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Don’t Cry Beloved – Edward Ronns

Gold Medal 1952 1st vg+ Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me.



Gold Medal (UK) vg+ Price includes UK Posting – For other postal rates to more distant locations please contact me. Other Telfair titles in stock Auther Title Publisher Condition Date Edition Telfair Richard Day of the Gun Gold Medal vg- 1962 2nd Telfair Richard Day of the Gun Gold Medal US vg Telfair Richard Good Luck Sucker Gold Medal UK vg- 1st


Margulies - Back Alley Jungle

A mixture of UK and US editions

PLEASE CONTACT IF INTERESTED (note it’s a while since last full stock check)

Aarons Edward SAssignment AnkaraGold Medal UKvg19621st
Aarons Edward SAssignment HeleneGold Medal UKvg-
Aarons Edward SAssignment Lili LamarisGold Medal UKvg1963r
Aarons Edward SAssignment MadeleineGold Medal UKvg19632nd
Aarons Edward SAssignment Manchurian DollGold Medal UKvg19641st
Aarons Edward SThe DefendersGold Medal UKvg2nd
Albert Marvin HThat Jane from MaineGold Medal UKvg-1st
Ames RobertThe Dangerous OneGold Medal UKvg
AnthologyAtoms and EvilGold Medal
Atlee PhilipThe Death Bird ContractGold Medalvg19661st
Atlee PhilipThe Green WoundGold Medal1st
Atlee PhilipThe Paper Pistol ContractGold Medalvg19661st
Axelrod GeorgeBackmailerGold Medal USvg19521st
Ballard P DAge of the JunkmenGold Medalvg19631st
Ballard W TWalk in FearGold Medalvg-19521st
Bloch RobertAtoms and EvilGold Medal UKvg-
Blood MathewThe AvengerGold Medal UKvg19581st
Brackeen SteveBaby MollGold Medal UKvg
Brennan Frederick HazlittOne of our H Bombs is MissingGold Medal UKvg1st
Brown FredricMadballGold Medal UKvg19621st
Brown FredricMadballGold Medal UK
Brown WenzellThe Murder KickGold Medal UKvg1st
Budrys AlgisRogue MoonGold Medal USvg pbo19601st
Cameron LouThe Black CampGold Medalvg1963
Carter LinThe Man Who Loved Marsgold Medalvg19731st
CartoonsCartoon LaffsGold Medal USvg19522nd
Castle FrankMurder in RedGold Medal UKvg-1st
Castle FrankVengeance Under LawGold Medal UKvg
Chadwick JosephDevil’s LegacyGold Medal USg19521st
Chase BordenLone StarGold Medal USvg19521st
Clark FordThe Open SquareGold Medal UKvg19631st
Content NikkiHideawayGold Medal UKvg
Cort VanMail Order BrideGold Medal UKvg19641st
Craig JonathanMorgue for VenusGold Medal USg19561st
Daniels NormanSomething BurningGold Medal UKvg19631st
Davis GordonCounterfeit KillGold Medalf19641st
Demaris OvidCandylegsGold Medal UKvg19621st
Demaris OvidThe Hoods Take OverGold Medal USvg-19571st
Dewey Thomas BA Season of ViolenceGold Medalvg
Dodge SteveShanghai IncidentGold Medal USvg-19551st
Duhart William HThe Deadly Pay-OffGold Medal1st
Edwards HerbIsland of LoveGold Medal UKvg1963
Ernenwein LeslieBullet BarricadeGold Medalg1955
Fischer BrunoThe Girl BetweenGold Medal UKvg-19621st
Fleischman ASLook Behind You LadyGold Medal UKvg+
Foster RichardToo Late for the MourningGold Medal UKvg-19611st
Glendenning RichardTerror in the SunGold Medal USg19521st
Green ChalmersThe Scarlet VenusGold Medal USvg+19521st
Hamilton DonaldAssassins Have Starry EyesGold Medal USvg
Hamilton DonaldMurder Twice ToldGold Medal USvg+1st
Hamilton DonaldNight WalkerGold Medal1st
Hamilton DonaldNight WalkerGold Medal USvg
Hamilton DonaldThe AmbushersGold Medal UKvg+19641st
Hamilton DonaldThe RemoversGold Medal UKvg+19621st
Hilton JosephThat French GirlGold Medal USvg19521st
Himmel RichardThe Chinese KeyholeGold Medal USvg19554th
Himmel RichardThe Sharp EdgeGold Medal USvg+19521st
Howard VechelSundown at Crazy HorseGold Medal UKvg-1st
Howard VechelTall in the WestGold Medal UKvg+
Idell AlbertThis WomanGold Medalvg-19521st
Jessup RichardSabadillaGold Medalvg-
Jessup RichardWolf CopGold Medal UKvg19631st
Kastle Herbert DHot ProwlGold Medalvg
Keene DayDead Dolls Don’t TalkGold Medal UKvg1st
Krepps Robert WBoy’s Night OutGold Medalvg19621st
Krepps Robert WThe Big GambleGold Medal UKvg19611st
L’amour LouisHondoGold Medal USvg-19531st
Lawrence Steven CSaddle JusticeGold Medal USvg19561st
Leinster MurrayFour From Planet 5Gold Medal USvg195921st
Leinster MurrayWar With the GizmosGold Medal USvg+19581st
MacDonald John DJudge me NotGold Medal UKvg19641st
MacDonald John DMurder for the BrideGold Medalvg+2nd
MacDonald John DThe DamnedGold Medal UKvgrep
MacDonald John DWeep For MeGold Medalvg-19641st
MacDonals John DThe DamnedGold Medal UKvg-19641st
MacNeil Neil2 Guns for HireGold Medal
Margulies LeoBack Alley JungleGold Medal UKf19631st
Margulies Leo EditorThree Times InfinityGold Medalvg
Marlowe Dan JStrongarmGold Medalvg-19641st
Marlowe StephenDrum Beat DominiqueGold Medal USvg1st
Mason RaymondForever Is TodayGold Medal USvg19551st
Myers VirginiaEscape From MoralesGold Medal USvg-19531st
Nichols FanThe CagedGold Medal USg19521st
Packer VinDark InrtuderGold Medal USvg19521st
Patten Lewis BWhite WarriorGold Medal UKvg1st
Prather Richard SBodies in BedlamGold Medalvg
Prather Richard SBodies in BedlamGold Medal UKvgrep
Prather Richard SCase of the Vanishing BeatyGold Medal UKvg2nd
Prather Richard SDance with the DeadGold Medalvg19621st
Prather Richard SDance With the DeadGold Medal UKvg
Prather Richard SDarling it’s DeathGold Medal UKvg-1963r
Prather Richard SFind This WomanGold Medal UKvg2nd
Prather Richard SJoker in the DeckGold Medal UKvg1st
Prather Richard SKill the ClownGold Medal UKvg19631st
Prather Richard SLie Down KillerGold Medal UKvg19632nd
Prather Richard SLie Down KillerGold Medal USvg1st
Prather Richard SPattern for PanicGold Medal UKvg-19621st
Prather Richard SPattern for PanicGold Medal USvg19621st
Prather Richard SShell Scott’s Seven SlaughtersGold Medal UKvg1st
Prather Richard SShell Scott’s Seven SlaughtersGold Medal UKvg1963r
Prather Richard SStrip for MurderGold Medal UKvg2nd
Prather Richard SStrip for MurderGold Medal USvg1st
Prather Richard STake a Murder DarlingGold Medal UKvg
Prather Richard Stcot Vanishing BeautyGold Medal USvg
Prather Richard SThe Cockeyed CorpseGold Medalvg-1st
Prather Richard SThe Comfortable CoffinGold Medal UKvg1st
Prather Richard SThe Wailing FrailGold Medal USvg-19561st
Prather Richard SThe Wailing FrailGold Medal UKvg1963r
Prather Richard SToo Many CrooksGold Medal UKvg19632nd
Rigsby HowardAs a Man FallsGold Medal UKvg1st
Rohmer SaxRe-Enter Fu ManchuGold Medalvg
Ronns EdwardDon’t Cry BelovedGold Medal USvg19521st
Ronns EdwardThe DecoyGold Medal USg19511st
Rubel James LNo Business for a LadyGold Medal UKvg1st
Runyon CharlesThe Black MothGold Medalvg1967
Runyon CharlesThe Death CycleGold Medalvg19631st
Scott ShellBodies in BedlamGold Medal USvg-1st
Shirreffs GordonRio BravoGold Medal UKvg19611st
Shirreffs Gordon DThe Brave RiflesGold Medal USvg19591st
Shulman IrvingCollege ConfidentialGold Medal UKf1st
Sutter LarabieThe White SquawGold Medal UKvg+
Telfair RichardDay of the GunGold Medalvg-19622nd
Telfair RichardDay of the GunGold Medal USvg
Telfair RichardGood Luck SuckerGold Medal UKvg-1st
Telfair RichardThe Bloody MedallionGold Medal UKvg+
Tessitore JohnFor Love or MoneyGold Medal UKvg1964
Tevis WalterThe Man Who Fell to EarthGold Medal UKvg1st
Thomas KennethThe Devil’s MistressGold Medalvg
Thomey TeddKiller in WhiteGold Medal UKvg-1st
VariousCartoon FunGold Medal USvg19541st
Wainer CordMountain GirlGold Medal USvg19562nd
White LoionelCoffin for a HoodGold Medalg+
Williams CharlesRiver GirlGold Medal USvg-19511st

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