I am presuming these two are rare has neither ABE nor Google have been able to find a copy for sale

H R Oldham – Cherokee Man

Cherokee Man by H R Oldham

Undated but I would guess 50’s if I have to. “A Long Loop Western” published by Brown Watson, not an imprint I am familiar with. 128 pages, I think stapled advert on rear cover for “Digit” westerns. Posted to UK address


Trouble Shooting Johnny – Vern Hanson

Trouble Shooting Johnny by Vern Hanson

“A Smashing Western” that is the series title, I have found other titles on-line with this imprint but not this book. Posted to UK address


Chuck Adams – The Lone Gun

The Lone Gun Chuck Adams

Not sure, in fact I have no idea, if this is Lionel Fanthorpe again, he seems to have written the majority of Badger Titles. Posted to UK address


Raquel Welch is Hannie Caulder

Hannie Caulder by William Terry

I can’t really believe this is authentic western gear, but she wears it so well, who cares. This is a NEL tie in published in 1971 1st printing. Posted to a UK address


The Saddle Wolves by Wade Hamilton

The Saddle Wolves by Wade Hamilton

Ward Lock’s Target Books 1958 1st edition of this sought after book. Posted to a UK location


Men on the Draw – William Macleod Raine

Published by Streamline Publications, undated, under the Superior Books imprint, this is a near fine copy Posted to any UK address



RaineCool CustomerH&S£2.50vg19541st
Raine William MacLeodBoldley the RodeHodder£3.00vg+1st
Raine William MacleodBorder BreedPocket Book£3.00
Raine William MacleodGuns of the FrontierSignet£5.00vg+19541st
Raine William MacleodMen in the RawSuperior£4.00vg+
Raine William MacLeodRange Beyond the LawPopular Library£2.50
Raine William MacLeodThe Fighting EdgeH&S 9d£5.00vg
Raine William MacLeodThe Sheriff’s SonPocket Book£2.50
Raine William MacLeodThe ValiantH&S 9d£3.00vg
Offerings from six different publishers.
A couple of more obscure publications

I think the ones with no publisher are Hard Backs


Adams ChuckBadlands FeudBadger£10.00f
Adams ChuckHired GunBadger£7.50vg
Adams ChuckThe TexanBadger£5.00vg-
Appell GeorgeShadow on the BorderBallantine£2.50vg19571st
Appell George CharlesMassacre TrailPerma£4.00vg19551st
Ballard TodThe Circle C Feud£5.00dj
Ballard TodhunterWest of QuarantineArrow£2.50f1st
Barton JackThe MustangersPopular Library£5.00vg+19571st
Billings BuckThe Unbranded ThirtyWard Lock£4.00
Bishop CurtisQuick DrawBantam£5.00vg1st
Blackburn Thomas WRange War£5.00dj
Blackburn Thomas WRaton Pass£10.00dj
Bonar D LSolitude RangeStreamline£2.50vg
Borg JackKid With a ColtPan£3.00vg1st
Brand MaxFire Brain Red Hawk’s TrailH&S£5.00vg
Brand MaxGun GentlemenH&S£4.00vg+1st
Brand MaxGunman’s GoldH&S£2.00vg-1st
Brand MaxMystery ValleyH&S£3.50vg+1st
Brand MaxThe Bandit of the Black HillsCorgi£5.00
Brand MaxThe Gun TamerPan£3.50vg-19571st
Brand MaxThe Jackson TrailH&S 9d£3.00vg
Brand MaxThe Man from MustangH&S£3.00vg1st
Brand MaxThe Safety KillerH&S£4.00vg19501st
Breihan Carl WOutlaws of the Old WestArrow£2.00vg-1st
Brick JohnThe RiflemanPerma£5.00vg19541st
Burns TexHopalong Cassidy and the Rustlers of West ForkH&S£1.00g1954
Cannon Le GrandLook to the MountainBantam£2.50vg19511st
Cantrell Wane BBrand of CainPanther£2.50f19601st
Castle FrankVengeance Under LawGold Medal UK£3.00vg
Chadwick JosephDevil’s LegacyGold Medal US£5.00g19521st
Chamberlain ElinorThe Far CommandBallantine£2.50vg
Chase BordenLone StarGold Medal US£5.00vg19521st
Chisholm MattDeath TrailPanther£2.50vg19671st
Chisholm MattFury at TombstonePanther£2.50f19601st
Clark Walter Van TilburgThe Track of the CatSignet£2.50vg19501st
Codey AlDomrock Range£5.00dj
Codey AlForlorn Valley£5.00dj
Cody AlDisaster TrailPocket Book£2.50vg19491st
Collins BradYankee RidersCurtis£5.00vg1952
Coolidge DaneComanche ChaserBantam£2.50vg1st
Dawson PeterBattle RoyalWhite Circle£2.50vg
Dawson PeterLong RideWhite Circle£2.50vg
Dawson PeterStagline FeudWhite Circle£2.00vg
Edson J TThe Rio Hondo KidBrown Watson£1.00g
Edson JTOmnibus Vol. 9Corgi£5.00vg+1981
Edson JTThe Whip and the WarlanceCorgi£2.00vg19791st
Ellis William DonohueThe Bounty LandsDell£2.50vg19581st
Elston AVGold Brick RangeDell£2.50vg-
Ermine WillFrenchman’s RiverPerma£2.50vg-19551st
Ernenwein LeslieBullet BarricadeGold Medal£1.00g1955
Every Dale VanThe Shining MountainsBantam£1.00vg-1948
Farrel CliffReturn of the Long RidersWard Lock£2.50vg
Farrell CliffFollow the New GrassWard Lock£2.50vg19591st
Field PeterGuns From Powder ValleyBantam£2.50vg19481st
Field PeterThe Land GrabberBantam£2.50vg19491st
Forster Logan AProud LandCorgi£5.00vg+1st
Fox NormanSilent in the SaddleWhite Circle£2.50g
Fox Norman ANight PassageDell£5.00vg19571st
Frazee SteveTumbling Range WomanPerma£2.50vg19561st
Gaulden Ray5 Card StudBerkley£10.00vg1968
Gooden Arthur HenryWayne of the Flying WPocket Book£2.00
Grant LandonMarshal of Mustang£5.00dj
Gregory JacksonBorder LineWhite Circle£2.50vg
Grey ZaneArizona AmesH&S£3.00vg+1st
Grey ZaneForlorn RiverPan£4.50f2nd
Grey ZaneHeritage of the DesertPan£3.50vg1st
Grey ZaneKnights of the RangePan£4.00vg1st
Grey ZaneRaiders of the Spanish PeaksHodder£2.50vg19681st
Grey ZaneRiders of the Purple SageNelson£2.50vg19541st
Grey ZaneRogue River FeudHodder£2.50vg19571st
Grey ZaneSunset PassH&S£3.00vg+1st
Grey ZaneThe Call of the CanyonH&S£3.50vg+1st
Grey ZaneThe Drift FenceHamish Hamilton£2.50g+
Grey ZaneThe Last PlainsmanPan£3.00vg1st
Grey ZaneThe Last Trail£5.00dj
Grey ZaneThe Man of the ForestH&S£3.50vg1st
Grey ZaneThe Mysterious RiderH&S£3.50vg1st
Grey ZaneThe Roaring UP TrailH&S£3.50vg1st
Grey ZaneThe Spirit of the BorderH&S£2.50vg-1st
Grey ZaneWestern UnionPan£5.00vg1st
Grey ZaneWild Horse MesaH&S£3.50vg1st
Grover MarshallLarry & Stretch – Wild Trail to DenverCouger£2.50vg
Gruber FrankTown TamerPanther£2.50f19611st
Hall OakleyWarlockPan£2.50vg1st
Halleran E EBlazing BorderBallantine£5.00vg1st
Hamilton WadeThe Saddle WolvesWard Lock£10.00vg19581st
Hayox ErnestThe Border TrumpetH&S£4.00vg+1st
Henry WillJesse JamesCorgi£2.50vg+
Henry WillNo SurvivorsCorgi£4.00vg19521st
Holmes LPThe PlunderersCorgi£2.50vg19591st
Howard VechelSundown at Crazy HorseGold Medal UK£2.50vg-1st
Howard VechelTall in the WestGold Medal UK£4.00vg+
James CyThe Brasada GunsPanther£2.50f19611st
Jefferson BenThe DamnedCleveland£2.50vg-
Joscelyn ArchieYates of Red DogGerald Swan£5.00g
Kantor MacKinlayWicked WaterCorgi£4.00vg19531st
Kelliher Dan TPistol ApostleTarget£7.50vg19591st
Ketchum PhilipThe Saddle BumViking£2.50vg1st
Krepps Robert WGamble My Last GamePanther£2.50f19611st
L’Amour LouisComstock LodeCorgi£2.50vg19821st
L’amour LouisHondoGold Medal US£2.50vg-19531st
Lander DaneThe Big DriveStreamline£2.00vg
Lander DaneThe Yellow HorseSuperior£2.50vg+19721st
Larson ChuckGun Barrels AflameMoring£5.00vg
Lawrence Steven CSaddle JusticeGold Medal US£10.00vg19561st
Lawrence Steven CThe Iron MarshalPanther£2.50f19611st
Lehman Paul EvanLaw of the 45Panther£5.00vg1st
MacDonald William ColtSombreroH&S£3.00vg1st
MacKinlay KantorGentle AnniePopular Library£2.50vg+1942
Markey GeneKingdom of the SpurBallantine£2.50vg19531st
Marshall GaryDown Mexico WayWhite Circle£1.50vg
Martell EdwardPlains of DakotaBadger£5.00vg-
Martin ScottThe Claws of the CougarNelson£2.50vg-1956
McLowery FrankMissouri Man£5.00dj
Merrion HoytUnlucky WinBig Ben£2.50vg19471st
Millard JoeA Coffin Full of DollarsTandam£2.50vg19722nd
Millard JoeBlood For a Dirty DollarTandem£2.50vg1974
Millard JoeThe Good The Bad and the UglyUniversal£2.50vg1978rep
Mulford Clarence EHopalong CassidyH&S£3.00vg1st

The Riddle of Crooked Creek

This is not listed on any site that I know of for sale. Lloyd Cole seems to have published a wide range of books but not in great numbers (only 86 listings on ABE). James Booth seems to have made contributions to compilations. This is typical of War Time publications (1944) in that it is a 32 page booklet. I don’t know what it is really worth despite being very rare, but I am willing to part with it for £10.00 (that includes UK P&P)




Appell George CharlesMassacre TrailPerma£4.00vg19551st
Avallone MichaelDead GamePerma£2.50g1st
Bourjaily VanceThe Hound of EarthPerma£5.00
Brestin HowardShad RunPerma£2.50
Breuer BessieMemory of LovePerma£2.50vg19531st
Brick JohnThe RiflemanPerma£5.00vg19541st
Derby MarkThe Big WaterPerma£3.50vg19551st
Eisenhower Dwight DCrusade in EuropePerma£5.00vg19521st
Ermine WillFrenchman’s RiverPerma£2.50vg-19551st
Frazee SteveTumbling Range WomanPerma£2.50vg19561st
Grew WilliamDoubles in DeathPerma£3.50vg19551st
Htchens B&DF.O.B. MurderPerma£2.50
Humphrey WilliamHome from the HillPerma£2.00
Huston HCWith Murder for SomePerma£5.00vg19541st
Jennings JohnThe Sea EaglesPerma£2.50
Kent MFThe CorsairPerma£1.00
Lancaster BruceThe Secret RoadPerma£3.00vg19551st
McBain edThe MuggerPerma£3.00
Palmer StuartUnhappy HooliganPerma£2.50
Queen Ellery EditorEllery Queen’s Awards tenth SeriesPerma£2.50vg19571st
Slaughter FGEast Side GeneralPerma£1.00
Slaughter Frank GThe Road to BithyniaPerma£2.50vg1953
Sylvester RobertThe Big BoodlePerma£3.50vg19551st
Vincent RichardRedPerma£2.50
Wolf MariThe Golden FramePerma£3.00vg-19611st

I haven’t checked all the titles but I am 95% sure I know where I put them.




This is a 1952 H&S hardback (paperback size) A striking dust jacket in vg+ condition not clipped (5/-) the book is near fine no stamps or inscription no foxing. It would be difficult to find a better copy. Posted to your address


half a dozen Digit Delights

The Adventures of Johnny Walker, Tramp by WH Davies

Digit 1963 1st Posted to your UK address


E.Phillips Oppenheim – Mysterious Mr Sabin

“A Fiendish Plot was being hatched in the uncertain hush of pre-War London” A 1963 Digit first edition that can be delivered to your door (if in UK)



The Change by George G Foster

“a terrifying novel of the future” A Digit delivered to you UK address


Edgar Wallace – The Fourth Plague

“The Hated execution squad stretches out it’s hands of Terror” Digit delivered to UK address


The Legion of Time – Jack Williamson

“A battle to the death in the outposts of space” Delivered Digit to any UK address


The Night of the Death Rain – Luan Ranzetta

“Terror Stalked Mankind from the Galaxies Above” Horror Science Fiction from Digit a 1963 1st Delivered from my well stocked shop Direct to your Door, in the UK that is.



Phantoms of the Night – by Elliott O’Donnell

Phantoms of the Night – by Elliott O’Donnell

“A Spine-tingling collection of stories” “The Author can make anyone’s flesh creep” This 1963 Digit first would have been more expensive but for some damage (stain) to rear cover. Through post to UK location



AnthologyGreat Ghost StoriesPanther£3.50
AnthologyTold in the DarkPan£2.50
Asquith CynthiaWhen Churchyards YawnArrow£2.00
Bloch RobertMore NightmaresBelmontSOLD
Bloch RobertNightmaresBelmont£7.50
Booton KageThe Troubled HouseFour Square£2.50
Edited SissonsIn the Dead of NightPanther£2.50
Friedman FaviusGreat Horror MoviesScholstic£1.00
Grubb DavisOne Foot in the GraveArrow£3.00
Hartley L PThe Travelling Grave and other storiesBarker Dragon£15.00
HitchcockHitchcock PresentsPan£1.00
HitchcockLate at Night Part 1Pan£3.50
Hitchcock (ed)Once Upon a Dreadful TimeDell£2.00
Hitchcock AlfredLate at Night Part IIPan£3.00
Hitchcock AlfredMy Favorites in Suspence Part TwoPan£2.50
Hodgson WHThe House on the Border LandManor£5.00
Hopkins R ThurstonCavalcade of GhostsPanther£8.00
Howard Ivan (ed)6 and the Silent ScreamConsul£4.00
James MRGhost Stories from AntiquityPan£2.50
Knowler JohnThe TrapPanther£3.00
Lovecraft HPAt the Mountains of MadnessPanther£7.50
Lovecraft HPDagonPanther£4.00
O’Donnell ElliotFamily GhostsConsul£5.00
Poe and VerneThe Mystery of Gordon Arthur PymPanther£3.00
Poe Edgar AlanTales of Mystery and ImaginationPan£2.50
Shelley MaryFrankensteinWDL£5.00
Stoker BramDraculaArrow£2.50
Stoker BramDraculaArrow£5.00
Stoker BramDracula’s GuestArrow£2.50
Stoker BramThe Lair of the White WormArrow£2.50
Thal Herbert VanGreat Ghost StoriesPanther£2.50
Thomson (ed)More Not at NightArrow£2.00
Thomson C C edStill Not at NightArrow£2.00
Van Thal (ed)5th Pan Book of Horror StoriesPan£2.50
Van Thal (ed)6th Pan Book of Horror StoriesPan£2.50
Van Thal (ed)The 8th Pan Book of Horror StoriesPan£4.00
VariousNot at NightArrow£2.50
Wells HGThe Valley of SpidersFontana£1.00
Wheatley DennisThe Haunting of Toby JuggArrow£2.00
Wheatley DennisTo the Devil a DaughterArrow£3.00
Wollheim Donald A Ed.Terror in the Modern VeinDigit UK£3.00

Nat Gould & Mellifont “Racing Novels”

A precursor  to Dick Francis? Must admit I had not heard of him. The “A Racecourse Tragedy” seems pretty rare if you check the price on ABE. These “Mellifont” paperbacks are not in the best condition two have a piece of the spine missing and one, “A Stable Mystery”, like the Donald when serving in the forces is concerned, has no spine at all.


A Straight GoerLong£2.50
Jockey Jack£2.50HB
Running it Off£2.50HB
The Magpie Jacket£2.50HB

Nat Gould Book

Please specify title. In UK the book costs £2.50 P&P £2.00 (for single book


Nat Gould and Frank Brendon


Brendon FrankLanded OddsMellifont£2.50g
Gould NatA Racecourse TragedyMellifont£2.50vg1949
Gould NatA Stable MysteryMellifont£2.50vg1949
Gould NatLanded at LastMellifont£2.50vg1949
Gould NatOnly a CommonerMellifont£2.50vg1949
Gould NatWarned OffMellifont£2.50vg-1949

Mellifont Racing Novels

I think 1949, one of the first in the series by Frank Brendon is probably the rarest but is in the worse condition the series seems to be mainly Nat Gould with a couple by Edward Woodward and one each by Vann Larr and Frank Brendon. The price is for a single book (specify which one) delivered to any UK address, not by horse.


MAGE V-Three The Hero Discovered = Graphic Novel

Mage – The Hero Discovered V Three by Matt Wagner

MAGE – The Hero Discovered V-Three 1988

Published by Donning in 1988 this is a fine copy Well produced heavy book on glossy paper pages un-numbered – but a lot. To any UK address.


CONAN – Rare Hardbacks (& paperbacks & Comics)

The Savage Sword of Conan

The Savage Sword of Conan #7. #9 & #11 all 1978

Published by Marvel Comics in 1978 these are unread comics but interior pages are showing their age slightly. The price is per issue – so State the one you are interested in. Through the post to any UK address




Howard Robert E /Camp & CarterConan the WandererSphere£3.50f-19741st
Howard Robert E /CampConan the UsurperSphere£3.50f-19741st
Howard Robert E /Camp & CarterConan of CimmeriaSphere£3.50f-19741st
Howard Robert E /CampConan the FreebooterSphere£3.50vg+19741st
Howard Robert E /CampConanSphere£3.50f-19741st
Howard Robert E /Camp & NybergConan the AvengerSphere£3.50f-19741st
De Camp L Sprague & Lin CarterConan of the IslesSphere£3.50f-19741st
De Camp L Sprague & Lin CarterConan the BarbarianSphere£3.50f-1988rep
Howard Robert ESwords of ShahrazarOrbit£3.50f1976rep

Conan and Robert E Howard Paperbacks

Any of the above paperbacks through the post to any UK Address – Please specify title


Obviously when pricing books I try to find out what is on offer on the web and at what price, I then try to offer my copy at a lower price. The problem with these two books is that I could only find one offered for sale.

This is an ex-library copy whilst mine is not and is a fine book and a near fine dj. I couldn’t find a comparable book to the Conan the Invincible by Robert Jordan.

These illustrations still had the plastic covering on.

Conan the Rebel by Poul Anderson

This was published by Robert Hale in the UK in 1984

Conan the Rebel by Poul Anderson – Robert Hale Hard Back

dj vg+ unclipped with a booksellers sticker (I haven’t tried to lift it) inside front flap. The book is fine with no inscriptions. The Price below includes UK P&P


Conan the Invincible by Robert Jordan

This was published by Robert Hale in the UK in 1984

Conan the Invincible by Robert Jordan

Robert Hale HB 1984 – 1st edition in vg+ unclipped dj the book is fine with no inscriptions. The price includes UK P&P


SALE TO MINORS FORBIDDEN – The Free Lovers by J J Jordan Harbour Nights by Harvey Klemmer & others of this Ilk

Slave of Desire by Gordon Semple

Slave of Desire by Gordon Semple

Published in 1951 by Croydon Publishing Co. New York a 128 page stapled paperback. Delivered to any UK address in a plain paper wrapper.


Love Cheat by Damon Drake

LOVE CHEAT by Damon Drake

“She was a demon in bed…from beginning to end. “You’re okay, baby. You’re just fine,” he said. For Now he thought” Published by Merit Books in1961 ADULT READING Posted to UK address “in plain wrappers”


The Free Lovers by J J Jordan

For Adults published by Novel Books in 1962 “burning nymphomania without the bond of love”


 “From the Great Lakes of Canada, across to French ports where the women fought in the fo’c’sle – fought for men, for a place to sleep, a plate of food, a bar of soap . to Germany with the mark crashing. From the Passion Plays of Oberammergau on to the drinking dens and brothels of Montevideo.” “A powerful book and can be compared with Archie Binn’s novel “The Lightship”. Wells Gardner,

Harbour Nights by Harvey Klemmer

Published by Wells Gardner, Darton & Co, London 1941 a paperback with a dustjacket both jacket and book better than vg Price includes UK postage


Sin-Bum Mimics by RE Tenzer

Sin-Bum Mimics by RE Tenzer

“They shamed his eager search for Sexual Companions” SALE TO MINORS FORBIDDEN – This is an original Dragon Edition. In a plain brown paper wrapper to any UK address


The Vice Scheme by Lane Bedman

The Vice Scheme – by Lane Bedman

“They Desired Forbidden loot – Monetary and sexual” SALE TO MINERS FORBIDDEN” ADULTS ONLY This is an original Compass Line Novel delivered in a plain paper wrapper to any UK address


FRENCH MODEL by Bart Frame

French Model by Bart Frame

“Her Passion was like a Flame, consuming all who possessed her” Zodiac books 1960 1st edition Dispatched in a plain brown paper wrapping to any UK destination


Fiona – Fiona Richmond

FIONA by Fiona Richmond

“Being the intimate Sexual Exploits”


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