497
Ullman James RamseyThe White TowerPocket Bookvg19521stC76
Upson William HazlettAlexander Botts Earthworm TractorsPocket Bookvg-19463rd304
Van Dine SSThe Benson Murder CasePocket Bookvg333
Van Dine SSThe Canary CasePocket Bookvg-19443rd248
Van Loon Hendrik WillemThe Story of MankindPocket Bookvg194815
Van Praag VanCombatPocket Bookvg+19501st747
VariousThe Pocket Mystery ReaderPocket Book0
Wallop DouglasThe Year the Yankees Lost the PennantPocket Bookvg19581stC328
Watkin Lawrence EdwardOn Borrowed TimePocket Bookvg19451st317
Wells EvelynJed Blaine’s WomanPocket Book637
Wells Lee ETonto RileyPocket Bookvg19521st865
Westcott JanThe HepburnPocket Bookvg19511st827
White Nelia GardnerNo Trumpet Before HimPocket Bookvg19501st664
Wilder ThorntonThe Bridge of San Luis ReyPocket Bookvg+19497th9
Willkie Wendell LOne WorldPocket Bookvg19431st229
Wilson EarlI am Gazing Into My 8-BallPocket Bookvg19481st489
Worley WilliamMy Dead WifePocket Bookvg19511st773
Wright Harold BellThe Shepherd of the HillsPocket Book441

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